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									                 33 Dolev Road, Post Box 54, Tefen, Western Galilee 24959, Israel
                         T: +972-(0)4-912-2822 ● M: +972-(0)52-336-8580

                                      Job Description
                                         April 25, 2012

Job Title:                        Science & Technology Research Director

Report to:                        CEO

Key Relationships:                Works with:
                                  1. The company Senior VP; the company Technical
                                     Development Director; the company Sales & Technical
                                     Support Director; and the company New Business
                                     Development Director.
                                  2. Research organizations;
                                  3. The company Patent attorney

Specific Tasks & Responsibilities

      Be the company resident Cold Chain Supply expert capable of summarizing and
       updating issues pertaining to:
             o    Risks to quality of perishable food and pharmaceutical products
             o    Health risks associated with the consumption of perishable foods and
                  pharmaceuticals when refrigeration and cold chain supply protocols are at
      Research New Technologies and their possible application and integration into
       the company existing products and technologies.
      Design and implement New Technology Development projects
      Interface with the company Technical Development Director in the process of
       developing new products.
      Advice to customers & staff on optimal cold chain protocols and product handling
       procedures in relation to specific food and pharma items.
      Review and revision of cold chain protocols and recommendations together with
       technical team.
      Training of all staff.
      Initiate research studies in cooperation with third party research organizations,
       academic institutions, and industry partners to enhance product development of
       the company.
      Follow up, summarize, and communicate on progress and results of research
      Collecting and filing of results from field trials
      Provide commercial and technical support staff of the company with data sheets
       highlighting properties and performance of newly developed technologies and
      Interface with Marcom Manager and the Technical Development Director of the
       company to accurately update the company’s product characteristics file
      Manage on-going IP registration processes.
      Maintain existing patents and trademarks.
      Interface with the company management in relation to product definition prior to
      Responsible for all Scientific/Technical papers and articles published by the
      Be an active member of professional organizations to enhance the reputation
       and image of the company as a leader in its industry sector.

Pre-requisite Professional Background

      Ph.D in any field of the food sciences, biology or microbiology.
      Experience and familiarity with issues pertaining to Cold Chain Supply & logistics
       is a big advantage.
      Perfect Oral and Written communications skills in English, Hebrew. Additional
       language skill is a big plus.
      Experience in making presentations in front of professional audiences a big plus.

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