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ISSUE 24                                              Feb/Mar ‘11

Easter Monday 10K & Fun Run
Call for participants and volunteers

By Martin Komen

This year's Easter Monday 10K and Fun Run is promising to be the best ever. It will take
place on Easter Monday 25th April, and all Lewes runners are encouraged to turn out
for this event and encourage friends and neighbours to join you too.

As in previous years, the main event is the 10km run. However, there is an opportunity
for all to shine as the 'toddlers' trot' and the two-mile run will also take place. Last year,
more than 1,000 competitors took part in the runs. The event helps to earn in the region
of £2,000 - £2,500 for the club, which helps pay for equipment, track maintenance, club
coaching courses, Criminal Records Bureau checks, etc.

The entry fee has been frozen for the third year in succession and it would be most
beneficial for each competitor to submit an early applications. This event can’t succeed
without the help of club volunteers. We need the help of 40 volunteers for a wide range
of tasks such as marshalling, cake sales, water station, number-taking, litter-picking, car
parking. Please offer your help and support for the event by either phoning 01273
475441 or email: hallomart@aol.com

Cake and sandwich stall

The refreshments stall is expertly managed by Jan Peppler, Fiona Monson and Elysia
Komen. To make their work light, could you please donate a cake and/or sandwiches to
be nibbled on the day. Please pledge the cake and sandwiches you are making for the
Easter Monday Fun Run. Please email: hallomart@aol.com

Fundraising marathoners
Lewes athletes running for charity

Please support your fellow athletes by giving generously to their marathon fundraising

Brighton Marathon
Dominic Osman-Allu and Mat are running for the Guide Dogs for the Blind:

Andrew Chitty is running for The Alzheimer's
Society: http://www.justgiving.com/andrewchitty

Simon Thomas is running for RP Fighting Blindness:

London Marathon
Martin Komen is raising money for RP Fighting Blindness:

LAC athlete tops UK rankings
Rob Mullett’s letter from America

Rob Mullett, a Lewes AC member currently studying in the USA, has been racing on the
roads lately with startling success. First, he won a five-mile race in 23mins 53sec. A week
or so later, he won a 5k race in 14mins 04secs, which put him top of the UK rankings.

A week later, he came second in a 10k race in 29mins 33secs, smashing the magic 30-
minute barrier and was only just beaten by a Kenyan runner.

332 years young? Mais oui!
Oldies celebrate French anniversary trip with relay
On Sunday 17th April, a band of Lewes AC members will take part in the Marolles
weekend of running. Needless to say, the weekend will also involve much eating and
drinking as our French hosts are very generous particularly, as this will be the 25th year
of our visits to Marolles.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary, five of the ancient Lewes AC runners who have
visited Marolles many times in the past are planning to run a 25km relay into Marolles,
early on Saturday morning. With a combined age of 332 years, this relay team will also
run either the 10-mile or five-mile runs that take place on the Sunday.

John Coleman, Andrew Pearce, Mike Lane, Don Faulkner and Peter Masters are the
intrepid relay team who will run a 5km leg each as part of the celebration relay.

Josh to represent England
LAC member in National Prison XC Champs

Lewes AC member and Lewes Prison employee, Josh Burgess, came second in the
National Prison Cross Country Championships, in Birmingham, at the end of March.
This has qualified him to run for the England team in Paris, later this year.

Mayor assumes pole position
Local figurehead unveils new pole vault bed

On Saturday 4th April, Mayor and Mayoress of Lewes Councillor, Dr Micheal Turner and
his wife Anne, met with Lewes AC pole vaulters, their parents and coaches at the
opening of their new pole vault bed and cover at the Lewes track. Costing £18,000, this is
a major investment in sporting facilities for Lewes AC.
Although Councillor Turner could not be tempted to have a go, he was persuaded to
hold a pole to see what it was like [no giggling at the back – Innuendo Ed]. With many
young athletes in Lewes AC at the top of their age-group rankings in the UK, the new
pole vault bed will help to continue the great success the club is having with this
specialist event.

Ludo’s gold run
Sussex & LAC top honours in Sussex Schools

Ludo Goodliffe, Lewes AC member, was part of the Sussex County senior boys’ team
that won gold in the English Schools Cross Country Championships.

These major Championships have been running for 50 years, and this is only the second
time that Sussex has won a team title; the last time was 30 years ago. This makes the
winning of gold a really tremendous effort. Well done, Ludo.

LAC vets’ medal joy at Hastings
Team success in seaside ‘half’

There were good results for Lewes AC runners in the Hastings Half Marathon. Indeed,
the veteran men’s team – Robbie James, Martin Komen, Simon Thomas and Neil Gower
– won silver.

In the individual stakes, LAC’s Robbie James and David Bradford were in the top three
runners from Sussex. Robbie finished a magnificent 10th place (in a race of over 6,000
entrants) and was the second over-40 man, with a time of 1.12.04. David Bradford filled
the third Sussex position, one place behind Robbie, in 11th overall, with a time of 1.12.53.

At the other end of the age spectrum in the race, Don Faulkner claimed second place in
the over-70 age group with a magnificent time of 1.56.51. In the men’s over-45 category,
Martin Komen was fourth man home, in a time of 1.21.19, and Simon Thomas was 14th in
a time of 1.27.38

Maria Judd finished in a time of 1.33.31, securing an excellent third place in the women
over-45 age group, with Paula Taylor coming home in 16th place in the same category.

Targeting a ‘sub-three-hour’
A marathon-training diary: Final update

By Martin Komen

To many aspiring sub-three-hour marathon runners, the Hastings Half Marathon offers
a real test of steel, strength and energy. Having run the race on five previous occasions, I
split the race into manageable chunks: a steady pace in the first mile (5:45/mile ish),
consolidating the pace up Queensway (a three-mile climb early in the race, at 6:50/mile
ish), and nice strides for the final eight miles.
In every race, you have a 'race within a race', where you are competing against a runner
of your own standard whom you have come to recognise. In Hastings, I went head to
head with a Hastings AC runner, who is also in the 45-50 age group and normally beats
me by about a minute. I guess he underwent the same physical and psychological battle
as me; we were racing one another from mile one right to the end.
Running my 6ft 4ins tall, 13st body uphill, I usually can't keep up with this more slender
runner. This time, however, he only gained a few metres on me, which was an easy and
manageable gap. This time, I outrun him on the downhill and the straights, I thought. I
knew he was wondering where I had got the energy from.
Passing the 10-mile marker in 62.02 minutes was one of the most satisfying moments in
my marathon training so far. “Come on Martin,” I told myself, “Long, full strides…
Heels to toes”. The 62.02 was an 'unofficial' PB on the 10 mile, but I had another 3.1 miles
to go - through the old town of Hastings and along the seafront.
Completing the half-marathon in 1hr 21mins 16secs was two minutes faster than last
year, an average pace of 6:12/mile, which for me is jolly fast. In the final two miles, along
the seafront, my fast-moving, wobbly legs paid back the 55-68 miles per weeks I’d been
doing in training. They endured: I maintained my pace. The Hastings AC runner and I
congratulated each other on a fabulous race… and this time I finished 20 seconds ahead
of him. Great!
In this year's marathon training schedule, I have increased the mileage (and effort)
compared to last year by about 30 per cent. To stave off deep levels monotony and
boredom, out of the six days a week training, I have mixed up the endurance training
with two or three weekly hard tempo sessions, many of those on a treadmill while
listening to a mix of my old time favourites: The Cure, Joy Division, Santana, Led Zep.
The idea is that you make your legs move faster for longer. From now until 17th April,
though, my legs are allowed a moment of respite and relaxation.
I am running this year's London Marathon in aid of RP Fighting Blindness, a charity that
funds research into finding treatments and a cure for the collection of eyesight disorders
known as retinitis pigmentosa (RP). Lewes AC runner David Bradford has this
condition. To support my sub-three-hour marathon challenge:

Why’s it such hard work?
Pete Masters’ truths of running

Have you ever wondered why running never seems to get easier? Well, it must be down
to running truths. Three of these are listed below… and you are invited to add to the

1. There are always more up-hills than there are down-hills, no matter where you run.
2. It is always much further to run back than to run out.
3. The wind is always in your face, even on a circular course.

Worthing 20                             Pos.   Time
Sunday 27th March

Anthony Shaw                            89     2:31.14
Gilva Wainwright                        443    4:03.41

Hastings Half Marathon
Sunday 20th March

Robbie James                            10     1:12.04
David Bradford                          11     1:12.53
Martin Komen                            51     1:21.19
Simon Thomas                            106    1:26.38
Neil Gower                              123    1:27.55
Maria Judd                              274    1:33.31
Allan Jackson                           279    1:33.48
Andrew Masters                          305    1:34.22
Mathew Homewood                         684    1:42.53
Colin Bennett                           743    1:44.01
Tim Monson                              796    1:45.20
Andrew Chitty                           848    1:46.21
Simon Roberts                           993    1:48.55
David Foster                            1041   1:49.32
Dominic Osman-Allu                      1047   1:49.39
Paula Taylor                            1112   1:50.27
Kelly Gomez                             1340   1:53.31
Donald Faulkner                         1553   1:56.51
John Coleman                            1554   1:56.52
Peter Miller                            1761   1:59.52
Steve Dwyer                             2639   2:15.57
Sue Juncal                              2823   2:20.06

East Sussex XC League - Cross-in-Hand
Sunday 13th March

David Bradford                           1     32.39
Matt Bradford                            5     34.00
Josh Burgess                 6    34.21
John Lowden                  9    36.27
Andrew Masters              10    36.38
Simon Thomas                16    38.26
Neil Gower                  20    38.55
Matthew Button              31    40.55
Maria Judd                  32    41.30
Darren Salt                 35    42.26
Tim Monson                  41    43.28
Catherine Swinson           43    43.53
David Foster                45    44.15
Carole Walters              51    45.40
Robert Hughes               56    46.59
Josclin Lowden              57    47.09
Mathew Homewood             62    47.28
Mick Acott                  63    47.35
Karin Divall                64    47.49
John Coleman                67    48.24
Pete Masters                73    50.10
Michael Swallow             75    50.28
Andrew Pearce               77    51.12
Stephanie Crespin           80    52.19
Annie Middleton             82    53.01
Anita Amies                 88    55.32
Rachel Munroe               92    60.33
Julian Breeds               93    61.03
Zoe Breeds                  94    61.28
Pauline Smart               95    61.29

Steyning Stinger Marathon
Sunday 6th March

Richard Cowper              16    3:46:30
Anthony Shaw                84    4:31:12

Eastbourne Half Marathon
Sunday 6th March

Ed Wheeler                  116   1:38.38
Brighton Half Marathon
Sunday 20th February

David Bradford                       7     1:12.30
Matt Bradford                        9     1:13.05
Richard Cowper                      250    1:30.00
Neil Baker                          281    1:30.51
Nick Parrish                        393    1:33.04
Andrew Masters                      396    1:33.06
John Walters                        437    1:33.54
Matthew Button                      594    1:36.59
Miles Seavill                       678    1:38.14
Suzanne Holliman                    2474   1:57.10
Don Faulkner                        3387   2:05.32
Gilva Wainwright                    5335   2:43.20

Valentines - Southwater
Sunday 13th February

Mick Acott                          102    30.30
Peter Miller                        109    30.55

Brooks Sussex XC League - Lancing
Saturday 12th February


Catherine Swinson                   44     23.31
Faith Daughtery                     45     23.35
Lizzie Keep                         48     23.58
Louisa Ridgman                      52     24.36
Ella James                          53     24.38
Carol Walters                       54     24.42
Karin Divall                        55     24.44


Ludo Goodliffe                       3

Tim Calliafas                                    11                     19.33


Robbie James                                      7                        29.29
David Bradford                                   13                        30.21
Matthew Bradford                                 16                        30.41
Alan Velecky                                     27                        32.10
Peter Miller                                     88                        40.13
John Coleman                                     90                        40.32

Forthcoming road & adult events

Brighton Marathon                                         Sun 10th April
Hartfield 10K                                             Sun 17th April
London Marathon                                           Sun 17th April
Sussex Road Relays, Horsham                               Sat 23rd April
Crawley AC Open                                           Sun 24th April
Lewes 10K & Fun Run                                       Mon 25th April
Three Forts Challenge                                     Sun 1st May
Barcombe 10K                                              Mon 2nd May
Beach Run, Littlehampton (WSFRL)                          Wed 4th May
Haywards Heath T&F Open                                   Thurs 5th May
Horsham 10K (SGP)                                         Sun 8th May
Sussex T&F Champs                                         14-15th May
Portslade Hedge Hoppers 5 (WSFRL)                         Sun 15th May
Bognor Prom 10K                                           Sun 15th May
Hastings Runners 5 (SGP)                                  Sun 15th May
Phoenix T&F Open                                          Wed 18th May
Trundle Hill, Lavant (WSFRL)                              Wed 18th May
Bexhill 5K                                                Wed 25th May

WSFRL = West Sussex Fun Run League; www.westsussexfunrunleague.org.uk
SGP = Sussex Grand Prix; www.sussexgrandprix.co.uk
ESSXCL = East Sussex Sunday Cross Country League

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