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									                                    Architectural Graphics        Grades 10-12     8/31/10
 Month               Content                     Performance Standards              Skills for Student Achievement                Assessment

2 Weeks      Introduction to drafting basics A 12.1 Contrast the increasing                Be able to draw a two dimension     Oral questioning
             Sketching                               complexities of technology             scaled drawing                      Quizzes
             Proportions                             with its ease of use                  Be able to sketch an object with
             Understanding measurement                                                      correct proportions
              and scales                      C 12.1 Implement and evaluate                 Be able to sketch an object
                                                    strategies to solve                      neatly and accurately
                                                    technological problems

4 Weeks      Introduction to Archi CAD 12 B 12.2 Demonstrate how systems                   Understand how to operate           Oral questioning
             Learning all major                   are planned, organized,                   Archi CAD 12                        Quizzes
              components and operations            designed, built and controlled           Read, understand, and follow        Project based
              of program                                                                     through with Archi CAD               assessment
             Work through tutorials and   B 12.5 Assess the impact new and                  Tutorials
              related assignments                improved products and services
             Obtain an understanding of         have had on the
              residential construction          quality of life; explain how the
              methods, applications, and         development of new tools,
              procedures                         materials, and
             Develop working knowledge         processes is necessary to
              of building codes                  maintain and improve high
                                                 productivity and quality

                                            D 12.6 Show how the effects of a
                                                 given technology may be
                                                 unacceptable under one set
                                                 of circumstances but acceptable
                                                 under a different set of

3 Weeks      Applied problem solving       A 12.4 Explore the way in which            Student will be able to apply all   Oral questioning
             Application of design                human adaptive                       design considerations covered       Quizzes
              considerations                       technological systems                in class                            Project based assessment
             Application of Archi CAD 12          interact with ideological and       Student will be able to apply       End of quarter Exam
              functions                            sociological systems                 residential code considerations
                                            C 12.2 Measure, collect, and               Student will use creativity to
                                                   analyze data in order to             develop a residential floor plan,
                                                   solve a technological                elevation views, and
                                                   problem                              window/door schedules

                                            C 12.7 Present a design solution that
                                            accounts for production of a device;
                                            how the device
                                            would be operated, maintained,
                                            replaced, and disposed of; and, who
                                            will sell and
                                            manage it

                                          D. 12.3 Analyze how the values and
                                          beliefs of different people can
                                          influence their
                                          perceived risks and benefits of a
                                          given technology
9 Weeks      Development of scaled model A 12.7 Explain how scientific and            Student will be able to produce       Project based
              of a residential home             technological research can              a scaled model of their design         assessment
                                                contribute to improved                  project                               End of semester Exam
                                                 quality of life and a better          Student will be able to read a
                                                standard of living                      scale and properly apply it to
                                                                                        their project
                                            B 12.7 Explain how new and higher          Student will be able to safely
                                                 quality products require new           and accurately utilize tools and
                                                 and higher quality                     equipment
                                                 materials and processing              Student will be able to
                                                 techniques                             accurately assemble scaled stud
                                            B 12.8 Select and apply appropriate        Student will be able to
                                                 processes to transform                 accurately assemble scaled roof
                                                 information into its most              framing structure
                                                 useful format

C 12.8 Know that design solutions
     may have effects that were not


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