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					                                           Lesson Plans

The format of a lesson plan varies, much as an outline of a project would vary according to the
needs and skills of a person completing the project. As you teach, you will see lesson plans
prepared by districts and those prepared by other teachers – some are quite detailed and some are
very brief (although the days of a 4X4 box for a lesson plan are probably gone, some teachers
still need only that amount of detail to know what is to be done for the day).

       Consider this analogy – suppose Tricia wants to go to her family home in San Antonio.
       On her day planner, she might write, “trip home” and she would know what she would
       need to do to get ready for the trip and how she was going to get there. But, suppose the
       trip was being taken by someone who had never been to San Antonio – that person would
       need a few more details such as which road to take to get out of CS, where to turn, how
       long the trip might take, how to get to a specific place in San Antonio. This person might
       need both the driving directions and the map whereas another person might just need the

Thus, the lesson plan looks different for different people (a principal might also accept a brief
lesson plan from an experienced teacher and want a more detailed on from a new teacher).

Some of the items that might be included in a lesson plan might be lesson topic, objectives of
lesson, action of the teacher and students, a list of materials required for lesson and assessment of
lesson. A lesson plan might also include a list of key words, concepts, skills needed to teach and
learn the content. Lesson could also include a list of questions that will be asked to check for
understanding during lesson. Assessment for lesson should include questions written in format
they will appear on the unit exam.

Format of the lesson plan – as stated lesson plans vary in format. Here are two formats that
might work/have worked for students in the past.
                                  Outline Format Lesson Plan

Topic of Lesson: Format and Writing of Lesson Plans

Objectives of Lesson: At the end of the lesson, SWBA to prepare a lesson for a 50 minute class
period to be taught from one chapter in the adopted textbook.

Time for Lesson: 45 minutes for instruction, 2 hours for completion

State Standards Met:

Key words/concepts/skills: Objectives, Teacher Actions, State Standards, Student Actions

Teacher Actions:
      1. Explain objective of lesson
      2. Explain parts of a lesson plan
      3. Show how items from a textbook can be translated into lesson plan parts
      4. Guide Students at they identify lesson plan parts from textbook
      5. Monitor student activity as they begin their lesson plan
      6. Check for understanding during lesson by asking questions listed below

Student Actions:
       1. Write objective of lesson on top of lesson plan form page
       2. Identify the parts of a lesson plan on a lesson plan form page – write part names on
          the form
       3. Follow as teacher shows what is chosen to include in lesson from textbook pages
       4. Identify content from text that will be included in lesson plan
       5. Begin completing the lesson plan by writing in content

Materials Needed for Class:
       Model Lesson Plan Formats
       Textbook Unit/Chapter they will teach from

Assessment of Lesson:
      Student completes a lesson plan filling in all of the parts of the plan that are appropriate
              for the lesson.
      Teacher reviews completed lesson plan and gives written feedback to student/asks for
              clarification of included/excluded materials.

Questions to be asked during lesson:
       Identify one part of a lesson plan and explain why it is included in the lesson – ask
       multiple students to cover all of the parts.
       What is the relationship between assessment and student activity in a lesson plan?
Lesson Topic: Format and Writing of Lesson Plans

Time for Lesson: 45 minutes for instruction, 2 hours for completion

Objectives             Standards      Teacher Activity                Student Activity        Materials            Assessment
At the end of the                     1.Explain objective of          1.Write objective of    Model Lesson Plan    Student completes a
lesson, SWBA to                       lesson                          lesson on top of        formats – 2 copies   lesson plan filling in
prepare a lesson for                                                  lesson plan form        of each for each     all of the parts of
a 50 minute class                                                     page                    student              the plan that are
period to be taught                   2.Explain parts of a lesson     2. Identify the parts                        appropriate for the
from one chapter in                   plan                            of a lesson plan on a                        lesson.
the adopted                                                           lesson plan form
textbook.                             Identify one part of a          page – write part                            What is the
                                              lesson plan and         names on the form                            relationship
                                              explain why it is                                                    between assessment
                                              included in the                                                      and student activity
                                              lesson – ask                                                         in a lesson plan?
                                              multiple students to
                                              cover all of the
                                                                      3. Follow as teacher Textbook
                                      3.Show how items from a         shows what is         Unit/Chapter they
                                      textbook can be translated      chosen to include in will teach from
                                      into lesson plan parts          lesson from
                                                                      textbook pages
                                                                      4. a. Identify
                                      4.Guide Students at they        content from text
                                      identify lesson plan parts      that will be included
                                      from textbook                   in lesson plan
                                                                      5. Begin
                                      5.Monitor student activity      completing the
                                      as they begin their lesson      lesson plan by
                                      plan                            writing in content
                                                                      6. Respond to
                                       6.Check for understanding     teacher’s questions,
                                                                     show work

Key Words/Concepts: Objectives, Teacher Activity, Student Activity, Assessment
Skills Needed: Identify main points of a chapter, identify concepts and skills needed to learn from chapter
If you look at the forms above, the same information is included on each form, just in a different
place. Some people like the outline format, others like the landscape format where they can read
across the page and see everything that is connected to the other parts. Either way works. I liked
the landscape format in that I could annotate the form as I went through the day – this lesson
would be completed in one class period but you could have a lesson that was a long, multi-day
lesson and you would want to mark where you finished each day with a class so you could begin
there with the review the next day.

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