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              When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when a wicked man rules, the people groan ." Pr 29:2

           How can anyone shoot or blow up perfectly innocent little school children?
  It was Islamic terrorists who slaughtered over 300 people (about half were children) in Beslan
       Russia. It was terrible and gruesome. Imagine the horror of the grieving parents.
   Could American school children now be targets for the same deranged Islamic terrorists?

 How we fight this onslaught of ISLAMIC terrorism will be determined by whom we choose for President.
  Think of the inhumanity of these MUSLIM terrorists! How incredibly cold-blooded. How could they go
into a school and hold hundreds of children hostages without food or water for days? Kids were fainting but
          that meant nothing to these beasts. How could they shoot innocent little boys and girl?
                   Human life means nothing to these animals – not even their own lives.
     Terrorists have sunk to a new level – the butchering of innocent little children. They're like Nazis.
"In Beslan we saw how the terrorists measure their success -- in the death of the innocent, and in the pain
   of grieving families…Members of the United Nations, the Russian children did nothing to deserve such
 awful suffering, and fright, and death. The people of Madrid and Jerusalem and Istanbul and Baghdad have
    done nothing to deserve sudden and random murder. These acts violate the standards of justice in all
  cultures, and the principles of all religions. All civilized nations are in this struggle together, and all must
           fight the murderers." President George Bush's address to the United Nations on 9/22/04
But many American journalists try to avoid identifying these terrorists as Muslims, or even using the
word MUSLIM next to the word “terrorist.” The media has ignored the fact that many or most of the
victims were Christians while most of the terrorists were Muslims.
Here are the facts: A radical Islamic group affiliated with Al Qaeda took "credit" for the massacre.
But that got only one line in the Washington Post and zero mention on the network news.
     The terrorists wore "Islamic prayer caps" and had long beards. One female terrorist ordered the hostages
     to pray to Allah. And, of course, the attack on the school was not "unprecedented," as the media
     suggested. Just a week ago, nine children and a teacher were killed in an attack on a school in
     Afghanistan. The main suspect for that atrocity is the school's Islamic religion instructor.
     Across the globe, the toll of those murdered and maimed by Islamofascists grows, but the media refuses to
     educate the public about the danger we face. They continue to tell us our war is against "terrorism" instead
     of Islamic jihadists! While these atrocities took place in Russia, it would be incredibly naive to assume it
     could not happen here.
     It has been three years now since the brutal attack against the United States by Muslim terrorists on
     September 11, 2001. During those 36 months, our enemy has waged a war marked by depravity and
     animated by an evil many of us are still unaware of.
     From Jerusalem to Jakarta, from Madrid to Beslan, the tally of the corpses of the innocent grows. We
     have seen helpless civilians beheaded, school children shot in the back, and Spaniards, Australians, and
     Israelis brutally blown to bits while engaged in the daily activities of modern life. And always the killers
     are shouting praise to Allah while our leaders tell us that none of this has anything to do with Islam.
    The reality of our time is that our Islamofascist enemy is desperately planning on killing not 3,000 of us as
    it did on September 11th, but hundreds of thousands of us today or tomorrow or whenever it can. There is
    nothing to negotiate, nor is there any concession we could make to divert them from this goal unless we
    convert to their demented and demonic branch of Wahhabi Islam. Gary Bauer
Among the information our forces found in Afghanistan were training manuals, meticulous notes,
and videotapes of terror training. One of the videotapes included footage of terrorists storming a
mock school and shooting schoolchildren. Although these atrocities took place in Russia, it would be
incredibly naive to assume it could not happen here.
That's why there are schools here that are practicing MOCK terrorist attack drills. The only problem is they
don't seem to know who the terrorists are. One school in Muskegon Michigan said, "This exercise will simulate
an attack by a fictitious radical group called Wackos Against Schools and Education who believe everyone
should be homeschooled."

That slam against home schoolers generated such negative publicity Daniel Stout of the Muskegon Emergency
Services wrote this apology: "This fictional group and scenario was not meant to offend any home school
students. Home school students are a very important part of our nation. This scenario will not be used again."

Other "leaders" don't seem to know who our enemies are. FORMER VP AL GORE EQUATES WAHHABI
ISLAM WITH EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANITY. Al Gore said this about George Bush's faith, "It's a
particular kind of religiosity. It's the American version of the same fundamentalist impulse that we see in
Saudi Arabia, in Kashmir, in religions around the world."

That is a breathtaking statement, even for Gore. He has just equated Wahhabi Islam, which has lead
to beheadings, massacres, the September 11th attacks, etc., with the President's evangelical faith.
Perhaps the former vice president can tell us when was the last time that fundamentalist Christians,
Jews, or Hindus flew planes into buildings or killed children in the name of "God." And just think,
GORE was almost elected president! (Gary Bauer) Only 537 votes in Florida defeated Gore.

Yet there are sizeable numbers of our fellow citizens who, rather than recognize the enemy at our throat, choose
to blame George W. Bush or American foreign policy. Meanwhile, some would-be "leaders" continue to
suggest that they can make the danger go away by talking to the French more often. More sensitively.
The threat of Islamofascism is just as menacing as Hitler's Panzer brigades and Stalin's war machine. Islamic
terrorists are on a religious crusade to conquer the world. If we don't crush this enemy, their insatiable blood lust
will plunge the world into another Dark Age. Gary Bauer

                                            Unveiling Islam         #862
            Can America win this war over ISLAMIC terrorism? Are we in a religious war?
Was our war on Iraq a mistake or is President Bush a "Lincoln" setting millions of captives free?

    America freed more than 10 million women in the Middle East. Where are the feminists who should be
                         celebrating instead of criticizing our Commander-in-Chief?

Although Dr. Emir Caner was a Muslim (his dad led the prayers in the mosque), he came to faith in
Christ. As a Muslim, that meant he had to choose between his family and Christ. Who would you
choose? He chose Christ. Now a professor at S.E. Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr Caner, author of
Unveiling Islam, says, "There is a religious motivation behind our enemy. In fact, it’s more than just
Islam vs. Christianity. It's the spiritual war of the ages."

Any war strategist knows the best way to get your opponent to surrender is to defeat them mentally.
Once they feel it's hopeless they will give up. So why is the liberal media in this country trying to get
us to give up on the war on ISLAMIC terrorism? We didn't start it.

The message from the national press, other than bashing President Bush (even if it means making up
forged documents like Dan Rather on CBS did), is "Christians surrender! Accept the inevitable. Your
religious and moral values are no longer relevant. Be tolerant (buzz word for homosexuality) and live in
peace." If we believe this, we underestimate and we SHAME our LORD. We need to realize the
severity and scope of this war! IT TAKES DEDICATION AND A FIRM RESOLVE TO WIN A WAR!

    At the beginning of WW II many were shouting, "Surrender!" as bombs devastated entire city blocks,
    and bridges fell, as the blitzkrieg and sirens shrieked night after night. But Prime Minster Churchill
    refused to surrender or compromise. He said, "Surrender is not an option if you plan to win a war.
    Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for
    without victory there is no survival." Winston Churchill, May 13, 1940. A GREAT QUOTE!

America has the most powerful military the world has ever seen. America has the strongest
economy and greatest wealth of any nation that's ever existed. But EVEN this nation could be
defeated. Look at past civilizations on the ash heap of history.
          "The wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God." Ps 9:17
                       What will it take to win this war over Islamic terrorism?
                                     A Presidential Legacy #863
We can learn a lot today from President Reagan's success. When Ronald Reagan became President,
communism was on the march around the world! American hostages were being held in Iran for 444
days! The economy was a mess! Taxes and inflation were skyrocketing.

Liberals severely criticized the President's Reaganomics. But by the time President Reagan left office,
he had revitalized the economy, brought the marginal tax rate down from 70% down to 30%, and
fueled one of the greatest economic recoveries in history.

Liberals called Reagan a warmonger! They said, "violence leads to more violence." No, appeasement
leads to more violence. Peace comes through strength. Appeasers didn't liberate Europe from the
Nazis. US soldiers did. The UN didn't liberate 25 million Iraqis from a tyrant who killed thousands.
US soldiers did.

    Liberals said Reagan would start WW III. But Reagan built up the military and brought down
                            communism! HE WON THE COLD WAR!

     He set a BILLION people FREE, who had been imprisoned behind the IRON CURTAIN.

What can we learn from President Reagan's successes? It was strength that brought us peace – not
appeasement. Listen to the words from the man who brought down the Berlin Wall and WON the cold
war: "Those who would trade our freedom for the soup kitchen of the welfare state have told us that we can have
peace without victory. They call their policy accommodation. That if we avoid direct confrontation with the
enemy, he'll forget his evil ways and learn to love us."

Ronald Reagan said to the nation, "You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for
our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step
into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail at least our children and our children's children will say
of us – we justified our brief moment here on earth. We did all that could be done."

Ronald Reagan's son, and talk show host, Michael Reagan, talks about his dad, the differences
between the major party platforms and stem cell research.

The media tries to blur an important point on stem cell research. Michael Reagan and Tony Perkins
make the point that it's embryonic stem cell research that destroys human life, not adult stem cells-
from body fat, bone etc. But the media is making it sound like President Bush is against adult stem cell
research and blocking valuable research. Because of this media blurring this issue there are people who
will vote against the President. But clearly he is not against adult stem cell research but the creation of
human life, human embryos, simply to sacrifice it for spare parts. That's wrong.

Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, says the most important election issue isn't
even being discussed. It's the debate over homosexual marriage. Former President Bill Clinton told
John Kerry not to let the Democrat Party be seen as the party of the gays.

At one point in history, the German people made a choice in an election about what direction their
nation would go. In 1923, members of a revolutionary political party met in a Munich beer hall to
elect their leader. By one vote Adolph HITLER was elected leader of the NAZI party and history was
forever set on a tragic course that would destroy millions of lives. BY ONLY ONE VOTE!

         Tony Perkins asks each of us, "As our nation dangles over the precipice of moral degeneracy,
                               what are you going to do? Will you even vote?"

          ALL OUR FREEDOMS. In times of moral crisis- neutrality is treason.
Voting is not simply a right or privilege. It is a solemn responsibility where you give authority to certain people
to govern over you. Christians, of all people, have a higher level of accountability to be good stewards with what
God has entrusted to us. We are accountable to God with what we do with it.

YET only 25% of Christians even bothered to vote in the election of 2000. Out of 60 million
Christians only 15 million voted. That means 75% of Christians did not bother to vote.

This upcoming election is not simply liberal versus conservative, but it's about religious freedom.
The President and US Senate will determine our federal judges. It's the judges who are stealing our
religious liberty.
                         How can it be that we regularly read headlines like this?
                               Judge Rules for GAY Marriage!
                              Judge ORDERS Bible REMOVED!
        How do judges, who make rulings like this, get on the bench in the first place? They are not elected.
                                           They are appointed.

We are amazed at how many voters do not understand how their lives are affected by elections.
Many Christians set aside their beliefs and vote for candidates that openly oppose everything Christians stand
for. Liberal judges are subverting our democracy by over turning elections that keep marriage
between a MAN and a WOMAN. Courts are robbing us of our freedoms.

When did Congress ban the Ten Commandments? They didn't. When did Congress legalize abortion, sodomy,
and virtual child pornography? NEVER! These are all inventions of an out-of-control judiciary.

Even though the Declaration of Independence says, "…all men are created equal, that they are
endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are LIFE, Liberty and the
pursuit of Happiness… JUDGES, not Congress, ruled that unborn children have no RIGHT TO LIFE!
Judges, not Congress, ruled that unborn children could be legally killed and even when they are half
born in the partial birth abortion.

Even though the majority of people want both creation and evolution taught judges have declared
that creation is religion and evolution is science. It's judges who ruled that homosexual sodomy is a
Constitutional right but children singing Christmas carols at school is unconstitutional. It's un-
elected judges who will determine our religious freedom. The chance we have is whom we elect to
appoint the judges.

       The courts are eroding our basic freedoms. But whom we elect determines who sits on the bench.
                         YET MOST CHRISTIANS DON'T BOTHER TO VOTE.
                                      Vote Your Values! #859
God has given Christians an awesome responsibility to choose the direction of our nation, yet in the
2000 election, out of 60 million Christians – only 15 million bothered to vote! 75% did not bother to
vote. Historian and President of Wallbuilders, David Barton, says our cultural civil war is directly
due to activist judges, ruling according to their whims instead of law. Who we vote for will
determine the kind of judges we will get and determine if our nation is blessed or cursed by God.
        Presidential Leadership #864 (One of the most fascinating programs we've ever made.)
      There are Christians in countries, where it is illegal to be a Christian, praying for us to make
                 the right choice for President of the world's most powerful military.
      There are Islamic terrorists who are praying we will choose the other candidate. Who would
            Osama Bin Laden want to be in charge of our military forces- Bush or Kerry?
                                          This election affects the whole world!

For two years, Lt. Col. Robert "Buzz" Patterson, a decorated fighter pilot, carried the nuclear suitcase
for President Clinton. He held the electronic codes to fire off our nuclear weapons in defense of our
nation. Col. Patterson was always at the President's side and saw the same classified documents as
Pres. Clinton. What he saw was a national security nightmare.

Col. Patterson saw a President and a political party regard national defense as a distraction from
"social progress"…and who hold American fighting men and women in utter contempt.

Col. Patterson tells how the "Carter-Clinton-Kerry Democrats" are dreamers who believe America is
wrong and our enemies are misunderstood. The liberals have hijacked the Democratic Party.

                                       Could 911 have been prevented?
Col. Patterson, the author of Dereliction of Duty and Reckless Disregard, says this election will
determine our survival as a nation because it will determine how we fight this war on terrorism. Will we
fight it as a Carter, Clinton, Kerry would? Which would mean getting UN approval before defending
us and treating this war as a law enforcement action. Or will we treat it as President Bush is - as a
war? This is a crucial question the American people will answer in this election!

Pastor Joe Moutz said, "America has gone from George Washington, who said he couldn't tell a lie, to Bill
Clinton, who couldn't tell the truth, to John Kerry who doesn't know the difference."
On May 17, 2004 Americans woke up to images of homosexual couples getting married in Massachusetts and
later in California. What does morality have to do with politics? Answer: they are intertwined.

                                       Morality in Politics                    #865
When Christians stay away from politics, non-Christians take over. Gary Bauer, former U.S.
Presidential candidate, says, "This election will determine the very definition of marriage." That means a
complete change in our society.

Author and historian, Gary De Mar, gives Biblical reasons for political involvement. He answers these
and other questions; "Was Jesus involved in politics? Should Christians remain neutral since our citizenship
is in heaven? Is politics dirty? This upcoming election is a clear choice, a test, to see what kind of people
we are.

Many apathetic/non-voting Christians say, "God is going to take care of everything." Or "God will put
into office who He wants." But God takes care of everything THROUGH his people. Without God - we
can't. Without us - God won't. Remember that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead but He told the men
to roll away the stone. God has His PART but we have ours.
REMEMBER 9/11. There really are people out there who
would like to kill us.
        We really do have an enemy and it's not President Bush. He's trying to defend us, remember?

                                         A '911' Survivor                   #858
Remember 911! You may not have been in the World Trade Center that fateful morning but our guest
was. Sujo John has a miraculous story of how he was at work on the 81st floor of the North Tower
when the American Airlines jet came crashing into his building several floors above him. Sujo told a
group of people huddled together to call upon the name of Jesus and be saved just moments before
all of them entered eternity. His testimony has resulted in 30,000 salvations.
                                      What a wonderful testimony!

Americans are shocked at Muslim terrorist acts, like the beheading of innocent civilians, but have
little understanding behind their real motivation. Can terrorism really be defeated? America is at war,
but how does this generation wage war, when they're being raised on tolerance, multiculturalism and
non-judgementalism, instead of good versus evil? Dr Bob Morey, an expert on Islam who has
authored over 40 books, has two doctorates, and predicted 911, has the answer for REALLY winning
our war on Islamic terrorism.
                                  American Independence #848
Why did Americans break away from Great Britain? Was it a "Revolutionary War?" Not according to
historian and author of The Light And The Glory - Peter Marshall, who says Americans were
defending themselves from the British and restoring a Godly government. Are we exchanging our
U.S. Constitution for a UN charter? Tom Deweese, President of the American Policy Center, reports
that the U.S. Department of Education is funding a new UN propaganda program that downplays
patriotism and prepares students to accept a one world government.

                                              Fed Ed   #793
What role, if any, should the federal government have in local education? Most people are unaware
of the new mandated FEDERAL CURRICULUM that’s taking control away from local public schools.
College Professor Alan Quist, a former Minnesota Legislator, and author of FED ED – the New Federal
Curriculum, has some shocking information on the drastic changes taking place in American Education.
He says the new Federal Curriculum will undermine our national sovereignty and force the teaching of
environmentalism as a religion!
                                 Praise Works Wonders #860
                         How can you turn bad circumstances into something good?
In this inspirational program, Merlin Carothers encourages us to praise the Lord in every circumstance.
Through praise God can work things out for our good! How? When we demonstrate our trust in
God, by praising Him - no matter what the circumstances, He responds. After a car accident, Merlin's
children thought he was crazy to praise the Lord, but God used this accident to do an amazing
miracle. This classic program will change your life and help you cope with every difficulty in your life
in a new and positive way.
                                 Every Man's Battle #861
School kids aren't the only ones lingering on certain X rated web sites. There's a plague in the land-
it's Internet pornography. "Sexual impurity has become rampant in the Church!" Sin begins in the
mind and comes in through the eyes. How can we control what comes into our vision? Our two
expert guests know how to counsel others since they were both rescued from Internet porn
themselves. Clay Allen is a pastor and president of Avenue. Fred Styoeker, the co-author of Every
Young Man's Battle, gives reasons why and techniques how to avoid the deadly trap of pornography.

                                  In Pursuit of Happiness #854
How can your life become a JOY and not just a daily grind? How can a student get good grades without
getting stressed out or making education an idol? How can I overcome FEAR, ANGER and WORRY
& ANXIETY? The world renown, Dr Frank Minrith, knows how to excel in school and serve the
Lord! He's a Christian medical doctor (with degrees in Neurology and Psychiatry), and has a
doctorate in theology and teaches at Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr Minrith has authored more
than 60 books with best sellers like, Happiness is a Choice, says your choices will change your life.

                                  Biblical Parenting             #855
What options do parents and church leaders have for educating children? What does the Bible say about
educating children? The question is, not simply what kind of education do you want for your child,
but what kind of adult do you want them to become?

Biblical parenting determines the education you give your child. Our guests are Pat & Linda
Marcum, home schooling parents and home school marketing specialists. And Erik, a home schooler
in broadcast media, offers some great ways for children to be schooled using parents and tudors in
their church buildings. Why?

Because 88% of children raised in the church are dropping out of church by age 18! "If this trend
continues, we will be presiding over the liquidation of the American Church." Bruce Shortt
                       The silence of the pulpits is deafening!
Since 88% of Christian children lose their faith, before they graduate, you would think church leaders
would warn parents about the anti-Christians dangers in public schools. And about the HUGE risk of
their child losing their faith. You would think churches would offer alternatives to public schools. But
ironically only 3% of churches have a Christian school. What a waste of church facilities, as churches
sit empty all week while all the church children attend the humanist schools down the street.
                                       Healthy Now & Forever #856
Is there a correlation between diet and academic performance? One out of three Americans will get
some form of cancer but are there ways of reducing the risk of getting cancer? What's the connection
between diet and cancer? Renowned lecturer Dr Francisco Contreras, physician, researcher and
author of Living Long and Well - Steps to Feel Younger and Live Longer, and The Hope of Living Cancer
Free, offers suggestions to help us live long and well. He wrote, "Our emotions, attitudes, diet and
exercise affect our immune systems. But more than just a healthy body, we need a healthy spirit."

Our military cemeteries are filled with patriots who died fighting against everything the liberals stand for!
                                    To be a liberal you have to:
   Believe the same teacher who can't teach 4th graders how to read is qualified to teach them about sex! And diagnose
    them with ADD and have them put on Ritalin.
   Believe that the First Amendment silences Christians and separates church from state.
   Believe that guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens are more a threat than nuclear weapons in the hands of Chinese
    communists or Iranian religious despots.
   Believe that gender roles are artificial, but being homosexual is natural.
   Believe that we can win the war on terrorism with a sensitive approach and let the UN protect us.
   Believe guilty murderers should not be put to death but believe it's OK to kill innocent unborn babies!
Just a reminder: In the 2000 election, only 537 votes in Florida separated the winner from the loser. Just 537
VOTES determined who would be our president. Don't ever think your vote is unimportant.
                                    Before you vote consider these facts:
   John Kerry Will Advance the Homosexual Agenda, Including Civil Unions & Marriages.
    Kerry vows to make offenses against homosexuals a federal "hate” crime! Goodbye free speech.
   Kerry's commitment to abortion, feminism, homosexuality, increased taxes, etc., will destroy families.
    Under Kerry, The ACLU, People for the American Way, The United Nations, Planned Parenthood and
    Hollywood will shape federal family policy.
   He Will Appoint Judges Hostile To Christianity. Kerry promises to appoint only pro-abortion judges.
   He Will subordinate American Sovereignty to the UN.
   Kerry Will Neuter Americas Military & Embolden our Enemies.
President Bush has proven to be an excellent President. He is a bold believer in Jesus Christ! The “fear of
God” is the chief Biblical qualification for any leader (Ex 18:21).
 He Supports LIFE (unborn and others) Biblical Marriage & a Federal Marriage Amendment
 He Is Dedicated to America’s Defense. When we were attacked on 9-11-2001, President Bush responded,
  not with timid police action, but by taking the War to the terror-sponsoring nations. Our fighting men are
  eager to follow this Commander-in-Chief (Neh 4:14).
 He stands boldly against the U.N when American interests are at stake (Ps 74:17).
 Bush’s Tax Cuts are the Biblical Way to Grow the Economy. God views a 10% tax as oppressive (1 Sam 8:14-
  18). Yet Democrats want to raise taxes to expand failed social programs. Letting Americans keep their own
  money and requiring Government to tighten its budget - is the right thing to do.
Patrick Henry said, "We are not weak if we make proper use of the means which the God of nature hath placed
in our power…The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone but to the vigilant, the active, the brave.
On the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee lived people known to be the enemies of God. The Jewish people viewed the
territory across the sea as profoundly wicked and frightening to them. They avoided this area as much as possible.
        But amazingly, Jesus and His disciples got in a boat and began rowing directly toward the forbidden world. On the
way across the Sea of Galilee, a fierce storm arose and threatened to sink their small fishing vessel. Though the Scriptures
do not spell it out, the disciples' terror must have been intensified by where they were and what lay ahead. In desperation,
they awakened the Master. Jesus uttered a command, and instantly the wind and waves became calm. In so doing, He not
only revealed His authority over nature but also over Satan. Remember that the people living on the eastern shore
worshiped the god of lightning and thunder.
        When Jesus and the disciples landed on Galilee's eastern shore, the first person to met them was a man possessed
by a legion of demons. Jesus cast the beings out of the man and they entered a herd of pigs. But confrontation is symbolic
of the battle between God and Satan. Notice Jesus did not remain in the safety of western territory. He constantly sought
out evil and confronted it head-on, regardless of the consequences.
        Jesus turned his face toward Jerusalem, where a horrible death awaited Him. He didn't have to make that final
journey. He could have hidden or escaped to Egypt. But Jesus went straight into the custody of His executioners. That had
been His approach throughout His ministry, taking no thought for His own life.
        Yes there is a price to pay for taking the offensive. It cost Jesus and most of His disciples their lives, but what a
glorious investment in eternity. Jesus gives us a pattern as a model for all believers. Jesus didn't flinch from confronting
wickedness and neither should we. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil.
        To those who are depressed over recent setbacks, I have wonderful news It comes to us from the Savior, who said,
"Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me" (Jn 14:1) Tuck that Scripture away in a safe place and
quote it every time the situation seems hopeless. We're going to be all right. It's the gates of hell that are in for hard times.

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