Project Officer Duties for LFCC Monthly Meetings by 9ox54VU


									Monthly Project Officer CFC Duties
Month          Installation Project Officer               Detail
               Logistics Management & Campaign
January        Follow up with Payroll offices to ensure
               payroll deductions are accounted for and
               processed correctly
February       Commanders assign Project Officers
March/April Team Recruitment                              Recruit an alternate and an administrative assistant. Recruit 2003 campaign
                                                          committee for installation hosted events;
                                                          Set up meeting with Commander for end of April

                                                          Request current workforce personnel numbers for agency

May            Orientation                                Confirm all campaign dates with Commander’s schedule;
               Confirm Commanders Calendar Review         Review previous campaign results
               Installation Campaign Report               Prepare Installation campaign analysis
               Meet with previous installation PO &       Determine deployments of personnel;
               review continuity book                     Request installation unit strength numbers;
               Installation Personnel/Payroll             Submit personnel Data Report to CFC office
               Prepare Installation Campaign Plan         Matrix strength numbers for installation structure plan

June           Develop Campaign Administration            Obtain list of Company/Wing/Unit/Station Commanders/Managers/Directors with
               Structure;                                 contact information;
               Solicit Mission Element Commanders for     Prepare installation organizational analysis
               ME Project Officers                        Request installation unit strength numbers;
               Determine Giving Potential                 Determine anticipated deployments of personnel;
               Determine Three Goal Setting               Submit personnel Data Report to CFC office
               Recommendations                            Matrix strength numbers for installation structure plan
July     Provide giving potential, campaign plan and   Organization time & resources
         goal recommendations to Director              Prepare Keyworker training schedule
         Schedule Commander meeting to present         Prepare internal campaign action plan (who, what, where, when)
         campaign plan and goal                        Request Commander/agency head support letters for keyworkers
         Campaign logistics preparations               Develop an internal communications plan
         Determine Solicitation structure              Develop Unit competitions & publicity events
         Update Campaign Ledger                        Review Keyworker training/campaign implementation materials
         Keyworker Materials                           Follow up with unit commanders for unit PO and Keyworker assignments
         Keyworker training schedule                   Prepare Keyworker list & contact info data base
         Campaign materials distribution plan          Request training room space
         Solicit PA officers for regional support      Request campaign material storage & distribution facilities
                                                       Request materials facility/storage space
                                                       Develop meeting schedule with keyworker chain of command
                                                       Leadership Event Logistics ( transportation, protocol, facility, catering, program,
                                                       Pace Setters Campaign Planning – structure development
                                                       Kick Off Event preparations
                                                       Request invite list from Protocol for KO event
                                                       Reserve Kios space for campaign publicity
                                                       Plan for campaign turn-in procedures
                                                       Plan for weekly follow up with keyworkers
                                                       Plan for weekly Commander’s briefing
                                                       Prepare Commander reporting slides for installation campaign organization

August   Kick off invitation lists;                    Send out KO invites
         Campaign Materials Logistics                  Receive campaign materials
         Keyworker Training logistics                  Kick Off RSVP - follow up
         Charity Briefing for Installation Event       Prepare logistics slides for Charity Briefing
                                                       Campaign administration training;
                                                       Unit Project Officer Training
                                                       Keyworker Training
                                                       Leadership Event
                                                       Materials Distribution
                                                       Leadership Event Publicity
                                                       Prepare & send Commander Leadership e-mail reminder
                                                       Implement Pacesetters campaign
                                                       Organize campaign reporting methods
                                                       Set Campaign reporting schedule
                                                       Plan for mid-campaign goal analysis
September   Keyworker Training                        Attend Keyworker Training sessions
            Campaign Publicity                        Campaign Publicity posters & signage posted (kios);
            Weekly turn-in process and schedule       Conduct Commander’s pace setters campaign
            Kick Off logistics                        Final logistics for Kick Off event (transportation, protocol, program)
            Campaign Blitz                            Account for campaign receipts
            Commander Reporting                       Initiate campaign solicitation blitz
            Public Affairs Solicitation Cultivation   Plan for mid-campaign donation blitz
                                                      Oversee campaign
                                                      Prepare Commander reporting slides
                                                      Follow up with PA Committee for CFC publicity
October     Weekly keyworker follow up;               Contact keyworkers weekly; review participation, goal attainment; overall
            Weekly turn-in                            progress.
            Payroll turn-in                           Mid campaign goal analysis
                                                      Plan for awards distribution
                                                      Plan for Recognition event
                                                      Plan for Eagle Club recognition
                                                      Review weekly progress report
                                                      Ensure donors receive incentive promptly for donations
                                                      Plan for campaign corrective measures
                                                      Follow up with PA Committee for CFC publicity
November    Keyworker certificates preparation        Contact keyworkers weekly; review participation, goal attainment; overall
            Hero Nomination Preparation               progress.
            Conclude Solicitation
            Distribute Thank You Gifts                Eagle Club Recognition event planning
                                                      Weekly Commander briefing
                                                      Nominate Installation CFC Hero
                                                      Contact keyworkers weekly; review participation, goal attainment; overall

December    Thank you Gift Tracking                   Final tracking of all awards
            Awards Event Preparation                  Awards & Recognition Event logistics
            Awards Event                              Awards & Recognition event invitation list
            Eagle Club Recognition                    Awards & recognition event RSVP follow up
            Payroll Follow up                         Weekly Commander briefing
            Awards Distribution                       Turn in Payroll deductions to Payroll offices
                                                      Prepare letters of thanks for all committee members; eagle club donors from
January    Installation Campaign Evaluation   Final Awards & Recognition event logistics
           Payroll Office follow up           Attend Awards Event
           Continuity Book Preparation        Awards distribution
                                              Keyworker follow up
                                              Follow up with Payroll office
                                              Campaign Evaluation and Continuity book
February   Allotment Verification             Verify amount received by PCFO is amount payroll processed for deductions

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