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                                                                       Family Action
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                                                                       Family Action Safeguarding Children and Data Protection,
                                                                       Freedom of information and Confidentiality Policy - outlined

Family Action Central Office
501-505 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4AU. Phone 020 7254 6251            supporting families since 1869
Fax 020 7249 5443 info@family-action.org.uk www.family-action.org.uk
Registered charity n° 264713.
Safeguarding Children Policy - outlined                                      Data Protection, Freedom of Information
                                                                             and Confidentiality Policy - outlined
We recognise the importance of our support to families, children, young      In order for us to operate effectively we need to collect and use
people and adults and our particular responsibilities to safeguard and       certain types of information about the people with whom we work.
promote the welfare of those who are vulnerable or at risk. This requires    This information includes details on families, adults, children and
us to:                                                                       young people which can be sensitive. All information gathered is
     Listen to, value, encourage and support those we work with             obtained directly from these individuals. All our staff and volunteers
     Provide clear internal procedures for identifying and dealing with     respect the privacy of such information and will ensure it is treated
       concerns about possible abuse and ensure their implementation         fairly, lawfully, correctly and confidentially and are compliant with the
     Provide effective management for staff, students and volunteers        Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998. All personal information held by
       through supervision, support and training                             Family Action will be collected, held and used in accordance with the
     Adopt a code of conduct for staff                                      principles in the Act. The information may be held and used in paper,
     Include continuous risk assessment within our work with families       audio visual and other electronic formats and will be kept in locked
     Recruit safely, ensuring all necessary checks are made                 filing cabinets and password protected electronic files and stored at
     Share information about child protection and good practice with        secure Family Action premises, only the minimum necessary
       children, parents, staff, students and volunteers                     information is temporarily removed from the premises.
     Develop and maintain effective information sharing with statutory
                                                                             All information held is confidential and we will not pass any personal
       services and other agencies, involve children and parents as
                                                                             details on without gaining your consent first. However, on occasions
                                                                             we may be legally obliged to transfer information to other
     Work collaboratively with local safeguarding children’s boards
                                                                             organisations as part of our work. We will only pass information on
                                                                             without direct permission where there is a clear legal requirement or
This policy applies to all trustees, staff, students, and volunteers. Any
                                                                             where it is believed that not doing so may put an individual at risk.
allegation or concern about abuse must be responded to. Family Action
believes that the welfare of children is paramount and that ALL children
                                                                             Family Action has an open access policy for service users’ records.
have the right to protection from abuse, regardless of their age, culture,
                                                                             You can read and comment on your personal information, however
disability, gender, racial origin, language, religious belief or sexual
                                                                             we may be required to remove any information concerning a third
orientation. Where significant differences occur we will follow Local
                                                                             party first.
Safeguarding Children’s Board Procedures which take precedence over
our procedures.
                                                                             In this document we have outlined the major points in our Policies,
                                                                             full copies of these policies can be provided upon request. Should
Every effort will be made to ensure that staff, students and volunteers
                                                                             you have any concerns or queries regarding the holding and
recruited to work for Family Action are suitable to do so. Those who are
                                                                             processing of personal data they should be raised with the
responsible for appointing staff will be trained in safe recruitment
                                                                             Information Compliance Manager (currently Mike Beazley) at Family
practices. All references will be robustly scrutinised and other check
                                                                             Action Central Office, 501-505 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4AU.
sought at the appropriate level e.g. CRB, ISA, POVA etc

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