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Primary Competition Calendar and Entry Sheet 2010/11

Team Declaration Sheet

Primary CPD calendar and booking form 2010/11

Safe Practice guide from afPE Frequently Asked Questions


As Partnership Development Manager of Woodcote School Sport Partnership, I would like to extend a warm
welcome to all schools involved. Woodcote SSP is one of 3 partnerships within Croydon and includes 1
College, 7 secondary or academy schools and 32 primary and special schools. The aim of the partnership is
to achieve high quality physical education and school sport in all schools, and to enable sport to be used in
improving all areas of a pupils development. At present 49% of pupils in years 1 to 11 within Woodcote SSP
schools currently take part in 3 hours or more of physical education and sport each week. The past few years
our task has been extended to encompass a greater vision of working in partnership with schools, community
clubs and volunteer organisations to create opportunities for every child from 5 – 16 years old to receive 2
hours of high quality PE within the school day and a further 3 hours outside of school each week. These
excellent links that have been established are enabling children throughout the Partnership to access a great
array of sporting opportunities and to get involved as leaders inspiring younger pupils through sport.

Over the years the Competition Manager has worked alongside National Governing Bodies to ensure a depth
and breath of competitions have been offered to partnership schools. We are again this year continuing with
the virtual competitions in cross country and mini Olympics to ensure every child within a primary school has
the opportunity to take part in a competitive event. In 2009-2010 the percentage of pupils in years 1-11 who
were involved in inter school competition within Woodcote SSP increased by 21%, that’s an extra 3149

This booklet has been produced to explain the workings of the partnership and to include some important
dates of events and CPD opportunities. Also included are useful forms that may be required on a regular

I look forward to working with you over the forthcoming year.

Heidi Maillard
Partnership Development Manager

Sports Partnership Infrastructure



Woodcote School Sport Partnership Matrix of Schools

Woodcote School Sports Partnership
Partnership Development Manager
Heidi Maillard
Woodcote High School & Sports College
Meadow Rise
Tel: 020 8763 8772
Mobile: 07905 308 463

    Riddlesdown High                                                                    Thomas More
          School                         Coulsdon College
                                                                                     Margaret Roper
          Roke                                                                      Christ Church C of E
        The Hayes                                                                      Regina Coeli
        Wattenden                                                                          St Giles
         Kenley                                                                         St Nicholas

                                          Woodcote High
     Oasis Coulsdon                                                                     Edenham High
                                          Smitham Primary                                  School
       Byron Primary                       Chipstead Valley
       Coulsdon Cof E                     St Aidan’s Primary                             Orchard Way
          Keston                          Woodcote Primary                                Spring Park
                                                School                                  Monks Orchard

        Burnt Ash

                 Oasis Shirley Park                             Addington High
                  Oasis Shirley Park                                Fairchildes
                   Primary School                                   Castle Hill
                  Davidson Primary                                Good Shepherd
                 Woodside Inf School                            Wolsey Inf and Jun
                Woodside Junior School                         Applegarth Inf and Jun

Roles and Responsibilities

Partnership Development Manager (PDM)

Manage the development of the School Sports Partnership and provide functional management of the School
Sports Co-ordinators.

Manage the finances of the School Sports Partnership and identify and attract additional sources of funding to
support activity.

Manage the creation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Partnership Development Plan,
ensuring that ALL young people are included in the plan.

Ensure the work of the Partnership is sustained through links with other agencies including the Local Authority,
National Governing Bodies of Sport, Health Organisations and Youth Agencies.

Manage a local programme of continuing professional development for those contributing to the work of the

School Sports Co-ordinators (SSCo)

Co-ordinate school sport within a family of schools, actively involving local sports organisations and supporting
Primary Link Teachers in developing physical education and school sport in their schools.

Ensure effective implementation of the Partnership Development Plan within a family of schools and monitor
the family’s progress towards Partnership objectives.

Increase and improve the range opportunities offered through OSHL and increase and improve intra and inter
school sporting competition, ensuring that ALL young people are included.

Identify, develop and deploy young people as leaders, coaches and officials.

Further Education Sports Co-ordinators (FESCo)

Drive the improvement and enhancement of the existing college based sport enrichment programmes for
students aged between 16 and 19. Design, develop and implement such a programme for Colleges where this
does not exist.

Support, train, develop and deploy sports leaders, volunteers and officials aged between 16 and 19, through
existing programmes such as Step into Sport.

Act as the main link person, in the context of FE, with the School Sports Partnership and local sporting
infrastructure, through County Sports Partnerships, NGB’s and Community Sports Networks

Develop and ensure effective implementation of the college sport development plan and its positioning within
the local sporting infrastructure.

Primary Link Teachers (PLT)

Manage the development and delivery of a physical activity and OSHL programme within their school,
supporting colleagues to deliver high quality PE and sport.

Work with the School Sports Co-ordinator to develop and increase sporting links with other local schools and
make effective use of community sports providers

Make effective use of appropriate adults other than teachers and young people as leaders, coaches and
officials to support the PE and school sport programme.

Commit to a programme if continuing professional development and contribute to the ongoing monitoring and
evaluation of the Partnership Development Plan.

Competition Manager (CM)

To manage and co-ordinate the planning and implementation of a programme of inter-school competition
across School Sport Partnerships (SSP) using the national school competition framework as the basis.

To support the School Sport Co-ordinator / PLT network within their SSP to ensure that they provide high
quality schools competitions, liaising with the PDMs to ensure that the competition programme supports and
compliments the key objectives identified in the Partnership Development Plans.

To undertake liaison with Pro Active South London, National Governing Bodies and Schools Associations at
County level to ensure that the competition programme delivers the sports national framework, contributes to
the sports player pathway and develops appropriate exit routes for the young people into community sport.

To manage and co-ordinate the recording the number of participants and the monitoring and evaluation of
projects associated with the programmes

Specialist Link Teacher (SLT)

Act as a link between the Sports College and partnership schools in the delivery of high quality physical

Contribute to the development and delivery of high quality physical education programme across the

Advocate the Specialist Sports College and the Sports Partnership

Woodcote School Sport Partnership Team

Heidi Maillard
Partnership Development Manager
Woodcote High School & Sports College
tel. 020 8763 8772

Clare Nicholls
Partnership Admin Assistant
Woodcote High School & Sports College
tel. 020 8763 8772

Darren Bernatovitch
School Sport Co-ordinator & Further Education Sport Co-ordinator
Addington High School & Coulsdon College
tel. 01689 842545

Roger Wallbank
School Sport Co-ordinator
Edenham High School
tel. 020 8776 3771

Antoinette Whitfield
School Sport Co-ordinator
Oasis Coulsdon
tel. 020 8656 0222 ext 8408

David Kelly
School Sport Co-ordinator
Oasis Shirley Park
tel. 020 8656 0222

Ellie Atkinson
School Sport Co-ordinator
Woodcote, Riddlesdown and Thomas More RC High Schools
tel. 020 8668 6464 ext 263

Matthew Birkett
School Sport Co-ordinator
Thomas More RC School
tel. 020 8668 6251

Elaine South
Croydon Competition Manager
tel. 020 8689 1255

Becky Forshaw
Croydon CPD Co-ordinator
tel. 020 86891255

Wendy Howell
Specialist Link Teacher
Woodcote High School & Sports College
tel. 020 8668 6464 ext 263

                                               Funding Process

   Primary Link Teachers (PLT)

   PLTs may claim up to 12 days per year release time at a rate of £174 per day to attend training days and
   develop high quality PE and school sport. PLTs may use these days in order to conduct observations
   within their own school or to visit other schools to observe best practice. In order to claim for these days,
   please complete the PLT invoice on the next page.

   Please note that these days must be only be used to support the development of high quality PE. If you
   are unsure whether you may claim, please consult with your SSCo or PDM.

   These days must be claimed by 1st July of each academic or they will be absorbed into partnership


Woodcote School Sports Partnership has its own dedicated website which will be used to post resources,
events and news.

Please take a took

                                             Photograph consent

The School Sport Partnership takes the issue of child safety very seriously and this includes the use of
photographic and video images of pupils. Whilst many pupils and parents enjoy seeing photographs and
video images of the pupils or their work we are mindful of our duty of care towards pupils to protect them from
any inappropriate contact.

At competitions and events that are organised through the Partnership photographs are often taken to be
included in the School Sport Partnership newsletter and website as well as in school material. Should a pupil
attending an event not have consent to be included in such publicity the organiser of the event must be
informed on arrival so that they may make the necessary arrangements.

Croydon – Woodcote Partnership: PLT Invoice
 Name & Address of School:
                                           Name of PLT: ______________________

                                           (Full Day: £174.00 Half Day: £87.00)

                                           Total Amount Claimed: £_____________

                                           Cheque made payable to: _____________

Date & Time              Reason                                          Amount Claimed

Signed: ________________________________________ PLT

Signed: ________________________________________ School Manager

Date:     _______________________________

 Please return invoice to:                   For finance use only: COMMUNITY BUDGET
 Heidi Maillard
 Partnership Development Manager                Goods Received –
 Woodcote High School & Sports College,
 Meadow Rise,                                   Invoice passed for payment –
 Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 2EH
                                                Signed -

All claims must be made by 1st July each academic year or money will be returned to partnership funding.

                                    Communication & Support Structure

It is important that the PDM, SSCOs & PLTs meet regularly to share, explore and disseminate information &
developments. To this aim the following structure will be put in place:

Informal Support

      PDM will be available to provide support for SSCOs throughout the year. This will take the form of
       individual meetings, telephone calls and emails on a regular basis.

      Both PDM & SSCOs will be available to provide support for PLTs throughout the year.


      All SSCOs will attend half termly meetings with the PDM

      PDM will meet with SSCO and their line manager on a half termly basis to review progress

      All SSCOs will meet regularly with their HOD

Family Cluster Meetings

      SSCOs will chair termly family PLT cluster meetings. These will take the form of twilight, half day or full
       day meetings as local need requires. PLT days may be used to attend these


      SSCOs will be required to report to the PDM and HOD regarding specific family and partnership targets
       based on priorities identified from the School Sport Survey and data from the PDM’s partnership self
       review document.

      PDM is required to update a partnership self review document pertaining to the targets and needs of
       the Partnership

Please include a copy of:

   The Croydon CPD Booklet 2010_2011
   The Primary Competition Calendar 2010-11 (both formats)


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