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					   HS SPPO
Contacts Meeting
        October 20, 2008
   Training Topics
   UCSD/ HS SPPO updates
   NIH Updates
Training Topics:
Patient Care Costs
NIH defines as “the costs of routine and ancillary services
  provided to individuals participating in research
They do not include:
 the otherwise allowable items of personal expense
  reimbursement, such as patient travel or subsistence
 Costs of ancillary tests performed in facilities outside of a
  hospital or clinic
 The data management or statistical analysis of clinical
  research results

Training Topics: Space
A space review occurs concurrently with HS
  SPPO's proposal review.
Space management verifies that the Principal
  Investigator has the authority to use the
  space listed on the RES form.

UCSD / HS SPPO Update:
Electronic Subaward Submissions
   What HS SPPO needs when you have an electronic
    subaward submission with another institution:

       HS SPPO always requires the following for subaward
         RES, 9510, PI Assurance, Internal Salary Projections, Face
          Page, Budget, Budget Justification, Checklist, and
          Resources Page.

       If it is an electronic submission, you need to notify HS
        SPPO of what the submitting institution wants.
         Face Page or Letter of Consortium?
         PHS 398 Budgets? Other Forms?
         Do they need/want it sent to them electronically, overnight,
            or both?
UCSD / HS SPPO Update:
Electronic Subaward Submissions
If there is to be an R&R Subaward Budget
   required, then you need to forward this to HS
   SPPO along with all the other required
     The R&R Subaward Budget can take the place of
      the PHS 398 Budget, Budget Justification, and
     This can be uploaded on to EPRS.
UCSD / HS SPPO Update:
UCSD Proposal Budget Form
   The use of Actual Fringe Benefits Rates
    vs. Set Composite Fringe Rates
       Set Composite Fringe Rates:
           http://ocga3.ucsd.edu/Budget_Preparation/Fringe_Ben
       Actual Fringe Benefits Rates:
           If your department is using actual benefit rates they
            can be calculated using the DOPES
           Benefit charge /Gross Salary = % Benefit Rate
UCSD / HS SPPO Update:
UCSD Proposal Budget Form
   UCSD Proposal Budget Form:
       http://ocga3.ucsd.edu/Forms/UCSD_Pro

   In order to use actual rates, you will
    need to “unprotect” the Excel
UCSD / HS SPPO Update:
UCSD Proposal Budget Form
    How to unprotect the Excel spreadsheet:
        Go to the Tools tab
        Scroll Down to the “Protection” option
        Select “Unprotect Sheet”
            This will allow you now to make modifications to the
             spreadsheet. Be careful not to modify any other cells while
             you do this change.
            You can make the changes in rows 24-28 or you can
             remove entirely the options in column AC/AD.
    At this time, the form will not be updated.
UCSD / HS SPPO Update:
Beginning 10/31/08 HS SPPO will move to
  UC201 (corner of Gilman and Myers)
 Mail Code will remain 0742

 Fax will remain x20834
UCSD / HS SPPO Update:
Program Project Services
Beginning with the January 25th Program Project
  Grants and Center Grants Deadline Melanie David
  will provide Program Project Services
These services include:
 Budget development
 Establishing timelines & responsibilities
 Complete Proposal Review
These services are provided for all P series and U’s as
  appropriate for new, renewal and non-competing
NIH Updates: Adobe Forms
Adobe Transition:
Beginning January 7th all NIH proposals will be
 submitted via adobe forms except for the
R13/U13, R41, R42, R43, R44

NIH Updates: Adobe Forms
Adobe Transition:
NIH will not have adobe forms available until
  December 15th.

NIH Recommends PIs prep for proposal
  submission without the package and
  complete all forms once the package is
NIH Updates: Adobe Forms
HS SPPO Training Update:
Nov/Dec Hands-on Training Sessions

Helpful Sites:
Grants.gov information about the Adobe transition:

NIH Adobe Transition web site:
NIH Updates:
Continuing Resolution
NIH is operating under a continuing resolution that
  currently extends through March 6, 2009. NIH will
  issue non-competing research grant awards at a
  level BELOW that indicated on the most recent
  Notice of Award (generally 90% of the previously
  committed level). NIH will consider upward
  adjustments to these levels after the final
  appropriation is enacted.
The salary cap will remain at $191,300.
NIH Updates:
Amended Applications
Beginning with applications intended for the January 25, 2009 due
   date, all original new applications and competing renewal
   applications will be permitted only a single amendment (A1).
Applicants who fail to receive funding after two submissions may
   resubmit but only if the application is fundamentally revised to
   qualify as new.
Original new and competing renewal applications that were
   submitted prior to January 25, 2009 will be permitted two
   amendments (A1 and A2). NIH expects that any A2 will be
   submitted no later than January 7, 2011, and NIH will not accept
   A2 applications after that date.

NIH Updates: Page Limits
In order to Enhance Peer Review NIH plans to
  limit R01 Research Plans to 12 Pages (with
  other activity codes scaled appropriately) and
  will be restructured to align with review
  criteria for January 2010 receipt dates.

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