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									                                 Synod Council Retreat Highlights
                                            June 26-27, 2009
                                    By Rev. Ozzie Herlong, Secretary

Approved requests for on-leave-from-call-status for rostered leaders.

Engaged in pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in council actions and remembered in prayer those
persons who had specials needs. Shared stories from scripture, events in the life of Jesus and explored
the question “What does this mean?” for participants.

Followed up on actions of the 2009 South Carolina (SC) Synod Assembly:
    •Transmitted action on “Recommendation on Ministry Policies” to the Church Council, Evangelical
      Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Forwarded to the “Memorials Committee” 2009 Churchwide
    •Referred “Resolution Concerning Inclusiveness” to the Commission on Inclusiveness
    •Transmitted “sense of the assembly votes” on “Social Statement on Human Sexuality:    Gift and
      Trust” and Resolution #1 on Ministry Policies as information to the 2009 Churchwide Assembly,
    •Appointed SC Synod Assembly Study Task Force
Appointed Synod Council Committees

Appointed Ministry Teams and Commissions

Conducted a special order with the Rev. Susan J. Briner, chair of the Ministry Team for Congregational
Life. Adopted a continuing resolution, Constitution, Bylaws, and Continuing Resolutions, SC Synod,
restructuring the Ministry Team for Congregational Life.

Entered into an “Evangelizing Congregations Mission Covenant” between the South Carolina Synod and
the Evangelical Outreach and Congregational Mission program unit, ELCA. This partnership calls all
leaders to missional leadership for the vision: Every person is a missionary, every pastor is a mission
director, and every congregation is a mission station for the sake of the world.

Celebrated the gift from Ed and Irene Schlosser, St. Matthias, Easley, to establish a Fund for Leaders in

Approved Synod Office Holiday Schedule for 2010 and the Synod Council meeting schedule for 2010-

Conducted a special order with the Rev. Sandra I. Jones, pastor of Manantial de Vida (Spring of Life),

Voted to designate the monthly rent received from the lease on the building of the former Epiphany
Lutheran Church, St. Matthews, toward the monthly rental fee for facilities used by Manantial de Vida,

Authorized the SC Synod Officers to seek legal counsel and counsel from other qualified professionals
regarding the establishment of a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation to serve people living in poverty in
the midlands of South Carolina providing education, health, recreation and advocacy.

Requested the Growing in God’s Mission Resource Development Team to develop a plan:
    •to identify resources for strengthening and renewing the synod and congregations for God’s
     mission in the world; and
   •to identify missional leaders within the synod to give leadership to implementing Charitable
     Resource Development Plans; and
   •to propose a time line for a charitable gifts appeal that is in accord with the development of the
     synod’s Strategic Mission Plan growing out of the Re-Visioning God’s Mission in South Carolina
     planning process.

Heard a progress report on SC Synod and Synod Council ratification of the Board of Trustees of
institutions and agencies of the SC Synod and strengthening the relationships between the synod and
institutions and agencies.

Appointed Dr. Susan W. McArver and Edward M. Woodward Jr. to the Board of Trustees, James R.
Crumley Jr. Archives, Region 9, ELCA, for one-year terms (2010).

Ratified the action of Board of Trustees, Lutheran Homes of South Carolina, on May 21, 2009,
appointing the following persons to the Board of Trustees for three-year terms ending September 30,
2012: Mrs. Ginny Hultquist, Mt. Pleasant; Dr. Katharine Gibb, Spartanburg; and Mr. Bruce Shealy,

Conducted a special order with Mr. Ronnie Huffman, executive director of Lutheran Family Services in
the Carolinas.

Conducted a special order with the Rev. Dr. Frank G. Honeycutt, pastor of Ebenezer Lutheran Church,
Columbia, responding to questions from members of the council on his perspective of the synod
including needs, effectiveness of structure, and opportunities. Pr. Honeycutt also addressed the
importance of a sabbatical for pastors.

Concluded the Synod Council Retreat with Holy Communion.

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