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					                                  GROUP PROJECT

Purpose:     The purpose of this project is to demonstrate understanding of the
             ministry to women by creating a one year ministry plan and presentation
             appropriate to a church staff or church body to aid in starting and
             continuing a ministry to women in a local church.

Grading:     The grade is comprised of two parts. Content will be 75% of the total
             grade and the overall product will be 25% of the total grade will be the
             presentation. Each member of the group will receive the same grade.
             The class will evaluate each presentation and will be factored into the
             overall grade.

Project:     Your team will develop a resource and one year ministry plan which
             includes the following sections.

             1. Explanation of the church for which you are creating the one year plan
                for.(This can be a fictitious or an actual church.) Give the membership
                size and the context in which the church is located. Include the
                mission statement of the church.

             2. A Theology of Women’s Ministry – Answers the question of “why” have
                a women’s ministry.

             3. An explanation of the theology of women’s leadership – Answers of
                “what” the leadership will look like.

             4. A description of what the ministry will look like.

                A. The Leadership Team
                B. Budget Planning (include a one year budget)
                C. Plans for child care
                D. Calendar Planning (give a one year calendar)
                E. Evaluating the Ministry
                F. Event Planning (what special events are you going to do and how
                   will these be planned)
                G. Promotion (how will you promote the women’s ministry)
                H. Listing of key resources
                I. Free section (this can be anything you want to add – you do not
                   have to use this.)

The group is to turn in the total plan in the form of a notebook or CD with electronic
files to the professor by November 17. Everything should be organized in a manner that
is easy for anyone to look at and be able to continue the women’s ministry at this
particular church.

Each group will make a 50 minute presentation as if they are making a presentation to
a church body or representative committee.

Group A - You are a church that averages 500 in attendance. The church is just now
beginning to realize the need for a focused ministry to women.

Group B - You are a church that averages 1000 in attendance. The church has had
some women’s Bibles studies and a few women’s social events, but is ready to move
the church to a more formal women’s ministry.

Group C – You are a church that averages 2000 in attendance. The church has had an
active women’s ministry with numerous Women’s Bibles Studies, a Ladies night out in
the Fall and a spring retreat each spring. It is predominately lead by lay leaders and a
part-time director of women’s ministry.

Group D - You are a church that averages 3000 in attendance. The church has had a
formal women’s ministry with a full-time women’s minister on staff. The women’s
ministry has had a full complement of women’s Bible Studies, special events, missions
endeavors and the like. The church is in the process of re-evaluating all ministries.

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