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									 The Women’s Continuing Ministerial Education Trust
                                   Application Form
Applications must be made for a 12 month period only. Should further funding be
required for any project whose duration is in excess of this time, the applicant must
submit a new application form.

Please answer all questions fully ensuring you have provided supporting information
and an endorsement of your project by your CMD Officer (p.6). If you run out of
space, please continue your answers on a separate sheet.

The Completed form should be retuned to: WCMET
                                         Ministry Division
                                         Church House
                                         Great Smith Street
                                         SW1P 3AZ

Any further enquiries should be directed to:
                                             020 7898 1393 or 1396

                                   Personal Details
1.   Full Name
      Including Religious Title

2.   Address

3.   E-mail Address __________________________________________________

4.   Telephone Numbers:           Home ______________________________________

                                  Work ______________________________________

                                  Mobile _____________________________________

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5.   Type of Ministry:      Accredited Lay Worker       Deaconess
                            Deacon                      Priest
                            Religious Sister            Church Army

6.   Form of tenure:

      Self-supporting              Stipendiary          Employed (e.g. Chaplain)

7.   Date of Ordination:    Deacon_________________Priest________________

8.   Diocese ________________________________________________________

9.   Please give details of your Current Appointment:

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                                Grant Application
10.   Please describe, in detail, the purpose for which you are applying for a grant.
      This must be substantiated with as much supporting information as possible.
      (NB: If the grant you are requesting is for a degree or a further degree you will
      also be required to complete Appendix 1.)

      a. Please state the duration of this project.

      Start Date                       End Date

      b. Please specify the period of time this application covers. (NB grants are only
         given one year at a time)

               12 months                       Other

11.   Please explain how you feel this project might develop/assist your ministry and
      in what ways it might be used to benefit the wider church.

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12.   Please complete all the relevant questions below relating to the expected total
      budget of your project for the year for which the grant is being applied for (NB:
      Grants strictly are made on a yearly basis. Any repeat applications must be
      accompanied by a “satisfactory completion of work-to-date” form from Tutor or
      CME Officer). Please note that we do not normally fund travel costs or
      accommodation, but details of these should still be included to help us to make
      decisions on what we may be able to offer.

      Cost of the Course/Conference/Project                                           £ _______

      Travelling costs (if applicable)                                                £ _______

      Accommodation costs (if applicable)                                             £ _______

      Others (please details)                                                         £ _______

      Total                                                                           £ _______
      NB: If more space is needed, please complete information on a separate sheet.

13.   Please state below if you are expecting or have obtained (please circle the
      appropriate category) a Diocesan Contribution

      Expected/Obtained                                                               £ _______


14.   Please state below the contributions from other sources of funding you have
      sought or obtained (please circle the appropriate category and write the name of
      the organisation in the box provided). If you are employed please state if you
      have sought funding from your employer, e.g. hospital trust.

      Sought from/Obtained

                                                                                      £ _______
      Sought from/Obtained

                                                                                      £ _______
      Sought from/Obtained

                                                                                      £ _______

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15.   Please state the level of personal contributions towards your project. If you
      would like to add a comment, please do so in the box provided below.

      Personal Contributions                                               £ _______


16.   Please state the amount you wish to request from the Women’s Continuing
      Ministerial Education Trust (WCMET). Should you wish to write a further
      comment, please do so in the space provided below.

      Amount requested from WCMET                                          £ _______


17.   Should you be successful in your application, please state whether you would
      like the cheque to be sent to your home address. If not, please write the address
      you would like the cheque to go to in the space provided below.


18.   Signature _____________________________________Date _____________

Return to:       WCMET, Ministry Division, Church House, Great Smith Street,
                 London, SW1P 3AZ

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 Comment From the CMD Officer Endorsing this Application

In what ways do you expect this course to develop the applicant’s work and ministry
    a) On a personal level

   b) In relation to the wider church

Please give information on the reasons for the level of Diocesan contribution for this
candidate. (Question 13)

Please give any other supporting or relevant information to help us in our

Signature _____________________________________________Date __________

Name ____________________________Title _______________________________

NB: Please ensure that questions 12 and 13 are complete

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                                 Appendix 1
If you are applying for a grant to help you with the costs incurred in completing a
Degree or Further Degree, please answer the following section.

NB: If this is a repeat application you do not need to fill in this section but must
return the Completion of (or part of) Project Form sent with your cheque. Thank you.

1. What degree is being applied for, and through what institution?

2. What is the length of the research thesis to be written for the degree?

3. What is the title area of the research project to be undertaken?

4. Has a formal application to the relevant university already been made? With what
   outcome? Who will supervise your research?

5. If applying for a research degree, what preparation have you undertaken in
   research methods?

6. Please write a small rationale for the proposed research, refer to Question 10 of
   the Application Form.

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