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					                Arranging Your Next Party Use A Really Good Party Band

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Whatever kind of function you have, whether it be a party or a wedding, having a live covers band
playing can turn the event into a great success.

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Sometimes it is essential that you find a band that has the exclusive ability to expertly play some
of the 'classics'. For no matter how good a band's original music is, it's still an amateur one and
won't really match up to the greats. This is the role and point of a covers band.

Though they have a large stock of chartbusters, you will find cover bands playing songs belonging
to a particular era or of one famous band.

So these cover bands strength is essentially playing songs written by others in the original artist's

If you decide that you want a covers band for your function, you might need a few tips.

The internet is obviously the best place that you can go to start looking to find your perfect live

You may be lucky and be able to find a band that are in your own hometown or just a few towns

This is actually to your advantage as, the farther they live, more is the amount of traveling
expanses that are incurred that you have to meet.

In addition, online directories that will link you to covers bands can be found easily with just one
touch of your mouse and keyboard. If the band is not near to you they may add extra transport
costs to their fee.

It's important to listen to a band's work before you contact them. Here too, it's valuable to have the
internet at your disposal.

The internet gives you access to the personal MySpace pages that the bands have made. This will
in turn give you an insight into their music by listening to he clips they have uploaded.

The quality of the music might differ from band to band but you will be able decided who has the
right skills for the job.

If you cannot listen to their music online, you might want to send an email requesting a fee demo
CD. You might even be able to get a DVD, which will show a live performance of theirs.

Have a very clear idea about your wants and desires. This is your party. Tell them about the kind
of music you need them to be familiar with. Ask them if they will be too fussy if you propose, they
should wear some specific costumes you have in mind. Inform them about concerns regarding
space (if any) well beforehand.

Remember, the more questions you ask the band beforehand the smoother and more successful
your event is going to be.

You will also need to make sure that you are taking a moment and thinking about your budget. Are
you allowing enough of a budget for the hiring of a covers band? Remember, they do not work for
free. If you have no idea of what kind of budget you will need to set, look at what other bands are
charging and you will get a good idea.

You needn't decide on a band within two minutes of beginning your planning unless you're late, by
which of course it will be really hard to find a band. Frankly, you're spoilt for choice and take time
before you reach a final conclusion.

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