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Project Human Resource Management

Training Guide

Revised: 1/11/2007

Table of Contents
Managing Contractor Resources for an IT Project ............................................................... 1 Professional Service Definition ...................................................................................... 1 Managing a Contractor Resource Documents ...................................................................... 2 Managing a Contractor Resource Process............................................................................. 3 Contract for Professional Services Checklist ........................................................................ 4 Contractor Resource Request Form Sample......................................................................... 9 Statement of Work Template ............................................................................................. 11 U Services IT Contractors.................................................................................................. 13 State of Minnesota Targeted Group Businesses (TGB) ...................................................... 14

Revised: 1/11/2007

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Managing Contractor Resources for an IT Project
There are times when it is necessary to obtain an outside contractor to provide additional resources or deliverables on an IT project. According to PMI’s PMBOK1 this is part of the Human Resource Management process. Resources and deliverable work can come from outside the organization that is performing the project. The Project Manager is responsible for identifying contractor candidates and for ensuring that the right resources are brought in at the right time and at the right cost. These contracted services should have a clearly defined business need, statement of work, outcome, contract amount, and start and end date. The University of Minnesota Contract for Professional Services (CPS) process must be followed in order to obtain the required resource. Each professional services contract may be unique; however, the process to obtain a contracted resource is the same, regardless of the project, depending on the contract dollar amount. This document describes the steps that should be followed when preparing a Contract for Professional Services to obtain a contractor resource.

Professional Service Definition
Professional Services are defined as customized services consisting of specialized or creative expertise based on personal skills or ideas of individual(s) that are provided for a fee, which may be determined individually with each customer for each service contract. For IT projects, these individuals are typically professional service contracts with IT technical consultants. The Contract For Professional Services (CFPS) form is used to document contractual relationships with an individual consultant, or consulting firm to provide a professional service.


A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, Third Edition 2004

Revised: 1/11/2007

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Managing a Contractor Resource Documents
In support of this process, the following documents are referenced: Document Contractor Resource Request Form Description A high-level job description of the required skill sets needed from a contractor resource on a project. Use this form if you are contracting with or hiring a person to assist on a project. This will help to select the best person with the right skill set. This can be used as an appendix to the contract. A detailed description of what the contractor will do and a description of any deliverables that the contractor is to provide. Use this form to describe the deliverables that you need from the contractor. This can be used as an appendix to the contract. Purchasing Services requires the RX as authorization to issue an RFP. This is a request to vendors to submit proposals. Purchasing processes RFP’s for all contracts $50,000 and above if they are not a U-Wide or State of Minnesota approved contract.
Note: In certain special circumstances, Exceptions to the Regents' Purchasing Policy are granted. Exceptions to the competitive process are occasionally justified, but must be pre-approved. Consult a Purchasing Services buyer for questions on the exception process.

Statement of Work

Central Requisition Form (RX) Request for Proposal (RFP)

Data Collection Sheet

Use this form to gather information necessary to process a Contract for Professional Services. Submit this information to your FFN preparer who will enter the contract information into FFN and generate a contract for the vendor to sign. This document is not a contract, but a worksheet that is used in the preparation of a contract.

Revised: 1/11/2007

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Managing a Contractor Resource Process

Revised: 1/11/2007

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Contract for Professional Services Checklist
Use this checklist to help you prepare and manage a Contract for Professional Services. The process will vary depending on the dollar level of the contract. However, internal departmental approval processes must be followed. Following are the Purchasing Services dollar thresholds for contracts. Under $10,000 $10,000 to $50,000 Contracts are pre-approved by Purchasing For purchases under $50,000, the department may request that Purchasing conduct an RFP process OR the department may document some other credible basis for contractor selection, basis for price and assurance that price is reasonable. The RFP process is required at $50,000 or greater and recommended but optional under $50,000. For purchases $50,000 and over, a competitive process (RFP) must be used to select a service provider unless the vendor is a U-wide approved or state approved vendor.

$50,000 and over

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Step 1 - Determine Contact Details
Project Manager Develop a Resource Request if the contract is for a resource A Resource Request is a high-level job of the required skill sets for the contractor and the terms of engagement. This document will be included as supporting material to the Contract for Professional Services (CPS). Refer to the Contractor Resource Request Form Sample in this document. A Statement of Work is an outline of what the contractor is expected to accomplish or deliver to the University for the price stated in the contract. This should include: A summary of the project A clear and complete description of the work that is required by the contractor, including the expected outcome (tasks and deliverables). Refer to the Statement of Work Template in this document. This document will be included as supporting material to the Contract for Professional Services (CPS). Project Manager Determine Contract Cost Estimate Determine the total amount of the contract. This should include: Labor (hourly rate) or fixed cost Travel Expenses (if applicable). Travel expenses will be reimbursed according to Purchasing Services Travel Reimbursement Limits for Contractors document. Project Manager Determine Contract Start and End Date Determine the start and end date of the contract. The contract start date must be AFTER the Purchasing Services approval date. Please allow for enough time to process the contract. Work may not begin until the contract is fully approved.


Project Manager

Develop a Statement of Work if the contract is for a deliverable

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Step 2 - Research Available Vendors
Project Manager Check to see if vendor is on the U wide contract list or state approved contract list U wide contract list is available at: State approved contractor list is available at: • Type in Access code is 444300 and click Submit • Select Professional/Technical Master Contracts • Select State IT Prof/Tech Services Master Roster Info • Select Professional and Technical Services • Select Master Program vendors/skills • Select Vendor link of Expertise link Refer to the list of State of Minnesota Targeted Group Businesses (TGB) with state contracts listed in this document. TGB are firms that are owned by people of color, female or disabled. See attached list of U Services vendors


Project Manager Project Manager

Check to see if the vendor has worked with U Services Select vendors who can do this work

Interview preferred vendor candidates to verify that they can do the work (if applicable) Obtain work samples (if applicable) Prepare a list of qualified vendors to send the RFP (if an RFP is required). This should include email addresses. An RFP is required for: • All contacts $50,000 or above that are not using a U Wide vendor or a state approved contract

Revised: 1/11/2007

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Step 3 - Prepare/Issue Contract
Project Manager/ Purchasing Contract $50,000 or over (not a U Wide or State Contract Vendor) Create a Request for Proposal using Purchasing Services current RFP model.. Prepare RX Form http://www.fpd.finop.umn.e du/groups/ppd/documents/ Form/BA1304w.doc Prepare Model RFP docs/RFPModelCFPS.doc Prepare RX document to authorize Purchasing to select a contractor using a competitive RFP process Obtain signatures and send to Purchasing Prepare model RFP to send to Purchasing using the information gathered in the previous steps Follow Purchasing process to evaluate and select a vendor from RFP responses


Project Manager/ Purchasing

Contract UNDER $50,000 and not using a U Wide or State Contract vendor Issue Contract Prepare Purchasing Data Collection Sheet http://purchasing.umn.ed u/docs/CFPSDataCollecti on.doc

Document why vendor was selected. This should include: State what uniquely qualifies this contractor to do this work o State any relevant experience that the contractor has o State any relevant qualifications that the contractor has to perform this work o State any references from similar jobs Document the Basis for price. This should include: o A justification for the price (e.g., a price breakdown of the project by task or phase, or the number of hours expected x the hourly rate) Document why this is a reasonable price. This should include one or more of the following examples: o Cost comparison to similar purchases from other vendors o Cost comparison to other projects o Published prices with any discounts that may apply o Comparison to state contractor rates for similar skills. Attach any supporting material (e.g., Contractor Resource Request Form, or Statement of Work)

Revised: 1/11/2007

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Step 4 - Preparing for Contractor
Project Manager Obtain System Access (if necessary) Complete required System Access Request forms. Verify with your departmental Help Desk that you are using the most up-to-date form. Complete required EPM User Access form. Contact Aaron Stozinsky, PM Tools Specialist @ 5-1522 or email @ for more information. Work with departmental personnel who coordinate these accounts or contact U of M 1-Help @ 612-301-4357 (1-HELP) or Email them at The following information is needed: Name Office Address Home Address CUFS account # Contract end date


Project Manager

Complete MS Project (EPM) User Access Form

Project Manger/ Tech Support

Obtain Sponsored x.500 accounts for Email and UMCal access (if necessary). There is a charge for these accounts.

Step 5 - Managing the Contract
Project Manager Review time reports in EPM Review the time submitted in EPM. This should reconcile to the hours submitted on the invoice. Submit an update to the Contract Manager each month. The following information is needed: Dollars spent that month Dollars remaining on contract


Project Manager/ Contract Manger

Prepare monthly update to Contract Manager

Revised: 1/11/2007

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Contractor Resource Request Form Sample
Create a high-level job description of the required skill sets needed from a contractor resource on a project. This will help to select the best person with the right skill set. This document can be used as supporting material to the RFP (if needed) and to the contract.

.NET Developer Job Description
The Security ID Project is an initiative to establish consistent credentialing policies and procedures throughout the University of Minnesota. The key component of the credentialing policy is the Security ID Badge, which University of Minnesota employees and consultants will display to indicate their credentials while on campus. The developer will be responsible for developing the application to request, manage and produce the Security ID Badge. Responsibilities include heavy involvement in the software lifecycle from conception through delivery with an emphasis on architecture, design, and usability. The candidate should have a solid application development background with exposure to full software development lifecycle and proficiency in ASP.NET, C#, Windows Forms, and ORACLE 9i. Experience in developing and designing distributed n-tier applications and working knowledge of technologies like Web Services and XML/XSL is desired. The developer will be a member of a small team and must be a self-starter. In addition to programming/development, this person will be expected to participate in all phases of application development including requirements analysis, documentation, unit testing, and system integration testing. Responsibilities: -Work with Business Analysts to analyze and convert business requirements into scalable, robust and flexible designs -Design and develop reusable software components -Participate in design sessions -Ensure code and design meets specifications, quality and security standards, and is maintainable -Unit/System test software components -Follow Program Management Office guidelines with document templates and processes, determining and updating work effort estimates for all defined portions of the project, and tracking and reporting time. Qualifications: At least 3 years of experience as a WEB based Computer Programmer/Application Developer. Must have worked on AT LEAST one enterprise project in a formal software development environment using .NET, C# and ASP.NET. Must have a thorough understanding of Internet/Intranet design and development methodologies. Must have written code in ASP.NET and C# with a good knowledge of optimization techniques. This position will require prior hands-on experience in .NET and C#. Strong Object oriented concepts and application using C#. Experience with Microsoft Visual Studio.Net.

Revised: 1/11/2007

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Documented experience using ADO.NET, XML, XSL/T and XPATH. Oracle 9i – stored procedures desired. Must have experience and be familiar with exception handling, debugging, testing and security in .NET applications. Experience in Web Services, SOAP in .NET. Excellent oral and written communication skills Engagement terms: Start Date: Immediately Contract Length: 6 months (900 hours through December 2006) Allocation: 100% Rate: TBD

Revised: 1/11/2007

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Statement of Work Template
Use this template to describe the work that the contractor will be doing, including expected outcomes. This document can be used as supporting material to the RFP (if needed) and to the contract. STATEMENT OF WORK BETWEEN UNIVERSITY SERVICES AND [SERVICE PROVIDER] This Statement of Work (SOW) is effective [DATE], and is entered between University Services and [SERVICE PROVIDER]. [SERVICE PROVIDER] agrees to complete the following project in accordance with the following terms.

I. Scope

II. Responsibilities
The responsibilities under this Work Order shall be as follows: [SERVICE PROVIDER] Example 1. Review and consolidate detailed technical requirements for an OLAP data cube 2. Design star-schema data model for the cube 3. Develop ETL specifications 4. Design, develop and unit-test Informatica ETL mappings to populate the cube from the identified source systems 5. Design, develop and unit-test MS Office Web Components (OWC) reports from the cube 6. Perform integration testing 7. Provide support for User Acceptance testing (UAT) 8. Provide monthly detailed time reporting UNIVERSITY SERVICES Example 1. Provide business/technical requirements specifications for the OLAP data cube 2. Identify source systems for the cube 3. Participate in cube data model design, ETL design and report templates design 4. UAT, deliverables sign-off 5. Provide necessary infrastructure (work space, telephone, email, network access, internet access, desktop, Informatica Client software, MS Office, SQL Server / Analysis Services client components, ERWin, MS Project, etc.) to [SERVICE PROVIDER] onsite team

Revised: 1/11/2007

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Activities & Deliverables

The activities and deliverables are as follows: What Vendor Does What Vendor delivers Deliverable: Documents:

University Services’ and [SERVICE PROVIDER]’s Project Managers and Sponsors would mutually agree upon any changes/additions/deletions in the deliverables.


Milestones/Target Dates
[SERVICE PROVIDER] plans to complete the engagement in a span of ….
Activities Planned Start Planned End


[SERVICE PROVIDER] will provide – dedicated resource onsite – [DETAILS].


Cost Estimate & timeline
Example The cost is proposed to be at the following rate on a Time and Material basis. These costs are “all inclusive”. [SERVICE PROVIDER] will not invoice University Services for any additional charges. No charges proposed for any overtime. No charges for weekends and holidays.


Critical Success Factors
Examples • Involvement and active participation of University Services personnel • Availability of University Services business management and decisionmakers for escalation, decision-making and support.

VIII. Assumptions

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U Services IT Contractors
University Services uses a variety of IT contractors to fulfill specialized resource needs in the organization. This list should be used as a starting point when looking for a contractor vendor. You are not required to use vendors from this list. Vendor Name Analyst, Inc Computer Concepts & Services (CCSI) Creative Business Solutions (CBS) Dave Coverston (DRC) DBI Consulting Genesis 10 Hollstadt and Associates Kinetico Solutions, Inc. Milestone Consulting Pareo Professional Project Partners (P3) TEK Systems Skills/Specialty Business Analyst, Quality Assurance Web Programming iSeries Programming Lotus Notes Networking Web Programming iSeries Programming Project Management Arch. And Design Project Managers, Business Analyst, Quality Assurance, Developers Project Management Business Analyst Project Managers, Business Analyst, Quality Assurance, Developers Microsoft Project Server Project Management Applications Analyst DBA Business Analyst Web Programming Reference Contact Bill Kanfield (6-4223) Chris Nederloe (4-2306) Chris Nederloe (4-2306) Chris Nederloe (4-2306) Bill Kanfield (6-4223) Bill Kanfield (6-4223) Bill Kanfield (6-4223) Bill Kanfield (6-4223) Bill Kanfield (6-4223) Bill Kanfield (6-4223) Bill Kanfield (6-4223) Peggy Talbot (5-3996) Bill Kanfield (6-4223)

Revised: 1/11/2007

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State of Minnesota Targeted Group Businesses (TGB)
Targeted Group Businesses (TGB) are firms with State of Minnesota contracts that are owned by women, people of color, and people with disabilities. Refer to the TGB website for additional information The University of Minnesota encourages using these vendors if appropriate. Listed below are TGB firms that have State of Minnesota contracts for IT Services as of August 16, 2006. Check with the Office of Business and Community Economic Development at 612-624-0530 for the most current list. Advanced Technology Integration Amytech Charter Solutions Confluence CS Solutions En Point Technologies GCI International Project Consulting Services Kestrel Keystone Onyx Programming Solutions RoweKamp SDK Software Select Computing Talus Group TSG Consulting UpNorth Consulting Vertelligence

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