Division of Family Support

                                                          Operation Manual
                                                          Transmittal Letter No. 388
                                                          June 1, 2011

Subject: Form FS-2, SNAP 6-Month Review

Beginning June 6, 2011, all SNAP households, except expedited application
households with postponed verification, who complete an application or
recertification are given a 12-month certification period. Households with members
who are not elderly or disabled, or elderly/disabled households with earnings, are
subject to a new six month review process. The following manual sections are
developed or revised due to the implementation of this policy.

                                       Vol. II

The Table of Contents is revised to add MS 6480, MS 6485, and MS 6490.

MS 6480, SNAP 6-Month Review Overview, is created to provide an explanation of
the FS-2, SNAP 6 Month Review form.

MS 6485, SNAP 6-Month Review Processing, is created to outline the actions to be
taken when processing form FS-2 and the timeframes in which to do so.

MS 6490, SNAP 6-Month Review Verification Requirements, is created to state the
verification required to process form FS-2.

MS 6600, Assigning Certification Periods, is revised to state that all households are
now assigned a 12 month certification period, except for expedited applications with
postponed verification.

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