FOREST SERVICE MANUAL
                             PORTLAND, OREGON

                   TITLE 6100 - PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT

                        R-6/PNW Supplement No. 6100-90-4

                              Effective August 1, 1990

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Regional Forester
R-6/PNW SUPPLEMENT 6100-90-4                                   6160
EFFECTIVE 8/1/90                                               Page 2 of 2

                    FSM 6100 - PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT
                       R-6/PNW SUPPLEMENT 6100-90-4
                               EFFECTIVE 8/1/90

                  CHAPTER 6160 - ATTENDANCE AND LEAVE

6160.4 - Responsibility

6160.41 - Regional Foresters, Station Directors, and Area Directors

      4.     The Regional Forester and Station Director have delegated to the
Deputy Regional Foresters, Deputy Station Director, Assistant Station Directors,
and Forest Supervisors the authority to approve their own annual leave for 30 days
or less. For information purposes, the Regional Forester/Station Director should be
notified of large blocks of scheduled annual leave. These management officials
must schedule and approve the above annual leave in writing if any forfeited leave
is to be considered for restoration.

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