The purpose of the Young Persons Risk Assessment is to make sure the health, safety and welfare of the student
has been considered with respect to their age, experience, maturity and any factors mentioned in the Information
about the student on their Approval and Consent Form which you will have received. This will also make sure you
have complied with Regulation 19 of the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

This “sample” Young Persons Risk Assessment is designed for you to use as a starting point for the “risk
assessment” you will need to complete on the Approval and Consent Form for the student you are taking on Work

You can download this sample and change it to suit your own situation and the needs of the student.
You will need to both:-
   1. Tick the box of the “control measure” which are applicable to the job you are offering and
   2. Add any further control measures that are not shown which apply to the job as this may NOT be a
       complete list of the significant risks and their control measures for your situation.

Occupational Sector                        Manufacturing and Production

Job Title                                  Baker/Confectioner

Main Tasks and duties                      Making products e.g. loaves, rolls, pastries, cakes ,pasties, sweets, toffees, fudge, Weighing
                                           out and measuring ingredients, Mixing, moulding and shaping dough, Cooking or baking
                                           products, Decorating and slicing products, Displaying and wrapping products, Dealing with
                                           customers and money transactions, Deliveries

Specific Hazard Identified                Current Control Measures         Additional controls for the young person to           The listed
                                                                           make sure the risk is adequately controlled             control
                                                                                                                                 will apply
                                                                                                                                 to this job
Machinery e.g. mixers,                    Appropriate guarding and           Young person made aware of risks of and
mincers, slicers,                          controls in place e.g.              from machinery e.g. slicers
conveyors, vacuum                          interlocks, emergency stops        Young person segregated from and not
wrapping equipment                        Fixed machinery is properly         permitted to use dangerous machinery e.g.
                                           guarded and isolated before         slicers, mincers
Risks – entrapment, puncture
wounds, burns, amputation, cuts
                                           intrusive work                     Where machinery is used, young person is
                                          Machinery is fit for purpose        fully trained and instructed and machinery
                                          Employees trained in use of         is suitable or adapted for use by a young
                                           machinery                           person e.g. height of handles and controls
                                          Personal protective                Young person is supervised
                                           equipment e.g. gloves
Equipment e.g. rolling pins,              Equipment maintained in            Young person is fully trained and instructed
knives, spoons, oven                       good condition and fit for          on use
equipment, tenderisers,                    purpose e.g. knives are            Young person is fully supervised
other cooking equipment,                   sharp                              Equipment is suitable for use by young
trolleys                                  Suitable ergonomic features         person e.g. height of trolley allows visibility
                                           e.g. no slip handles               Personal protective equipment e.g gloves,
Risks – bruises from dropping
equipment, cuts, entrapment
                                          Personal protective                 goggles
                                           equipment e.g. gloves
Heat e.g. ovens, hot                      Hot surfaces identified            Young person is aware of hot surfaces and
cupboards                                 Insulated and fire retardant        other areas where excessive heat is an
                                           handles and surfaces                issue
Risks – burns, asphyxiation, scalds                                       
                                          Retrieval equipment                 Young persons not permitted inside ovens
                                           provided e.g. long handled         Personal protective equipment e.g. gloves,
                                           tongs, oven gloves                  aprons
                                          Restricted access inside

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Flour or other sensitising              Suitable, sufficient and well       Young person advised on risk of flour
agents                                   maintained ventilation               sensitisation
                                         systems                             Young person informed of measures in
Risks –asphyxiation, allergic           Health surveillance system           place e.g. appropriate use of ventilation
                                         in place                             systems, clearing of spills
                                        Personal protective                 Special consideration of young persons
                                         equipment e.g. skin creams,          with medical conditions e.g. asthma
                                         respiratory protective
                                         equipment for
                                        Employees advised on risks
                                         of flour sensitisation and
                                         how to recognise symptoms
                                         e.g. asthma development,
                                         skin rashes
Repetitive tasks e.g.                   Employees advised of risks          Young person instructed in appropriate
crimping, kneading                       of Work Related Upper Limb           techniques and fully supervised
                                         Disorders and appropriate           Time spent on repetitive tasks limited
Risks –Work Related Upper Limb           techniques, use of
Disorders, aches and pains,
cramps                                   equipment to limit risks e.g.
                                         maintaining good posture
                                        Job rotation in place to
                                         reduce time spent on
                                         repetitive tasks
                                        Mechanisation used where
                                        Health surveillance in place
Chemicals e.g. acids,                   All chemicals e.g. bleach           Young person instructed on chemical
detergents, wet work,                    appropriately labelled and           hazards
cleaning materials,                      stored                              Young person not permitted to use or
sanitisers, bleach                      Provision and use of                 handle hazardous chemicals e.g. bleach
                                         personal protective
Risks –Irritants, dermatitis,            equipment
infection, eye damage, skin
damage, poisoning, burns
Items at height e.g.                    Stacked items are secure            Young person is aware of stacking/
shelving, stores                         and shelving well                    retrieving procedures
                                         maintained                          Duties of young person restricted to those
Risks –Irritants, dermatitis,           Employees not permitted to           that they can perform safely e.g.
infection, eye damage, skin
damage, poisoning, burns                 stand or walk under                  consideration made of reduced height
                                         suspended loads e.g. under           when retrieving items from shelving
                                         forks of forklift
                                        Equipment available where
                                         necessary for safe retrieval
                                         and stacking
Manual handling e.g. flour              Manual handling eliminated          Young person instructed on manual
sacks, other ingredients,                where possible                       handling techniques
trays of products, boxed                Employees aware of lifting
products                                 techniques/measures to
                                         reduce risk of injury
Risks – back injuries from lifting
heavy loads, long term back
                                        Lifting equipment in good
injuries from repeated strain on         condition and fit for purpose
back, other injuries from dropping
Sharps e.g. knives, pastry              Secure and appropriate              Young person instructed in how to handle
cutters, shredders, mincers              storage and handling                 and store sharps
                                         devices e.g. grips, covers
Risks – cuts, puncture wounds,          Employees trained in correct
grazes, infections through cuts
                                        Personal protective
                                         equipment e.g. gloves
Fire                                    Separation of hot items e.g.        Young person informed of fire risks and
                                         kilns and flammable                  procedures
Risks – Burns or respiratory             materials e.g. packaging            Young person added to roll call
damage from fire caused by
flammable materials igniting,           Fire retardant furnishings
electrical fires, smoke inhalation      Fire systems and
                                         procedures in place e.g.
                                         alarm, fire doors, fire point,

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                                           fire extinguishers
                                          Employees instructed in
                                           what to do in the event of a
People/ money handling                    Employees are given full           Young person is not responsible for large
i.e. customers                             training and support                amounts of money
                                          Tills or other secure devices      Young person is advised of complaints
Risks – Aggressive customers,              are used and have alarm             procedure and support available should
                                           systems                             they feel threatened
                                                                              Young person is supervised
Workplace conditions e.g.                 Spills cleaned up efficiently      Young person advised on housekeeping
building, flooring,                        and floor is non slip               procedures
ventilation, lighting                     Workplace conditions are
                                           generally clean and tidy
                                          Adequate lighting, heating
Risks – Slips, trips and falls
resulting in fractures, bruises,
                                           and ventilation is provided
grazes or cuts from contact with          Workplace and fitting are
sharp edges, respiratory                   well maintained
difficulties, dehydration
Freezers, fridges, cold                   Restricted, limited access         Young persons not permitted to enter
rooms                                     Alarms or other devices to          confined spaces
                                           prevent entrapment in              Where young person is working in a cold
Risks – Hypothermia, head colds,           confined spaces                     environment advice on risks, breaks and
                                          Task rotation                       suitable personal protective equipment is
                                          Personal Protective                 provided
                                           Equipment e.g. jacket,
Biological agents e.g.                    Pest control strategies            Young person instructed on appropriate
Pests, e-coli, salmonella,                 adopted including proper            hygiene measures
dust                                       storage                            Young person given advice on risks of
                                          Advice given on appropriate         biological agents
Risks – Poisoning, allergic                hygiene and risks of
reaction, infection, respiratory
problems                                   biological agents so can
                                           inform doctor should
                                           symptoms occur
                                          Hygiene facilities including
                                           toilets and somewhere to
                                           eat provided
Pressure vessels e.g.                     Pressure vessel is well            Young person is instructed on location of
pressure cooking                           maintained and inspected            high pressure vessels or systems
equipment, water under                    Protective systems are             Young person is fully supervised
pressure, compressed air                   maintained and inspected
                                          Users are trained and
Risks – Explosion or implosion
resulting in injury from expelled
                                           competent personnel
items, skin damage from high
pressure jets, eye damage

Moving vehicles e.g.                      Designated parking area            Young person is not permitted to drive
delivery vehicles, cars, fork             Segregation of pedestrians,        Young person is only a passenger where
lifts                                      vehicles where possible             there is adequate passenger seating and
                                          Speed limits in force with          seat belt
Risks – Fracture injuries from
vehicle accident or overturning
                                           warning signs and signals          Young person is made aware of key
                                           e.g. reversing sounds               vehicle routes and crossings
                                          Clear workplace free of            Young person is made aware of how to
                                           obstacles to reduce risk of         approach a vehicle
                                           overturning                        Personal Protective Equipment e.g. hi-vis
                                          Suitable seating and seat           jacket in delivery areas
Noise e.g. machinery,                     Warning signs and signals          Young person instructed in communication
employees                                  are clear and accompanied           procedures especially in the vicinity of
                                           with lights where appropriate       machinery and in the event of an
Risks – misinterpreted instructions,      Employees instructed on             emergency
                                           appropriate procedures
                                          Personal protective
                                           equipment e.g. ear

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Please add any hazards &
controls not listed above

                                            

                                            

                                            

Young persons risk assessment completed by:- ________________________ Date:- __________

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