MEMBERSHIP MEETING

                           February 9, 2011
                         232 E. Wapato Street
                          Chelan Fire Station
                            8:45-10:15 AM

           Gail Howe called the meeting to order at 8:48 a.m.

                       MEMBERS PRESENT

              George Buckner, City of East Wenatchee
                 Russell Clark, City of Rock Island
                   Chris Branch, City of Oroville
                     Gail Howe, City of Pateros
                Craig Larsen, Port of Chelan County
                    Jim Reinbold, City of Chelan
                Allison Williams, City of Wenatchee
                 Dave Acheson, Town of Winthrop
                   Steve Jenkins, Douglas County
                 Kurt Danison, Highland Associates
                      Bill Haven, City of Entiat
              Mark Spurgeon, Port of Douglas County
             Michele Gedrose, Wenatchee Valley College

                  STAFF and GUESTS PRESENT

                     Jennifer Korfiatis, NCW EDD
            Samantha Bartling, USDA/NRCS/NCW RC&D
                    Dayla Culp, NCW RC&D/EDD
          Carol Cowling, South Douglas Conservation District
                     Cathrine Martin, Rail America
           Keith Collier, Cascade & Columbia River Railroad
                  John Sirois, Colville Tribal Energy
                 Arnie Marchand, Carbon Cycle Crush
                                 NCW EDD Meeting Minutes

Approval Minutes
   Chris Branch moved to approve the January 12, 2011 meeting minutes and the February
     2, 2011 Project Selection Committee meeting minutes, Jim Reinbold seconded, and the
     motion was carried.

Administrator’s Report
DNR/Biomass: Several Committee meetings were held to finalize the Chelan County Biomass
Collaborative agreement that was signed last week at the last meeting. The agreement is not a
commitment of time or money for any of the partners. The state supply study has started and
there will be an update as early as late March. An online link will be circulated and posted on
the EDD website.
EVI: EDD was asked to conduct a regional art contest for signage for private businesses having
a charging station. There will be a small cash award for the winner of the contest. The timing of
the contest is moving slower due to working with DOT who is also working on signage. This
will allow some continuity in the design.
CEDS: It is time to start the annual CEDS update. The CEDS is a requirement for funding from
the EDA. The first committee meeting is Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 1:00 pm via
teleconference. If anyone is interested in serving on this committee they are encouraged to call
Entrepreneurship/Innovation Project: The contact for this project is now back in Washington
DC. More information should be available soon.
Via 97: A committee meeting was held on Friday, February 4, 2011. Discussions were had
regarding a conference being held in Canada in June of 2011. The agenda at this time is still in
draft form. Questions raised were who is the target audience and theme of the conference.
Information will be provided as it becomes available.
GWATA Event: GWATA is hosting an event Tuesday, February 15, 2011 called ‘Facebook
101 for businesses.’ The EDD was asked to partner with GWATA by hosting the event as a
webinar. The “live” event is sold out and there is a great deal of interest from businesses. The
cost to host the webinar would be $200 and would include listing the EDD as a partner for the
event on future flyers, website and other advertisements for the event.
        Russell Clark moved to approve partnering with paying $200 to host the webinar in
        partnership with GWATA, Dave Acheson seconded and the motion was approved.

Proposed Membership
Colville Tribal Energy was proposed as a member of the EDD. Per our bylaws, the vote will be
taken at the March meeting.

Approval of New Membership
     Chris Branch moved to approve the membership of Carbon Cycle Crush in the EDD,
     Steve Jenkins seconded and the motion was approved.

General Liability Insurance Renewal
       Chris Branch moved to approve renewing the EDD General Liability insurance at the
       cost of $500, Russell Clark seconded and the motion was approved.

Project Selection Rankings
EDD received seven letters of interest, five of that seven were invited to apply to the EDD for
priority project status; all five submitted applications. The committee ranked the projects and
discussed the services that each project requested.
        Steve Jenkins moved to approve the ranking recommendations of the Project Selection
        Committee, Russell Clark moved to approve and the motion was approved with one

Treasurer’s Report
      Russell Clark moved to approve the January and February treasurer’s reports, George
      Buckner seconded and the motion was approved.

GWATA Sponsorship
GWATA requested sponsorship of their Innovator’s Award Luncheon being held on March 29,
      Russell Clark moved to approve a $500 sponsorship for the Innovator’s Award
      Luncheon, Chris Branch seconded and the motion was approved.

Member Presentation
Keith Collier and Cathrine Martin from Rail America and Cascade and Columbia River Railroad
were here to discuss the benefit of the short rail on local economy.

New Business/Public Comment
Craig Larsen shared the 2011 Visitors Guide distributed by the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of

    The meeting was adjourned at 9:54 a.m.

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