Korean History Quiz Contest ??? by HC12100219158


									★ Korean History Quiz Contest Instructions ★

1. Date and Time: November 17th, 2007 (Saturday, 1:00~5PM)

2. Venue: Korean Education Center (1st Fl., Auditorium)
          (680 Wilshire Place, Los Angeles, CA 90005)

3. Bring your ID (such as student card or passport).

4. Tentative Schedule
    1:00~1:50 Registration / Group Arrangement for Primary Round
    2:00~2:15 Opening
    2:15~4:00 Primary Round & Consolation Match
    4:00~4:30 Final Round
    4:30~5:00 Scholarship Conferment Ceremony

5. Details about Quiz and Contest

1) The contest will be engaged in English and questions will be given
verbally only once.

2) The questions will be divided into four subjects such as Culture/Society,
Event, Place, and People. The contest host will inform what type of
question it is before each question is given.

3) The questions will be divided into three different levels such as Hard,
Medium, and Easy. More points will be given towards harder questions;
Hard-30pts, Medium-20pts, Easy-10pts

4) The way to answer questions: each team will write their answers on the
board and raise it up at the same time follow by the instruction.

5) Each team’s scores will be exposed to audiences and contesters during
the contest.
6) Correct answer spellings will be based as the text book but in case of
proper noun such as name of figures or locations, similar spellings and
Korean will be acceptable. ( Goguryeo, Koguryo or 고구려 are all

7) There will be total 2 rounds; Preliminary and Final.

 a) Preliminary Round

  -Each team will be joined with other teams to make a group of 6 teams.
There are 6 groups total.

  -Groups will be composed by drawing.

  -During the preliminary round, only one group will be assigned at a time
and rest of groups will be placed in separate rooms. Each group will join in
the audience after preliminary round.

  -There will be total of 10 questions, possible 200 points for preliminary
round and the team that earned the most points will be going onto the final
round. In case the winning teams have the same scores, then extra
questions will be given.

**Consolation match**

Second placed team during the each preliminary round will be in a
consolation match and the winner of that match will to go onto the final

b) Final Round

-There are total 15 questions and 400 possible points for the final round.

► Further Questions? : KECLA
  Tel: 213-386-3112~3     Homepage: www.kecla.org
6. Sample Questions

<4 possible topics: People; Places; Events; Culture/Society>

1) Easy (하)
Topic: Places
After 35 years of Japanese colonialism, the Korean peninsula became
divided in 1945 under joint occupation by the United States and Soviet
Union. Three years later, the two sides, unable to form a single
government, formed separate governments in the north and south. What
are the official names of the two countries?
(Answer: Republic of Korea and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea)

2) Medium (중)
Topic: People
In Korean history, there have been many notable military figures who rose
to fame in successful battles against foreign forces. Which famous Joseon
dynasty admiral is said to have uttered the following final words: “Don’t let
the enemy know that I have died.”
(Answer: Yi Sun-sin)

3) Hard (상)
Topic: Events
Silla is often credited with unifying the three kingdoms after its defeat of
Baekje and Goguryeo, ushering in a period that is sometimes called Unified
Silla. Yet some historians say Silla’s unification of the Korean peninsula
was incomplete, saying that real unification did not happen until Goryeo.
Name two reasons why Silla unification may have been incomplete.
(Answer: Silla territory did not include all of Goguryeo territory, as it only
covered the lower two-thirds of the peninsula, and Silla relied on its
alliance with Tang China.)

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