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									ARHA Education Services Program

Infection Control
Education Coordinator – Infection Control Responsibilities:

       Provide an annual infection control report of the activities of the infection control program
        to the Infection Control Committee.

       Review and update the IC Manual. All policies shall be reviewed/revised every 3 years
        minimally or as required.

       Promote and maintain an occupational health program

       Recognize that all employees have a role to play in infection prevention and control

       Provide continuing education to all employees regarding infection control procedures and
        trends in health care

       Provide regular feedback and analysis of infections to facilities and programs

       Provide support to facilities and programs as appropriate during periods of outbreaks and
        facilitate debriefing and CQI post outbreak

       Liaise with OR/CSR Manager and regional committee as appropriate to ensure concerns
        relating to infection control are addressed

       Participate on regional committees as assigned, i.e. Infection Control Committee (includes
        Standards/ Accreditation); Immunization/Influenza Strategy Committee; Emergency
        Planning Committee (Pandemic included); Wound Care Committee

       Participation/ membership on provincial committees as appropriate, i.e. CHICA
        (Community and Hospital Infection Control Association) Manitoba Chapter; Manitoba
        Infection Prevention & Control Network

       Networking regionally, provincially and nationally as indicated

       Research and professional development

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