Tutorial for Windows XP by icf1n7h


									   Tutorial for Windows XP
            -Group : Adobe Photoshop –
                  Targeted URL :

               Robert Bonfante
                 Kyle Gamble
                Jonghyun na
                 Christina Oh
Who is targeted Audience : Adults, Technical users, Students,
Any users who does have basic internet knowledge. Any
users who can access internet.

What makes the tutorial content appropriate or
inappropriate for that audience? Tutorial contents are
appropriate for those who have basic internet knowledge
because web page carries numerous questions that directs to
tutorial webpage. Questions are all based upon common

Level of knowledge that audience should have to be able to
understand the tutorial: All computer beginners should be
able to understand these materials. If they understand
simple directions, they should be able to learn the basic
knowledge of Windows XP through each tutorials.
Tutorial Format is made out of HTML
web pages.

Tutorial indeed use screen captures,
and each tutorials are numbered

Overall, tutorial is well-organized
based on Windows XP question that
user may ask. User can choose
different topics(questions). By
reading its tutorial, user may
understand its material and how
things are operated.
What is the tone?(formal, informal,
colloquial/conversational, serious, humorous?)
The tone is brisk and technical.
Does the tutorial hold your interest?
Why or why not?
The tutorial is very comprehensive, yet easy to
read. There are a lot of helpful graphics, and
many of the instructions are written in list form.
The headings are bold, which makes finding
individual topics and questions easy. All of the
questions are easily accessible from the Table
of Contents.
Are the directions easy or difficult to follow?
The directions are easy to follow.
Are all the steps present?
If not, what is missing?
Do at least one of the lessons from the tutorial and
discuss how well/badly it worked(a tutorial example
including graphic if possible)
Working through the tutorial “How do I change the date
and/or time?” was very simple and straightforward. The
tutorial explains every feature on the date & time
settings and provides easy access directions.

The tutorial says to Highlight ‘Settings’ in the 2nd step,
but you only need to do this if you’re using the Classic
Theme for Windows XP. This could become unclear for a

The graphics included in the tutorial were very
supportive of what was going on.
From what you learned from evaluating this tutorial,
what will you need to do when composing your
process manual?
The process manual will need to be highly organized so
the user can easily navigate through the material. The
material itself will need to be presented clearly and
simply enough so that a beginner can understand the
What things will you be sure not to do?
One thing to be sure of is not to assume the skill level of
the users unless you previously state the skill level
required to complete the tutorial.

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