Starting the Hurco VM1 by Mdfk3H


									                         Starting the Hurco VM1 Machine Center
Before turning on breaker at the back of the machine:

       1.    Remove floppy disk if one is inserted in Drive (The Floppy drive is located on the right side
             end of the Machine control panel)

       2.    Be sure that the air supply at the back of the machine is connected and the valve is open
             (valve handle should be parallel to the air line)

Turn Breaker to “ON” position,

If the E-stop on the control panel has been pushed, be sure it is not still locked in off position
(to unlock, turn in direction of arrows and pull out).

Once CNC control boots up, screen will say “Press manual mode, Power, and start" To do this:

        1) Select Manual mode on the Machine mode bar.
        2) Hit the green button that says power on, then the Start cycle button will flash.
        3) Select the Start cycle button now.

The machine screen will say “Axis not calibrated” At this time:

         4) Select the “Calibrate Machine” window selection box on the screen.

         5) Depress the cycle start button.

Once the machine has calibrated the 3 axes, the screen will say “Tool magazine will calibrate”

        6) Depress the cycle start button once again.

When this is done you may select the “Warm up machine” box on the right side of the screen to
warm up the machine prior to use.

To power down the Hurco, change the tool in spindle to zero and then use the “park
machine” function. Once the 3 machine axes are parked and the control shuts off, depress the
E-stop and then shut off breaker at rear of machine. Do not close the air supply valve.

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