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									Kaiser Permanente
Community Benefit Communications Director
Oakland, Ca

The Community Benefit communications director is the senior communications
manager supporting the priorities of the national Community Benefit, Research
and Health Policy organization within Kaiser Permanente.

The Community Benefit, Research and Health Policy organization ensures that
Kaiser Permanente fulfills its social mission. The department oversees a wide
range of activities, including: corporate grant-making, community service,
environmental stewardship, research and database development, health policy,
international relations, and support for charitable care and coverage, including
the support of safety net organization and administration of Medicaid and CHIP
within the Kaiser Permanente system.

The Community Benefit communications director will be accountable for
understanding how the functional organization operates, how it interfaces with
related regional/service area functions and work in partnership with other
communications peers in the Program Offices and in the regions and service
areas as needed to implement complementary communications solutions.

The director sits on the community benefit leadership team, public relations
leadership team and Brand Strategy, Communications and Public Relations
senior staff team to support the strategic communications needs of the
organization and its leaders. In addition, this individual is part of an overall effort
within the Brand Strategy, Communications and Public Relations department to
improve the strategic value of the communications function in supporting key
business strategies and initiatives and promoting the value of Kaiser

The Community Benefit communications director reports to the vice president of
Public Relations, National Media and Stakeholder Management within the Brand
Strategy, Communications and Public Relations department. The
communications director will also have a matrixed reporting relationship to the
senior vice president of Community Benefit, Research and Health Policy.

Responsibilities for this position include leading, planning, managing and
executing both internal and external communications strategies for the national
Community Benefit function. It supports key executives' needs, as well as
strategic projects and priorities for this area. The Community Benefit
communications director will produce internally focused programs and materials,
and is also accountable for related external communications such as media
relations, social media, speeches, conferences, awards and the like in support of
the Community Benefit communications and transformation objectives. The
director is a communications adviser and strategist. Must be familiar with
communications strategy and culture change.

      Develops integrated (internal and external) strategic communications
       plans for Community Benefit by supporting and leading communications
       strategies, programs, and initiatives led by Community Benefit.
       Responsible for tracking progress against goals, reporting on
       performance, and benchmarking against industry standards.
      Writes and produces presentations (including PowerPoint); articles and
       memos; develops content and strategies for the intranet and Internet;
       works to develop new and traditional media relations and thought
       leadership opportunities; and creates other related promotional materials
       based on opportunities to promote and protect the brand and reputation of
       KP both internally and externally facing.
      Provides strategic communications counsel to drive organizational change
       that is measurable and results-oriented.
      Selects the most appropriate vehicles (intranet, Internet, news release,
       social media, memo, presentation, etc.) to ensure effective deployment of
       communications strategies, messages and materials to support the goals
       of the SVP's functional area, and selects the most appropriate methods to
       conduct audience analysis and establish audience feedback methods to
       ensure appropriate input to monitor communications effectiveness.

Requirements for this position include a Bachelor's degree in Journalism,
Communications, or related field (English, Public Relations, and Business
Communications) or equivalent experience; plus additional training relevant to
organizational communications and/or news media and public relations functions.
Minimum of ten years of experience in professional communications
environment, including four to five years of experience in a large multi-faceted
organization. Public health and/or health care experience required.

Additional Requirements:

      Familiarity with health care, philanthropy, corporate social responsibility,
       organizational communications, news media, marketing, business
       management, public relations, social media, publishing books and articles,
       and crisis and issues management. Extensive experience in planning and
       implementing internal communications plans and programs in a large,
       complex organization (or external communications planning and programs
       in a large complex organization, e.g., government relations and
       community relations).
      Experience managing multi-media communications efforts, including print
       and video production, event planning, Web site management, and new
       and traditional media outreach.
      Significant experience in communications in the health care, public health
       or philanthropic fields at the national level in senior management.
       Experience in developing, directing, and implementing public/media
       relations programs.
      Strong partnership and collaboration skills required. Director is responsible
       for collaborating with and integrating diverse communications efforts with
       other communications directors, managers, and other communicators in
       the Program Offices, regions and services areas related to the successful
       communications programs and materials.
      Customer service focus is critical. Director will be responsible for leading
       team efforts on behalf of a diverse set of internal stakeholders that include
       national and regional community benefit, research, health policy and
       operational leadership.
      Excellent writing skills, along with public speaking and presentation skills.
       Demonstrated ability to plan and manage complex projects, ability to work
       effectively with team members and senior executives under tight
       deadlines. Must possess professional writing and editing skills. Must be
       able to work in a Labor Management Partnership environment.
      Candidate must be able to deal comfortably with senior managers,
       understand how senior managers think and work; determine the best way
       to get things done by communicating with them and responding to their
       needs, craft approaches likely to be seen as appropriate and positive.
      Must have the ability to work with different levels of the organization and
       external relations, build appropriate rapport, demonstrate empathy; build
       constructive and effective relationships, use diplomacy and tact, and
       diffuse even high-tension situations comfortably.
      Fosters creativity by providing environment that supports brainstorming
       and generation of new ideas.
      Ability to grasp new subject areas quickly is essential.

Preferred Qualifications:

      Philanthropic experience preferred.
      Minimum of five years of leadership/supervisory experience desired.

To apply, visit our career page at (enter job ID 3011)

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