Aide Memoir for Manual Handling Assessments by icf1n7h


									Aide Memoir for Manual Handling Assessments

Problems to look for when making             Ways of reducing the risk of injury
an assessment

The tasks, do they involve:                  Can you:
_ holding loads away from the body?          _ use a lifting aid?
_ twisting, stooping or reaching             _ improve workplace layout to improve
upwards?                                     efficiency?
_ large vertical movement?                   _ reduce the amount of twisting and
_ long carrying distances?                   stooping?
_ strenuous pushing or pulling?              _ avoid lifting from floor level or above
_ repetitive handling?                       shoulder height, especially heavy loads?
_ insufficient rest or recovery time?        _ reduce carrying distances?
_ a work rate imposed by a process?          _ avoid repetitive handling?
                                             _ vary the work, allowing one set of
                                             muscles to rest while another

                                             Can you make the load:
The loads, are they:                         _ lighter or less bulky?
_ heavy, bulky or unwieldy?                  _ easier to grasp?
_ difficult to grasp?                        _ more stable?
_ unstable or likely to move unpredictably   _ less damaging to hold?
(like animals)?                              If the load comes in from elsewhere,
_ harmful, eg sharp or hot?                  have you asked the supplier to help, e.g.
_ awkwardly stacked?                         provide handles or smaller/ lighter
_ too large for the handler to see over      packages?

The working environment, are there:          Can you:
_ constraints on posture?                    _ remove obstructions to free
_ bumpy, obstructed or slippery floors?      movement?
_ variations in levels?                      _ improve the flooring?
_ hot/cold/humid conditions?                 _ avoid steps and steep ramps?
_ gusts of wind or other strong air          _ prevent extremes of hot and cold?
movements?                                   _ improve lighting?
_ poor lighting conditions?                  _ provide protective clothing or PPE that
_ restrictions on movements or posture       is less restrictive?
from clothes or personal protective          _ ensure your employees’ clothing an
equipment (PPE)?
                                             Can you:
Individual capacity, does the job:           _ pay particular attention to those who
_ require unusual capability, e.g.           have a physical weakness?
aboveaverage                                 _ take extra care of pregnant workers?
strength or agility?                         _ give your employees more information,
_ endanger those with a health problem       e.g. about the range of tasks they are
or learning/physical disability?             likely to face?
_ endanger pregnant women?                   _ provide training
_ call for special information or training   Get advice from an occupational health
                                             advisor if you need to.
                                             Can you:
Handling aids and equipment:                 _ provide equipment that is more
_ is the device the correct type for the     suitable for the task?

Manual Handling Assessment Memoir Dec 2011
job?                                         _ carry out planned preventive
_ is it well maintained?                     maintenance to prevent problems?
_ are the wheels on the device suited to     _ change the wheels, tyres and/or
the floor surface?                           flooring so that equipment moves easily?
_ do the wheels run freely?                  _ provide better handles and handle
_ is the handle height between the waist     grips?
and shoulders?                               _ make the brakes easier to use, reliable
_ are the handle grips in good order and     and effective?
comfortable?                                 _ push rather than pull?
_ are there any brakes? If so, do they

Manual Handling Assessment Memoir Dec 2011

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