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					                       Instruction Manual for Cretor’s Diplomat
                                      Model Popcorn Popper

        This manual is intended to familiarize Carmike Cinema employees with Cretor’s Diplomat Model Popcorn
Popper. When employees know how to use and maintain equipment, the equipment functions properly and lasts
longer. Therefore, it is important to follow all steps outlined below.
        The major steps involved with successfully and safely operating the popcorn popper are the set up,
operation, and cleaning of the machine.
        There are hazards associated with this equipment, such as the use of chemical cleaners and sharp
implements and the heat generated by the kettle and the cornditioner. Observe all warnings and cautions to avoid
mishaps and injuries.
        It is important that all tools and supplies for the proper use of the popper are available. Ensure that
materials and equipment detailed in each step are available prior to proceeding.

Set Up
         This purpose of this step is to ensure that the popper is ready for operation. Be sure to have one stainless
steel container, topping oil, one topping oil catch tray, one disposable container, and two plastic stops prior to
following these steps.

                         Caution: Ensure that popper is properly assembled.

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               Turn on three circuit breakers; cornditioner, kettle, and auxillary (see figure 1 below)
               Turn on three toggle switches; lights, pump, and motor (see figure 1 below)

               Allow 5-10 minutes for kettle to heat up

                         Caution: ensure that the water in the topping oil hose is drained
                         before inserting it into the topping oil container.

               Place topping oil hose into stainless steel container of topping oil
               Place topping oil catch tray under dispenser
               Void topping oil into a disposable container until pure oil is
               Place stops into popcorn dispensers

        This step details the safe operation of the popper. Be sure to have popping oil, one pink cup, popcorn, and
one blue cup full of seasoning salt prior to following this procedure.

               Press oil dispenser button; once for popper SN 889094365, twice for popper SN 88094517 (see
                figure 1 above)
               Fill pink cup with popcorn and add approximately 3 tablespoons of seasoning salt

                         Warning: Popper is hot! Be careful when working near the kettle
                         to avoid burns.

               Pour popcorn into kettle
               Listen for the rate of popping to slow down

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                         Caution: Do not wait until the popcorn stops popping as the
                         popcorn still in the kettle will burn.

               Pull lever to empty the kettle
               Return kettle to upright position and lock in place by pushing
                lever back
               Repeat the above steps until the management tells you there is
                enough popcorn
               Turn off motor toggle switch
               Turn off kettle circuit breaker
               Remove the stops in the popcorn dispensers

Clean Up
          This step is important for the customers health. The machine should be cleaned properly to ensure that the
next batch of popcorn is not contaminated. It also helps to maintain the machine, extending its life and ensuring
that it functions properly. You will need one blue cup of water, one disposable cup, one blue bag, one large brush,
one small brush, one putty knife, one roll of paper towels, one bottle of red cleaner, and one bottle of yellow

               10 minutes prior to closing turn off cornditioner circuit breaker
               Remove hose from topping oil container and place into cup of water
               Place stops into popcorn dispenser
               Void topping oil into disposable container until water is dispensed
               Push 2 catch trays to back of machine
               Remove topping oil catch tray and place in sink
               Remove 2 springs and set aside
               Scoop out popcorn, reserving one blue bag for refills
               Brush crumbs off of sifters
               Remove 2 sifters and set aside
               Brush crumbs off of popper

                         Warning: Putty knife has sharp edges. Use care to avoid cuts.

               Scrape any heavy build up of grease with putty knife
               Remove 4 catch trays and empty into garbage set aside

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                          Caution: Chemical cleaners are potentially hazardous. Read
                          Material Safety Data Sheet before use.

               Using paper towels and yellow
                cleaner, clean all interior
                surfaces from top to bottom
               Using paper towels and red
                cleaner, clean the glass only
               Close popper doors
               Using paper towels and yellow
                cleaner, clean all exterior
                surfaces from top to bottom
               Using paper towels and yellow
                cleaner, clean 4 catch trays, 2
                sifters, and 2 springs
               Get manager to inspect popper
                for cleanliness
               Reassemble the popper in the
                following order
                o Replace 4 catch trays
                o Replace 2 sifters
                o Replace 2 springs

If a customer has problems dispensing popcorn, use the following procedure to troubleshoot.

               Check that the plastic stops have been removed
               Check the popcorn to make sure it is not packed too tightly in the chute
               Check the spring to ensure the cam did not come free of the motor

If the drive arm will not engage the stirrer, use the following procedure to remedy the situation.

               Lift lid of kettle
               Turn off motor toggle switch when drive arm is aligned with stirrer cam
               Use pliers to pull down on drive arm
               Turn on motor toggle switch and check that stirrer is moving
               If you still have problems, notify management

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