Getting Kids Ready for the Dentist

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					Getting Kids Ready for the Dentist

                                                               Kids often have mixed feelings about
                                                               dentists, which are determined by their first
                                                               few experiences at the dentist. These
                                                               impressions and feelings can set in and last a
                                                               very long time, so it is a good idea to help
                                                               kids have a good experience with oral care.

                                                               Obviously, one of the first things to do is
                                                               make sure that kids are taught how to brush
                                                               and floss as soon as possible. Brushing and
                                                               flossing are the staples of good oral care,
                                                               and good habits taught early will hopefully
                                                               sink in and make a difference.


Teach your kids to brush and floss by doing it along with them, even going so far as to guide their hands
as they do it. Showing and demonstrating will give an idea of how to do things correctly.

If necessary, make a game out of it. Brushing and flossing are essential parts of oral care and getting
ready to go to the dentist, but not every child feels the inclination to do so.

Try making a game out of it in order to engage children and get them excited to participate. Remember,
the game is better if the parent joins in on the activity.

Help them understand

The next thing to do in order to get kids ready to go in to the dentist is to
explain to them why they are going, and what to expect. Make sure to
emphasize that the dentist in Greensboro is there to help and is a good
person- it is important to create positive impressions and feelings.

Answer any questions that kids might have. Also be sure to emphasize that
this is normal and that everyone goes to the dentist.

When it comes time for the actual visit, most dentist are fully willing to help
out new patients by giving them a little tour and showing them all of the
neat things to be found in the office. Dental staff are usually glad to show
the little ones around and to let them sit in the chair and go for a spin.
It is also a good idea for your dentist to give a thorough introduction, in order to assure children that
they do not need to be scared and that the professionals are there to help. A good first impression can
go a long way toward allaying any fears about the office or what is going to happen in it.

When it all comes down to it, this kind of lead up is important preparatory work that can make a big
difference overall when it comes to the kind of experiences that kids can have. It is likely that they will
eventually develop some issues that require corrective work, and being able to trust your Greensboro
sedation dentist especially will make that process much easier in nature.

The dentist provides an essential service to us by taking care of our teeth. Since going in for visit and
checkups is a big part of life, it is best to develop good feelings about the experience early on in life.

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Description: Kids often have mixed feelings about dentists, which are determined by their first few experiences at the dentist.