Vocabulary #a by icf1n7h


									Vocabulary #3a Worksheet
English 9AB

1. Lindsay’s _________________ speech about Mars, her home planet, actually taught
   us a great deal about astronomy.

2. Julia’s _________________ nature frustrated her parents greatly; it seemed even
   punishment could not correct her wicked behavior.

3. After weeks of holding in his true feelings, Nate unleashed his rage on a perpetually
   annoying Steven. It seemed his real emotions were lying _________________,
   waiting for exactly this type of stupidity to awaken the sleeping beast.

4. It was common for everyone to ask a friendly and gregarious Alexis for her advice
   because of her _________________ personality.

5. Sarah prefers not to travel to _________________ areas of the world; she is
   uncomfortable in such unfamiliar and uncommon surroundings.

6. Veronicca wrote so many books she was considered a _________________ writer;
   just like Parshan had so many girlfriends he was considered a _________________
   (same word) playah.

7. Ms. G’s breathtaking garden was both gorgeous and balanced because of its perfect
   _________________; the plants on each side were the same size and perfectly placed.

8. By crossing themselves and saying a prayer before the statue of St. Francis, the
   churchgoers showed an act of devotion toward the beloved protector of animals; they
   _________________ him.

9. Riley’s _________________ and unquestioning nature made her believe information
   with little evidence; clearly she must listen more and not be so quick to believe.

10. To blend attractive and brilliant into one perfect breed, scientists would __________
    together the DNA of a Labrador and a German Shepherd, creating the glorious
    “Shepador” and a very attractive puppy named Finny Carl Gerber.

11. Michael Jackson _________________ the kindergartner by speaking to him mildly;
    he didn’t want to scare him, but Michael wanted him to understand that his behavior
    was undesirable.

12. As usual, the strange speech patterns and confused content of Ms. Gerber’s lecture
    mystified her ninth graders; the information was just too _________________ to
    really inform.
13. When vacationing, Jessica always chose a _________________ spot to escape the
    noise and chaos of daily life.

14. They couldn’t believe their eyes; Natalie had the _________________ to insult the
    police officer and then drive off before he gave her his ticket. Why how dare she?

15. Austin Powers would send secret messages in an opaque and confusing code, one his
    enemies found too ______________ and ultimately impossible to decode.

16. When the learned Judge Nathaniel Stewart gave his ______________ speech, it was
    obvious that he had read scholarly volumes on the subject.

17. Britney, Lindsay, Paris, and other Hollywood It Girls currently in rehab are known
    for living lives of _________________, full of sin, bling, and fast food.

18. It was obvious from his tear-stained cheeks that Charlie deeply regretted mutilating
    his older brother in his sleep; he appeared _________________.

19. Though her parents had hoped she would mature into a polite and poised young lady,
    Olivia appeared _________________, maintaining the objectionable qualities of a
    spoiled three year-old.

20. At Ms. Gerber’s yearly review, Mr. Rabisi _________________ the work Ms Gerber
    did in her classroom, calling her job one “a monkey could do”; Ms. G was hurt and
    insulted as she ate her banana and swung from branch to branch.

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