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					                                                 Personal Essay (Expressive Essay)
                                                   Grade 12—College Application
The Assignment
You will write a college application essay using one of the prompts provided for you or a prompt that is required for
a college/university to which you are applying. This essay must comply with all parameters specified in the

The Rubric (Based on 6+1 Trait Writing Model)

CATEGORY                      9-8                         7-6                         5-4                        3-2                            1
Introduction        The introduction is         The introduction is         The introduction clearly   The introduction states      There is no clear
(Organization)      inviting and compelling,    inviting, states the main   states the main topic      the main topic, but does     introduction of the main
                    states the main topic       topic and previews the      and previews the           not adequately preview       topic or structure of
                    and previews the            structure of the paper.     structure of the paper,    the structure of the         the paper. The
                    structure of the paper.     The introduction            but is not necessarily     paper nor is it              introduction is lacking a
                    The introduction            includes an effective       inviting to the reader.    particularly inviting to     hook or attention
                    includes an effective       hook or attention           The introduction           the reader. The              grabber.
                    hook or attention           grabber that catches        includes an effective      introduction includes a
                    grabber that catches        the reader’s attention.     hook or attention          hook or attention
                    the reader’s attention.                                 grabber that attempts      grabber that attempts
                                                                            to catch the reader’s      to catch the reader’s
                                                                            attention.                 attention.
Sequencing          Details are placed in a     Details are placed in a     Details are placed in a    Some details are not in      Many details are not in a
(Organization)      logical order and the       logical order and the       logical order, but the     a logical or expected        logical or expected
                    way they are presented      way they are presented      way in which they are      order, and this distracts    order. There is little
                    effectively keeps the       effectively keeps the       presented sometimes        the reader.                  sense that the writing is
                    interest of the reader      interest of the reader.     makes the writing less                                  organized.
                    and maintains momentum                                  interesting.
                    of the essay.
Focus on Topic      There is one clear, well-   There is one clear, well-   Main idea is clear, but    Main idea is somewhat        The main idea is not
(Content)           focused topic. The main     focused topic. Main         the supporting             clear but there is a need    clear. There is a
                    idea stands out, is         idea stands out and is      information is general.    for more supporting          seemingly random
                    central in the paper, and   supported by detailed                                  information.                 collection of
                    is supported by detailed    information.                                                                        information.
Support for Topic   Relevant, telling quality   Relevant, quality details   Supporting details and     Supporting details or        Supporting details are
(Content)           details give the reader     give the reader             information are            information is relevant,     typically unclear or not
                    important information       important information       relevant, but one key      but several key issues or    related to the topic.
                    that goes beyond the        about all aspects of the    issue or portion of the    points of the essay are
                    obvious or predictable.     essay.                      essay is unsupported.      unsupported.
Conclusion          The conclusion is strong    The conclusion is           The reader is              The conclusion is            There is no clear
(Organization)      and leaves the reader       recognizable and leaves     recognizable and           recognizable, but does       conclusion; the paper
                    with a clear point and      the reader with a clear     attempts to tie up all     not tie up all loose ends.   just ends.
                    purpose.                    point and purpose.          loose ends.
Voice               The writer’s voice comes    The writer’s voice comes    An effort is made to       An effort is made to         Author voice and style
                    through diction and         through diction and         show the writer’s voice    show the writer’s voice      are lacking from the
                    syntax, giving a sense of   syntax, showing style,      through diction and        through diction and          essay. There is no clear
                    the person speaking and     but lacks refinement.       syntax, but is used        syntax, but it is used       voice that conveys any
                    definitive style. The       The voice gives the         inconsistently. The        very infrequently.           importance of the
                    voice is compelling and     reader a sense of the       voice gives the reader     There is minimal voice in    subject to the reader.
                    gives the reader a true     writer and the              some sense of the          terms of giving the
                    sense of the                importance of the           importance of the          reader a sense of the
                    significance of the         subject to the writer,      subject to the writer,     importance of the
                    subject to the writer.      but is not as powerful as   but the significance of    subject to the reader.
                                                a “5”.                      that subject may be
Sentence Fluency    Every paragraph has         Most paragraphs have        Half of the paragraphs     Some sentences vary in       Sentences rarely vary in
                    sentences that vary in      sentences that vary in      have sentences that        length.                      length.
                    length.                     length.                     vary in length.
Conventions         Writer makes no errors      Writer makes 1-2 errors     Writer makes 3-4           Writer makes 5 errors        Writer makes more than
                    in grammar and spelling     in grammar and spelling     errors in grammar and      in grammar and spelling      5 errors in grammar or
                    that distract from the      that distract from the      spelling that distract     that distract from the       spelling that distracts
                    content.                    content.                    from the content.          content.                     the reader from
Word Choice         Writer uses vivid words     Writer uses vivid words     Writer uses vivid words    Writer uses words that       Writer uses a limited
                    and phrases that linger     that linger or draw         and phrases that linger    communicate clearly, but     vocabulary that does not
                    or draw pictures in the     pictures in the reader’s    or draw pictures in the    the writing lacks variety    communicate strongly or
                    reader’s mind, and the      mind, and the choice and    reader’s mind, but the     and style.                   capture the reader’s
                    choice and placement of     placement of the words      words are used                                          interest. Clichés may be
                    the words seems             seems accurate and          inaccurately.                                           present and detract
                    accurate and natural.       natural.                                                                            from meaning.

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