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                                Course Outline for Mathematics 65BW
                               ELEMENTARY ALGEBRA B WORKSHOP

Catalog Description:

65BW – Elementary Algebra B Workshop                                                          25 - .5 units

Laboratory, study group, collaborative workshop or computer laboratory time for Elementary Algebra B.
Corequisite: Mathematics 65B. 1 - 2 hours laboratory.
[Typical contact hours: 17.5-35]

Prerequisite Skills:


Expected Outcomes for Students:

Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to:
1. read and write the mathematics used in Elementary Algebra B;
2. use technology currently used in Elementary Algebra B;
3. solve problems on their own and with peers without having to rely on an instructor.

Course Content:

1. Applications of principles and concepts

Methods of Presentation:

1. Individual instruction
2. Collaboration
3. Computer-assisted/graphing calculator instruction

Assignments and Methods of Evaluating Student Progress:

1. Typical Assignments
   a. Engine failure forced Geraldine to pilot her Cessna 150 to an emergency landing. To land,
       Geraldine’s plane glided 17,000 ft over a 15,000-ft stretch of deserted highway. From what altitude
       did the descent begin?
   b. Angel has 18 m of molding from which he needs to make a rectangular frame. Because of the
       dimensions of the mirror being framed, the frame must be twice as long as it is wide. What should
       the dimensions of the frame be?

2. Methods of Evaluating Student Progress
   a. Attendance
   b. In-class assignments

Textbook(s) (typical)

Elementary Algebra Concepts and Applications, Bittenger and Ellenbogen, Addison Wesley, 2002

Special Student Materials:


Revised: 9/2003

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