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                     ETG – MEETING NOTICE AND AGENDA – April 25, 2007

                                             APIC Encryption Task Group
                                                Dallas TX, April 2007

Time/Date: 0800h – 0930h, Wednesday April 25, 2007 (See Note 1)
Location: Embassy Suites Dallas Market Center, 2727 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas TX, 75207
Chair: Thomas A. Hengeveld (
Vice-Chair: Harrison Reves. FBI (

                                        Important Notice for Participation
Participation in , or attendance at , any activity of a TIA Formulating Group or any sub-element thereof, constitutes acceptance of
and agreement to be bound by all provisions of the TIA Engineering Manual and permission that all communications and
statements, oral or written, or other information disclosed or presented, and any translation or derivation thereof, may without
compensation, and to the extent such participant or attendee may legally and freely grant such copyright rights, be distributed,
published, and posted on TIA’s web site, in whole or in part, on a non-exclusive basis by TIA or TIA’s licensees or assignees, or
as TIA directs. Exceptions to the forgoing may be granted or permitted in writing to the Chair of the Formulating Group by TIA’s
Senior Vice President, Standards and Special Projects on a case-by-case basis.

                                                Notice for Voting Rights
Organizations that are not on the Roster of Member Organizations may asked to be added to the list by informing the chair via
email at the above address.


     1.   Call to Order and Record Attendance
     2.   Call for IPR (See Note 2), Important Notice for Participation (See Above)
     3.   Approve Agenda (ETG/07-007)
     4.   Approve Minutes from Mesa (ETG/07-008)
     5.   Report on Activities since Mesa (3 CC, 80/125 Tyco Comments resolved).
     6.   Old Business
             a. Tabled Old Business
                 i. Security Services Architecture – (pending of Derived Functional Requirements)
                ii. Link Layer Encryption – (pending of Derived Functional Requirements)
               iii. Derived Functional Requirements (DFR, ETG/06-021) – (pending completion
                    of OTAR Update)

               b. Documents in Comment Resolution
                  i. TIA/EIA-102.AACA (OTAR Protocol) Update – Active.
                 ii. Motorola Inter-KMF I/F Proposal (ETG/06-039) – Comments received from
                     EFJohnson (ETG/06-045), Tyco (ETG/06-047), General Dynamics (ETG/06-
                     048), and ITS (ETG/06-049).

               c. Documents Withdrawn
                 i. LLA OTAR Proposal from Tyco (ETG/06-017) – Temporarily withdrawn to be
                    resubmitted with PK methods.

               d. Other Items
                  i. Status of Request for UNS Clarification of Radio Unit Monitor and Radio
                     Enable/Disable - Awaiting FPIC recommendation.
                 ii. FPIC Position Papers (ETG/06-042 and ETG/06-044) – Motorola provided
                     responses to ETG/06-042.
APIC Encryption Task Group Agenda                                                                                          Page 1

     7. New Business
          a. Introduction of GD/Tyco (ETG/07-006) KMF-to-KMF Interface
          b. Discussion of how to proceed with Motorola and GD/Tyco proposals

     8. Conference Call Schedule – Conference calls will begin May 14

     9. Next Meeting - August in Baltimore

     10. Adjourn

Note 1: In order to allow for a more compressed schedule, and to insure that no time is wasted if a meeting is cancelled or
finishes early, the starting time for the meeting is flexible and may be any time up to three hours prior to the scheduled target.

Note 2: The applicable patent policy can be found in the TIA Engineering Manual. Participants in the work of a TIA
Formulating Group are urged to review this policy. Participants are encouraged to notify TIA of any patents of which they are
aware that are related to the practice of a TIA publication early on in the development of the TIA publication to reduce the
possibility for delays in the development process and to increase the likelihood that the draft TIA document will be approved for
publication. Patent searches are not required to comply with the TIA IPR policy. Moreover, the Engineering Manual describes
the need for members' disclosure of patents that are essential to practice TIA publications and for members to provide an
indication of their willingness to license any known patents.

APIC Encryption Task Group Agenda                                                                                             Page 2
      Organizations Listed are those that have asked the chair for voting status in the task group.

Company or Affiliation     V    4/25/2007   1/10/2007   10/11/2006   6/21/2006   3/29/2006    1/1/2006
Aeroflex                   N                                X
Booz, Allen, & Hamilton    V                    X           X            X           *           X
City of Mesa               V                    X           X            X           X           X
Cubic Defense              N
Daniels Electronics        V                    X           X            X                       X
Datron World               N                                X
DHS/FPIC                   V                    X           X            X           X           X
EADS                       V                    X           X            X           X           X
EF Johnson                 V                    X           X            X           X           X
Etherstack                 V                    X           X            X                       X
FBI                        V                    X           X            X           X           X
General Dynamics           V                    X                        X           X           X
ICOM America Inc.          V                    X           X            X                       X
Interoperable Wireless     N
IPC Command Systems        V                    X                        X           X
Kenwood U.S.A.             N                                             X                       X
Motorola                   V                    X           X            X           X           X
NIST/OLES                  V                    X           X            X           X           X
Nortel Networks            V                    X           X            X           X           X
NTIA/ITS                   V                    X           X            X           X           X
NTIA/Public Safety         V                    X           X
NY/Statewide Wireless      N
Oregon State               V                    X           X            X           X           X
Project 25/Quantum         V                    X           X            X           X           X
RCC Consultants            N
Relm Wireless              N                                X                                    X
Tait                       V                    X           X            X           X           X
Technisonic                V                    X           X                        X           X
Thales Communications      V                    X           X            X           X           X
Tyco Electronics           V                    X           X            X           X           X
Zetron                     V                    X           X            X                       X

Eligible to Vote: 23, Quorum Requirement: 12

APIC Encryption Task Group Agenda                                                                Page 3

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