CBR 101: Introduction to Community-Based Research Partnerships by icf1n7h


									CBR 101: Introduction to Community-Based Research

Ever wondered … what “Community Based Research” is all about? Why the push
towards partnerships? What are the benefits of CBR? How to develop partnerships to
complete a CBR project? This interactive workshop provides answers to these questions
and provides a comprehensive overview of the essential concepts of community-based
research (CBR). This program is the foundation and pre-requisite to more advanced CBR

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

            Define the various terms associated with Community Based Research
            Describe the values and principles of CBR
            Identify the barriers and facilitating factors associated with CBR
            Describe the advantages of CBR as an approach to research
            Identify strategies for partnership development and monitoring over the
             duration of a CBR project.

Who Should Attend:

        staff new to CBR
        anyone wanting to renew or refresh their knowledge of essential CBR concepts
        researchers interested in partnership research initiatives
        front line practitioners
        community members

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