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									       Teaching through Play:
    Son-Rise Program Principles
 Workshop for Parents, Professionals and
       SonRise Program Volunteers
    February 10,11,12, 2012 at Quaker
        in the Santa Cruz Mountains
  Inspiring social development through
     $550 (all inclusive lodging and meals)
    motivation and relationship-based
or $400 commuter rate (scholarships available)
   for questions call Michele (831) 465-1081
                                                             register at www.autismandmiracles.com
Believing in limitless possibilities for our
  An Introduction to The Son-Rise Program®:
                                                                                                        sponsored by

       • A unique home-based, child-centered approach to autism treatment
       • We believe in limitless possibilities for our children
       • We empower parents to skillfully direct their child’s home program
       • Joining a child’s repetitious and exclusive activities is the key to powerful
  Workshop Outline
    • Using each child’s specific motivations is essential in the teaching process.
       • Social more connection through your and is the platform repetitious
      • Create development is the first priority child’s exclusive and for all
      • Identify when your child is ready to learn and create more learning
      • Use your child’s specific interests to make learning motivating
                  Carolina Kaiser, Son-Rise Program Senior Teacher / Autism Consultant
      • Create specific goals for the next step in your child’s development
                     Teaching The Son-Rise Program to families of children with special needs for ten years, Carolina
                 helps parents empower themselves you need to programs begin your
      • Begin immediately--learn everything to run home-basedknow to for their children. Her work is
                  based in program recovery start the our children and that
      child’s home-basedthe belief that and to is possible forlearning process.parents are an essential
                     resource in the journey to recovery. Carolina will tell you that she has the best job on the planet:
                     "Every day, I get to see children develop beyond any limiting expectations ever placed on them."
                     Carolina trained at The Autism Treatment Center of AmericaTM and is now in private practice

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