; Who is Emily Dickinson
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Who is Emily Dickinson


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									Who is Emily Dickinson?
        Vernnay Tanner
          Mrs. Gottfried
            English 3
       20 September 2011
This Is Emily Dickinson
• Emily Dickinson was born on
  December 10th, 1830 in Amherst
• She rarely ever left the house, and
  people hardly ever visited her, but
  any person who did come in contact
  with her, had an effect on her poetry.
• During the 1860s she completely
  isolated herself from the outside
  world. She spent a majority of her
  time reading and spending time with
  her family. Because most of her life
  was spent alone, a majority of a
  poems were about her loneliness.
An End But a New Beginning

       • In 1886 she died in her hometown of
         Amherst. Her family was able to find all
         the poems she had been keeping that
         were organized beautifully. She had
         them in alphabetical order. She used a
         lot of dashes some even vertical.
         These poems were all published and
         people were able to see the talent of
         the hidden Emily Dickinson.
She Was More Than A Great Poet!
  • All of Emily Poems were meaningful.
    They brought to the light things that
    we were to busy into life to realize.
    She was alone and had more time on
    her hands. SO she was able to
    observe the little things that we
    sometimes do not even appreciate.
A Famous Poem From Emily

  • I'm Nobody! Who are you? Are you –
     Nobody – too? Then there's a pair of us!
    Don't tell! they'd advertise – you know!
    How dreary – to be – Somebody! How
    public – like a Frog – To tell one's
    name – the livelong June – To an
    admiring Bog!
The literal meaning of “I’m Nobody
           Who Are You”

         • The literal meaning is that she is
           a “nobody” and you may be too.
           She wants it to be a secret
           between you and her, because if
           you tell somebody they may tell
           others and you may become
           somebody. Your name will be
           well know.
My Interpretation of the poem “I’m
     Nobody Who Are You”
              • I feel that she is saying that
                you should appreciate being
                less than famous. She’s
                saying that if you became
                famous in anyway that you
                may not have any privacy
                left. Someone will always be
                talking about you and
                bringing up your name. She
                feels that it give her more
                peace to be unknown and
                less talked about
    Writing Conventions used in the

• Dashes- I noticed that dashes were used throughout her poem. I
  feel that she mostly likely used dashes to create a dramatic effect
  and to create more emotion. For example “How dreary – to be –

• Similes- I also noticed the use of similes used to create comparisons
  to make you think throughout the poem. For example “How public –
  like a Frog –”

• Metaphors- which was also used to make you think and to compare
  real life situations to the ones used in the poem.
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