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									10/27/2010 - UF Water Institute Meeting with UF participants to discuss proposed MOU and how we might operate
as a Center of Excellence


Discuss the proposed MOU draft, advantages of working together as a Center, and which watersheds we might list
as those we are assisting with watershed planning and improvement.

Meeting Notes

Today we discussed watersheds we'd want to report on for watershed management assistance and stakeholder
engagement based on the involvement of UF personell in current and past projects.

     A. A Watershed we are helping directly to implement watershed management solutions:

        * Lake Alice – Now permitted as a stormwater body. Must manage stormwater, conservation area. New
requirement in UF building code to evaluate LID practices. Office of Sustainability interested in Lake Alice basin.

     B. Watersheds we are helping, or will help, develop watershed plans with stakeholders

         a. St. Mary's River

         b. Sarasota Bay – adopted LID manual; coastal practices program and looking for more stringent FYN

         c. Blackwater River

         d. Santa Fe River Basin – BMAP being developed. UF faculty do research here.

         e. Lake Okeechobee

         f. Withlacoochee River – rewrite state of the river report. Stakeholders organizing.

         g. Lake Tohopkalaga – 7 DRIs proposed in the basin. 2 approved

         h. Indian River Lagoon

         i. Halifax River

Could we apply for 319 funds to fund support activities of the center (research coordinator)? FYN funding is from
319. Tell FDEP about all watershed help by extension agents to help get some funding for more coordination?

The Center should link to the Office of Sustainability.

Need to increase connectivity of UF personnel working in watersheds via the Center and related web-site. Maintain
list of services, reports, publications for assisted watersheds.

What kind of LID work can we do before development – incentives to replatte areas Pasco County. Do redesign on
projects: reapprove, redesign to have LID. Have LID demo projects in each WMD.

Attendees: Tom Ankersen, Kathleen McKee, Wendy Graham, Greg Kiker, Tom Obreza, Pierce Jones, Richard
Hamann, Paul Monaghan, Anna Cathey, Jennison Kipp, Mark Clark.

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