Royce Engstrom Ignores University of Montana Stalker

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					10/1/12                       Kai Groenke, Kalispell Montana Attorney. Kai Groenke Blog by Crystal Cox Investigative Blogger: 3 Yea…

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      Kai Groenke, Kalispell Montana Attorney. Kai
      Groenke Blog by Crystal Cox Investigative Blogger
      I STAND Firmly, Proudly and Honorable with Mary Wilson Deneen - Eternally. Call this blog a Parody,
      Call it a Grief Site, File a Lawsuit if You Must. My Name is Crystal L. Cox, Investigative Blogger and this
      Blog is to Expose Kai Groenke, a Kalispell Montana Attorney who RUINED my LIFE and Endangered me.
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              Crystal Cox Regarding Her Death Threat and Montana Corruption

          Monday, October 1, 2012

          3 Years of Harassment. Huge LOSS, Years of Suffering and Loss and ALL because Kai Groenke did not do
          HER Job.

           As I said in a previous post, to be BLATANT that he sent the Death Threat 3 years ago from - Well a couple of weeks ago Sean Boushe started
          using the Gmail CrystalCoxIsABitch@Gmail.

          And remember the Death Threat Sean Boushie still lies and claims he did not send. Well here is a YouTube Comment from Sean Boushie 5 months ago

          "Why dont you just check yourself into the nearest mental hospital? We​ know that someday you are going to loose it and go postal on one of your many many victims, get some
          help for your paranoid delusions before its too late. You are a worthless lying hate filled nutcase that teh world would be better off without. Go away or you will soon be locked up for
          your own, and everyone else's good. the world will be a better place without in it. Dont like it?? You know where I live, come get me.
          seanboushie 5 months ago"

            Just like the words in the Death Threat, many are exactly the same. Still blatant, Still at work at the University of Montana. And check out the Motion to Exclude Sean Boushie
          in the Obsidian V. Cox Trial and a Federal Judge Calling for an FBI Interview regarding David Aman, the Plaintiff's Attorney conspiring with Sean Boushie and Sean Boushie
          intimidating me. This investigation, most likely NEVER happened as Sean Boushie is protected by Montana Authorities. Not only that, Scared for my life, I did not agree to a
          Deposition in Montana as I was Pro Se and I knew that David Aman requested information regarding Sean Boushie, the man who threatened to kill me. YET, Judge Marco
          Hernandez made a judgement that I had to pay thousands of dollars to David Aman, Attorney for a deposition where my life was in danger. All this to protect Portland Oregon
          Corruption. And the Sean Boushie factor, for 3 years harassing me, threatening me, defaming me, and interfering with my business... well that is Kai
          Groenke, Montana Attorneys, complete lack of balls, knowledge of the law, ethics, discrimination and follow through.

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                  john smith October 1, 2012 7:22 AM

                  Still crazy today I see... And still a koward..

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           ne or omn..
          Etryu cmet.

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