Useof Cleaning Equipment by icf1n7h


									       ACTIVITY:          USE OF CLEANING EQUIPMENT

       Completed by:                                       Date:                                                                         Review Date:

                Hazard                            To Whom                             Severity                                 Likelihood               Risk

Cleaning using equipment/ back               Staff                   This score can be reduced or increased if the           This score can be
injuries, sprains, strains                   Visitors              schools feels it carries a greater or lesser severity    reduced by making
                                             Pupils                     rating depending on the circumstances              additional precautions
                                                                                                                                into existing

                    Existing Precautions                                   Additional Precautions                                 Who                When
                                                                                                                                                     Realistic time
    Manual Handling Assessment carried out for use of              Contact cleaning area mangers for                     Building Supervisor
                                                                                                                                                    frames should
     floor buffer etc.                                               further information on cleaning                                                 be entered in
    Training given in correct procedure for use of such             equipment.                                                                       this column
     equipment                                                      Activities undertaken outside of                      Building Supervisor
    Training given in correct lifting techniques.                   schools hours where possible
    Minimise manual handling                                       Leave work area as found furniture,                   Cleaners
    Appropriate footwear worn                                       mats replaced and ensure floor is dry.
    Visual inspection of equipment prior to use and faults         Mechanical lifting aids available if                  Building Supervisor
     reported and actioned immediately.                              necessary (trolley etc.)
    Ensure cleaning agents used in accordance with                 Improve workplace layout                              Building Supervisor
     established procedures e.g. COSHH                              Store heavy items at waist level.                     Building Supervisor
    Any faults reported immediately
 You may have other existing precautions you may wish to add

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