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Learning Aim
A learning aim is concerned with teaching and with the teacher’s intentions
(S Adam: “Using Learning Outcomes” 2004)

One way to distinguish ‘aims’ from ‘learning outcomes’ is that aims indicate the
general content, direction and intentions behind the module from the teacher’s
(J Moon: “The module and programme Development Handbook: 2002)

Aims are broad intentions and orientation of a course or programme of study i.e.
what a teacher plans to do for the students and how.
(University of Glasgow; Senate Office 2008)

Learning Outcomes
A learning outcome is the specification of what a student should learn as a
result of a period of specified and supported study. Learning outcomes are
concerned with the achievements of the learner rather than the intention of the
(University of Warwick; “Course specifications: Glossary of terms relating to
Course Specifications” 2004)

A Learning Outcome is a statement of what a learner can be expected to know,
understand or do as a result of a learning experience.
(QCA/ LSC; “Principles for Credit Framework for England” 2004)

A Learning outcome is an expression of what a student will demonstrate on the
successful completion of a module. Learning Outcomes:
    Relate to the level of learning
    Indicate the intended gain in knowledge and skills that a typical student
      will achieve
    Should be capable of being assessed
(University of Exeter; “TQA Manual; Learning and teaching definitions” 2004)
Learning Outcomes are specific and describe what the students should be able
to do or demonstrate in terms of particular knowledge, skills and attitudes by the
end of the course or session.
(University of Glasgow: senate Office)

Learning Outcomes and Learning Objectives
Learning Outcomes and Learning Objectives are now commonly viewed as
being the same or interchangeable. Nationally definitions and outlines of learning
are restricted to Aims and Learning Outcomes to ensure consistency and
clarity across the board.

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