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									3GPP TSG-SA WG3 LI Meeting                                                                        Tdoc S3LI02_1xx
San Diego, USA; November 12-14, 2002

Source:                         LM Ericsson
Title:                          Mapping from TS 101 671 to TS 33.108 CS Part
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Document for:                   Approval

1. Summary
During the last two 3GPP SA3-LI meetings, the group has discussed content for the CS Part of TS 33.108. This
contribution identifies issues associated with the inclusion of text for the CS part of 33.108 and outlines proposed
requirements in order to be backwards compatible with prior releases.

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2. Introduction
At the previous meeting it was decided that an email group be formed to discuss the contents of the CS part of 33.108
for Release 6. While discussions have occurred, little agreement has been made on the scope and contents of text to be
included. This contribution suggests guidelines to be followed when including text from ETSI TS 101 671 in 3GPP TS
In ETSI TS 101 671 and J-STD-25A, there exist two distinct methods that can be used for CS LI in 3GPP Release 5.
With the intent to remove the ETSI reference and replace it with text for Release 6, care should be taken that this new
text does not deviate far from the standardization for CS in ETSI and create a third distinct way of implementing CS LI.
As the ETSI specification is the standard for Release 5, any text for Release 6 must be backwards compatible. Ideally,
the text for 3GPP Release 6 should match closely with TS 101 671, and all Stage 3 definitions in TS 101 671 applicable
for UMTS should be copied across unless contradicting information already contained in 33.106, 33.107, or 33.108.
Before the complete applicable text from TS 101 671 is copied to TS 33.108, the Chapter 5 ETSI reference should not
be removed.
While the previous discussion of CS text (Helsinki TD136) went some way towards meeting these requirements, some
essential standardization contained in TS 101 671 has been left out. For example:
       Definition and Structure of IRI Records (A.3.1 – A.3.2):
        This section includes stage 3 information relevant for UMTS that cannot be found elsewhere. Indeed, the PS
        section of 33.108 (Chapter 6) even contains sections that mirror the CS information available in A.3.1.
       HI3 CC Delivery, Control Information and Security (A.4.1, A.4.5):
        Clause A.4 contains relevant information on the HI3 interface, including the transmission media and bearer
        capability for HI3, and access verification.
       LI Procedures for Supplementary Services (A.5, A.6):
        The majority of the supplementary services in A.5 and A.6 are standardised for UMTS. Without these sections
        detailing the impact on CC links and IRI items, the LI standardization for UMTS supplementary services is
        incomplete. In particular, the definitions of options A and B for multi-party calls are lost by failing to include
        these sections.
       SMS field in HI2 ASN.1 definition (D.5):
        Although the SMS-report type is imported, the parameter ‘sMS’ parameter for reporting SMS content in HI2
        has been removed.

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3. Discussion
The following Table 1 is proposed as a list of applicable sections in TS 101 671 that should be included in the CS
section of 33.108 to ensure backwards compatibility. The use of this table provides a simplified method for indicating
which sections of TS 101 671 will be included in 33.108 and those that are left out.
                                         Table 1: TS 101 671 Clauses
101 671 Section        Copied to      Comments
1                      No
2                      Partially      Some references must be added to 33.108:
                                      [5], [6], [23], [32], [48], [56].
3-5                    No
6                      Yes
7-12                   No             Already in 33.108
A.1                    No
A.1.1 – A.1.3          Yes            Combine with text from section 6.
A.2                    No
A.3.1 – A.3.2          Yes
A.3.3 – A.3.5          No             Table A.8.2 (GSM annex) can be used instead of Table A.3.2
A.4.1                  Yes
A.4.2                  No             Packetized CC delivered through HI2
A.4.3                  Yes
A.4.4                  No             No requirement
A.4.5                  Yes
A.5.1                  Partial        Remove Terminal Portability from table A.5.1
                                      Change CONF and 3PTY become MPTY
A.5.2 – A.5.5          Yes
A.6.1 – A.6.10         Yes
A.6.11 – A.6.12        Partial        CONF and 3PTY combined into MPTY
A.6.13 – A.6.15        No
A.6.16 – A.6.20        Yes
A.6.21                 No
A.6.22                 Yes
A.6.23 – A.6.25        No
A.6.26 – A.6.28        Yes
A.6.29 – A.6.32        No
A.6.33                 Yes
A.7                    No
A.8.1                  No             Functional Architecture in 33.107
A.8.2 – A.8.4          Yes            “cell id” and “cell number” should be changed to “SAI”
A.9                    No
B-C                    No
D.1 - D.4              No
D.5                    Partial        The following parameters in “IRI-Parameters” should be included: domainID,
                                      iRIversion, lawfulInterceptionIdentifier, communicationIdentifier, timestamp,
                                      intercepted-Call-Direct, locationOfTheTarget, partyInformation, call
                                      ContentLinkInformation, release-Reason-Of-Intercepted-Call, sMS, cC-Link-
                                      Identifier, national-Parameters.
                                      The following parameters in “IRI-Parameters” are not included: intercepted-
                                      Call-State, ringingDuration, conversationDuration, nature-Of-The-
                                      intercepted-call, serverCenterAddress, gPRSCorrelationNumber, gPRSevent,
                                      sgsnAddress, gPRSOperationErrorCode, sIPMessage.
D.6 – D.7              No
D.8                    Yes
E                      Yes
F-I                    No

General changes:
   1. Anything relating directly to ETSI or ISDN should be removed or replaced if necessary (unless referring to CC
   2. All references to clauses in 101 671 will need to be updated to the applicable clause in 33.108

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    3. Any text specifying “GSM” should be replaced with “UMTS” or “Circuit Switched”.

4. Conclusion
It is proposed that the group adopt Table 1 of this document as a base for the inclusion of CS text into 33.108 for
Release 6.

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