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					                          Alexis Scheck’s PBL Content Area Unit Plan
Unit Title: New Jersey Counties                  Related Lessons:
Grade Level: 4th                                 Subject: Social Studies
State Content Standards Addressed:
New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS) (New Jersey Department of
Education, 2008)
6.1.P.B.1 Develop an awareness of the physical features of the neighborhood/community.
6.1.4.B.6 Compare and contrast characteristics of regions in the United States based on culture,
economics, politics, and physical environment to understand the concept of regionalism.
6.1.4.B.5 Describe how human interaction impacts the environment in New Jersey and the
United States.
6.1.4.B.8 Compare ways people choose to use and divide natural resources.
6.1.4.B.10 Identify the major cities in New Jersey, the United States, and major world regions,
and explain how maps, globes, and demographic tools can be used to understand tangible and
intangible cultural differences.

New Jersey Department of Education. (readopted 2008). New Jersey Core Curriculum Content
       Standards. Trenton, NJ. Retrieved May 312, 2010, from


   1. Creativity and Innovation: Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge,
      and develop innovative products and processes using technology.
   2. Communication and Collaboration: Students use digital media and environments to
      communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual
      learning and contribute to the learning of others.

International Society for Technology in Education. (2008). National education standards for
        teachers (NETS-T). Retrieved from
Instructional Objectives:

Students will research a New Jersey county and learn about its population, features, attractions,
and historical value. Students will design an authentic artifact to entice visitors to that county.

Before-Class Preparation:

Prepare a large map of New Jersey showing its 21 counties.

                                        DURING CLASS
            Time                     Instructional Activities         Materials and Resources
1 class period of 35 minutes   Students and teacher create a   55” plasma connected to desk
                               concept map using               top using Interwrite software.
                               Webspiration about NJ
                               counties. Try to name the 21
                               counties and some features we
                               know about each. Use this as
                               a KWHL chart
10 minutes                     Students choose to work in a    Student Notebooks
                               small group of 2 or
                               independently to create an
                               authentic artifact that will
                               entice visitors to their chosen

One Class Period                  Introduce students to           Computer Lab
                                  Delicious a social
                                  bookmarking site and School
                                  Fusion class website that
                                  contains some links of
                                  websites that could provide
                                  them with information on
                                  their counties. Allow students
                                  to begin researching their
20 minutes                        Create a blog where students    Computer Lab and/or Student
                                  can share their knowledge       Home Computer Access
                                  about any of NJ counties as a
                                  resources for students to use
                                  for their own research on their
                                  chosen county. For example,
                                  I may blog I have visited the
                                  Barnegat Lighthouse State
                                  Park in Ocean County and
                                  explain why I thought it was
                                  interesting. This way students
                                  can share their knowledge or
                                  our state and learn from each
Assessments: Students will be working in this PBL as an out of school project. Although some
time will be devoted in school to check progress and provide help when needed this will be
worked on outside of class. Students will be given a rubric to help guide them to the
requirements of their final project.

Accommodations and Extensions: Students without home computer access will be given more
class time to work on their project. Students may also borrow equipment such as a camera from
Back-Up Plan: Although students are encouraged to use technology to create their final artifact
such as a PowerPoint or video, students may choose to create a poster and give an oral
presentation as if they were a represented for the tourism department of their chosen county.
Lesson Reflection and Notes:

      Students were interested in this project, however most students wanted to complete their
       research on a county they were familiar with. One that is either the one they live in or
       one connected to their home county. The other popular counties were shore points. Not
       all 21 counties were chosen or reported on. Therefore, when we shared our work student
       did not get exposure to all of NJ’s counties. Next year I can either assign one county per
       student or work with the other two 4th grade classrooms so that all the counties are
       covered and students can then participate in sharing all the knowledge.

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