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Whats Morally Wrong with Homosexuality


									What's Morally Wrong with
• Consider the fact that right now there're thousands of
  people across the world.... having sex. It's kind of
  disconcerting when you think about it, especially when
  you realize you're sitting here listening to me .But when I
  tell you some of these people are with partners of the
  same sex and some of these people are with partners of
  the other sex that fact seems to take on a significance all
  its own and the question i want to explore tonight is ----

• What's morally wrong with homosexuality, if anything?
  And if nothing, what's all the fuss about? This is a
  wonderful, beautiful part of the human experience .If
  we're gonna deny this to a whole group of people, saying
  you can't have that, that’s wrong. We’d better have a
  darn good reason.
Threat to the nation's infrastructure?
• "Homosexuality is a THREAT to the moral fabric of our
  country”, it’s a THREAT to the nation's infrastructure" .
  How does what I do in bed threaten the nation's
  infrastructure? I might think I'm power in bed, but wow
  that's a crazy claim.

• "Nation's infrastructure’s better watch out night, babe,"
 The Parts Doesn’t Fit ?
• They have this argument in their mind that the parts don't
  fit and I realize that if i was going to address people's
  actual concerns, I have to address this argument. So i
  have two responses to this argument.

• First response: Yes, they do. How do i know? Um, well
  because if they didn't ,people would try it, it wouldn't work
  and they do something else. I mean what that scenario
  gonna look like?“ "Oh my god, the parts don't fit. What're
  we going to do?“ "I don't know.“ "Do you want to go
  bowling?" "Sure. This isn't working.”

• I would actually have people during the Q&A portion of my
  program .I'm not making this up---they're like.. “well,of
  course it's wrong, because...."and i would say :if you are
  doing it this way, you are doing it wrong, What do you
  want me to tell you?
    The Words We Use
    Heterosexual                              Homosexual

    • Relationships                           • Sex
    • Lives                                   • Lifestyle
    • Moral Vision                            • agenda

When we talk about heterosexuality, we talk about that wild range of activities, When
we talk about homosexuality, we focus on the sex part of it. This is not the only time we
get the sort of false contrast. I mean we say thing...we say heterosexual people ,we talk
about relationships, homosexual people ,we talk about sex; We say heterosexual
people have "lives" ,homosexual people have "lifestyles"。We say heterosexual people
have a "moral vision", homosexual people have an ‘agenda"。The words we use to talk
about these things really affect our way of thinking about them.
   Biblical Condemnation
• I mean when we look to that, to the Christian Bible we find
  some things that actually sound pretty negative with respect to
  same sex relationships .The book of Leviticus says "Man shall
  not lie with man, as with woman. It is an abomination onto

• Of course the book of Leviticus calls a number of other things
  abomination that we don't tend to pay attention to quite as
  often 。The Bible suggests that those who divorce and remarry
  should be put to death. Why? Well, because the New
  Testament defines divorce as adultery; The Old Testament
  proscribes death for adultery. The Bible suggests that slavery is
  morally acceptable。
Biblical Context
•   And i say Bible contends no error----what are you going to do with the
    slavery passages? And you know what people say to me ?They say :"John,
    you are pulling those passages out of context.“ "You can't just take
    passages out of the Bible and quote them..."" if they mean the same
    things today as they did for the people of the time...""i mean you can't just
    pull the passages out of context." And i say oh, wait a second! If it's not ok
    to do that with the slavery passages, why is it ok to do that with the
    homosexuality passages?

•   And there's a priest ,Father Prior, who wrote to the school paper, He's very
    upset that i have been invited to give this lecture and he wrote this long
    letter to the school paper. And in this letter to the school paper, one of the
    things he said was "of course homosexuality is bad for society....""If
    everyone were homosexual there'd be no society.“ "I’m gonna write to the
    school paper to ...So i did, i wrote a open letter to Father Prior ,it said :"Dear
    Father Prior...“ "if everyone were Roman Catholic priest there'd be no
    society either."
Doesn’t Homosexuality cause AIDS?
• What about AIDS? Doesn't homosexuality cause
  AIDS? Um.....NO. Virus causes AIDS. And virus
  can be passed along by homosexual activity, by
  heterosexual some activities that
  are not sexual at all. And furthermore...ifr AIDS
  risks were somehow supposed to be the
  pyrometer of morality, Lesbians will be the most
  moral people in the world. because on the
  standpoint of AIDS risk, lesbian sex is the way to
  go, i mean think about it, "Surgeon General
  Recommends Lesbianism". OK,it's probably
  not gonna happen but...
Animals don’t do that
 There was a legislator when i lived in Texas, Warren
 Chisum, he used to love this argument .He said:
 “ Homosexuality is unnatural. Animals don‘t do that.
 “ Since when did animals started providing us with our
 moral standards...particularly in the area of sex?

 I want to make you a promise...and I've made this
 promise to hundreds of audiences, so I've got to follow
 this whatever happens: if i ever encounter Warren
 Chisum in public ,I'm gonna get down on the ground and
 start humping his leg, just to drive home the point that
 animals DO NOT provide us with our mental standard,
 and even they did, well then homosexuality wouldn't be a
 problem, because only do animals engage in
 homosexual sex, some actually form homosexual pair
Why do Homosexuals Flaunt it?
• You know one of this discussion my mom said: "i just do
  not understand why you have to be so open about your
  sexuality.“ You father and i are not open about our
  sexuality." i want you to think about that
  sentence;”your ...father.. and ..i" "...are not open
  about our sexuality.“ Not only is that person who uttered
  that sentence openly-homosexual.
• she's open about having had sex, at least once.
  Heterosexual people do this all the time, they talk about
  their wives, their husbands, their boyfriends, their
  girlfriends, people they have crushes on...perfectly
  normal. we do the exact same thing----and we are
  "flaunting" it. we're making an 'issue" out of it. And that's
  a double standard ,and it's not fair.
The Solution: Get to Know Each Other
 • I think a big part of the solution is for
   straight people to actually get to know gay
   and lesbian people because only then do
   we come to realize we have many of the
   same hopos and dreams,fears and
   challenges as everyone else.
• I think the way gay and lesbian people are treated in our
  society is wrong! Not just irrational, but morally
  WRONG!I think there's something perverted. about the
  fact that we HATE people---because of whom they love,
  we do VIOLENCES against people---because of the
  affection that exists in their lives. And the effects of that
  treatment...are a far greater moral tragedy than sex
  between consenting adults could ever be。I’m asking
  you to put yourself i people's shoes before you judge
  them, and I'm asking you to judge people...not on whom
  they love, but on WHETHER they love. That’s my moral
  vision, That’s my” agenda".
And i thank you for listening so patiently to
me tonight, You’ve been a great audience.

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