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									                               Training Manual, TATI Project

Under the training component of the TATI Project (("Tamizaje y Tratamiento
Inmediato de Lesiones Cervicouterinas", or Screening and Immediate Treatment
of Cervical Lesions), a Training Manual was prepared for use by health
professionals. The purpose of this Manual is to provide a clear, detailed, and up-
to-date summary of the essential topics that every health professional engaged in
cervical cancer prevention and control programs must know.

The development of each of these topics is based on a review of global and
national experiences and is followed by a list of bibliographic references. In the
Manual, trainees can find essential information on:

   Anatomy of the female reproductive system
   Natural history of cervical cancer, from the intraepithelial stages
   Risk factors for developing cervical cancer
   Visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA)
   Visual inspection with acetic acid with magnification (VIAM)
   Cervical cytology using the Papanicolaou method
   Liquid Cytology
   Detecting the type of the human papilloma virus
   Theoretical underpinnings, procedures, and complications of cryotherapy

The Manual also includes photographic documentation of the normal cervix in all
its variants, as well as non-neoplastic cervical pathology, intraepithelial lesions,
and invasive cancer. This documentation was taken from the abundant
photographic material obtained for the practical experience of the trainees.

Special care has been taken to ensure that trainees recognize the complications of
therapy early on, and receive instruction in how to deal with them properly. This
Manual has been modified slightly in recent months as a result of the field
experience gained through Project TATI.

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