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                                                                                                   Start Saving For Your Future.
                                                                                                   It’s not impossible to live debt free. Many of us let our debt
                                                                                                   get out of hand. Start turning your financial future around.
                                                                                                   Learn about the tools in our products that get you on track.

                                                     Product Info

                                                     DISC 1 - Financial Education Articles

                                                     FINANCIAL EDUCATION

                                                     FORECLOSURE EDUCATION

                                                     INVESTING FOR THE FUTURE

                                                     SAVING MONEY

                                                     BONUS ARTICLES

                                                     1. 2 Easy Steps to Take Control of YOUR Money

                                                     2. 5 Poor Money Management Habits That Could Land YOU in Debt Fast!

                                                     3. 6 Surefire Ways to Cut Down YOUR Grocery Expenses!

                                                     4. 7 Cool Tools to Help YOU Easily Manage YOUR Finances Online!

                                                     5. 7 Ways to Find More Money to Pay Down YOUR Credit Card Debt

                                                     6. 8 Frugal Living Tips to Help Reduce Your Monthly Expense by Half!

                                                     7. All You Wanted to Know About the SBA Loan Programs

                                                     8. Payday Loan Scams - Don't Be Their Next Victim!

                                                     9. Should YOU Repay Your Student Loan in Advance?

                                                     10. Step-by-Step Guide for Planning YOUR Debt Repayment

                                                     DISC 2 - EBOOKS

                                                     Household Budgeting

                                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

                                                     Family Budgets: A Brief Introduction 3
                                                     Why an e-book or how-to guide on setting up a family budget?
                                                     Why would or do you need a family budget?
                                                     The business case for and rationale behind family budgeting
                                                     Benefits and advantages of a family budget
                                                     Family Budgets Defined 12
                                                     What is a family budget?
                                                     What constitutes a good family budget?
                                                     What should it contain and look like?
                                                     The Family Budget Process 19
                                                     How to set up a family budget?
                                                     Some practical suggestions and a step-by-step summary of a family budget process 60
                                                     Hints, tips, tricks and tools for setting up a family budget
                                                     How should a family budget be used?
                                                     Final Thoughts On Setting Up A Family Budget 53

                                                     Getting Out of Debt

                                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

                                                     Chapter 1: The Debt Myth
                                                     Chapter 2: Problems in Going into Debt
                                                     Chapter 3: Getting Rid of Debt: Mindset is Key
                                                     Chapter 4: Meet Your Basic Needs First
                                                     Chapter 5: Set Some Goals
                                                     Chapter 6: The Role of Discipline
                                                     Chapter 7: Getting Rid of Debt- A Step by Step Plan
                                                     Chapter 8: Step One: Assess the Situation
                                                     Chapter 9: Step Two: Play Catch Up
                                                     Chapter 10: Step Three: Save, Save, Save
                                                     Chapter 11: Step Four: Start Paying Down Debt
                                                     Chapter 12: Managing Your Bills Without Incurring New Debt
                                                     Chapter 13: Paying Off Bad Debt
                                                     Chapter 14: Free at Last
                                                     Chapter 15: Appendix One - Ideas for Boosting Your Income

                                                     Save Money Guide

                                                     Table of Contents

                                                     How to save on insurance
                                                     How to save on auto loans
                                                     How to save on mortgage loans
                                                     How to save on credit cards
                                                     How to save on gasoline
                                                     How to save on car repairs
                                                     How to save on home improvement
                                                     How to save on home heating and energy
                                                     How to save on phone service
                                                     How to save on major appliances
                                                     How to save on furniture
                                                     How to save on clothing
                                                     How to save on groceries
                                                     How to save on vacations
                                                     How to save on prescription drugs

                                                     Think and Grow Rich

                                                     Table of Contents

                                                     Chapter 1: Introduction
                                                     Develop That Winning Mentality TODAY!

                                                     Chapter 2: Mindset & Vehicle
                                                     Develop the winning Mindset
                                                     Choosing The Right Vehicle

                                                     Chapter 3: The Success Blueprint
                                                     Find a proven business model
                                                     Don’t Try And Reinvent The Wheel

                                                     Chapter 4: Four Steps To Success!
                                                     Find a skill
                                                     Create Your Own Product
                                                     Create A Business
                                                     Automating Your Business

                                                     Chapter 5: Pitfalls
                                                     Waiting For Things To Happen
                                                     Dealing With Machines Instead Of Humans
                                                     Not Being Focused

                                                     Chapter 6: Summary
                                                     It’s All About Your Belief

                                                     Dangers of Identity Theft

                                                     Table of Contents:

                                                     How Serious Is Identity Theft?
                                                     Are You at Risk?
                                                     How Can You Tell if YOUR Identity’s Been Stolen?
                                                     What To Do if You’re a Victim of Identity Theft
                                                     Who Has the Right to Access Your Information?
                                                     What is Being Done to Protect Your Privacy?
                                                     What Can You Do to Prevent Identity Theft?
                                                     Special Concern: Online Privacy
                                                     Learn How to Read a Privacy Policy
                                                     Protecting Your Children’s Privacy

                                                     101 Powerful Ways for Legally Improving Your Credit Score

                                                     Table of Content:

                                                     The Basics
                                                     The Best Ways to Boost Your Credit Score
                                                     Keep Your Credit Score Safe
                                                     Avoid Common Credit Score Mistakes
                                                     Dealing With Your Credit Report to Deal With Your Credit Score
                                                     Dealing With a Credit Score after a Big Problem
                                                     Dealing With Professional Credit Help
                                                     General Good Financial Habits Build Good Credit Scores
                                                     Think Like a Lender
                                                     Develop an Organized Strategy to Repair Your Credit score
                                                     Loans and Your Credit Score
                                                     Make Credit Repair Easier on Yourself
                                                     Student Credit Repair
                                                     Dealing With Debt
                                                     Credit Repair and Your Emotions
                                                     Parting Credit Tips

                                                     Totally Debt Free Lifestyle:

                                                     The “Totally Debt-Free Lifestyle” ebook was created and designed for the individual looking to
                                                     eliminate their bad credit! As long as there are credit cards, mortgages and car payments there will
                                                     always be a demand for “bad credit” and “getting out of debt” info. This book not only teaches how to
                                                     avoid stumbling into credit card debt in the first place, but also how to recover from too much debt and
                                                     a poor credit rating once you have already taken the plunge.

                                                     Retirement Planning: The Online Guide to Smart Retirement

                                                     Retirement planning is about more than investing and saving. It’s also about enjoying your life after
                                                     you decide to retire from your career or job. To fully enjoy yourself after retirement, you should have a
                                                     plan on how you will spend your time and where you will live. “Retirement Planning” teaches you how
                                                     to safely plan for your retirement. You will learn…

                                                      - Build Your Future.
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