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									                                TEAM BRIEF
                                 May 2012

       ENDING 31st MARCH 2012
The Corporate Assurance Report provided the Board, at its meeting at the end of
April, with a summary of Trust performance for the year ending 31st March 2012.
The summary of performance for each of the key strategic objectives is outlined
in the table below.

 A summary of operational performance and external assessment is provided in
 the table below.
The Trust continues to perform well. It has achieved a number of key
performance targets in 2011/12 and has many examples of improving
performance. Thanks to all staff for their continued efforts to provide a high
quality service.

As at 31st March 2012, the Trust has satisfied both Monitor and the NHS
Performance Framework requirements. The areas of under performance are
being addressed by the relevant executive directors and CBU directors.

The achievement of the Competent Capable Workforce targets remains of
concern and will be a focus within Clinical Business Unit and Specialist
Management Services emphasised objectives in 2012/13.

The Trust has achieved all key financial performance targets reflecting the hard
work and strong financial management of budget holders across the Trust. The
year end surplus is £5m and the Financial Risk Rating is 4. All figures are
subject to external audit. The audited Annual Accounts will be presented to the
Trust Board in May 2012 for approval.

Key areas where performance could be improved are:

        Data completeness - marital status, sexual orientation, HoNOS
         assessments, employment and settled accommodation status - Clinical
         Business Unit (CBU) Directors
        Service users in employment - CBU Directors
        Waiting times - CBU Directors
        Staff attendance - CBU Directors / Specialist Management Services
         (SMS) leads
        Staff Personal Development Plans (PDP) / Corporate Essential
         Mandatory Learning / Induction - CBU Directors / SMS leads
        NICE guidance / NICE Quality Standards - Medical Director
        Foundation Trust Membership - Director of Communications.

You may have heard that our Chief Executive, Alan Yates, has resigned from
the Trust after 11 years, and will be leaving in September. A copy of Alan’s
letter and more details can be found in the staff newsletter, which will come out

The Trust Board is keen that the process to find Alan’s replacement is as
effective as possible and has appointed executive search specialists ‘Odgers’
to begin the task immediately.

Chairman, Beatrice Fraenkel has confirmed that she will be closely involved
and will be meeting all prospective candidates before they apply to ensure that
the Trust finds a person with the right characteristics and values as well as the
necessary expertise, experience and qualifications.
It will be an inclusive process with all Trust Board members and the Members
Council also having an opportunity to meet candidates. Of course, a service
user / carer will sit on the appointment panel.

Beatrice is hopeful that it will be possible to make an appointment before the


The Board would like to thank all staff for their tremendous hard work and
efforts which have resulted in another good year for the Trust. All statutory
targets have been met and we continue to improve quality and increase value.

Of course, we operate in difficult times but sound financial planning and
efficiency throughout the Trust has meant that the CIP measures we have had
to take have been less dramatic than those of many of our contemporaries. In
addition, we are still able to plan and carry out service developments, which will
have a positive effect on our service users as well as our own job satisfaction.

So to the year ahead. Efficiency and effectiveness remain key to sustaining our
performance levels. We will continue working to reduce the need for hospital
admission and the length of stay for those admitted by providing more care
closer to or in people’s own homes.

We have exciting plans for modernising and rationalising our estate. This will
enable us to invest in modern purpose built facilities. We are in a strong
position to expand and develop our services and to compete for new business
consistent with our long held values, vision and strategy. We will be locally
accountable through our membership and Members’ Council and we will build
on the involvement and engagement of all our stakeholders. Well done


Interest in the impact of mindfulness on health and wellbeing has really grown
across the Trust at both a personal and professional level. The Mindfulness
Network now has more than 120 staff members.

This year’s Adult Learners’ Week invites service users, carers and members of
staff to become more mindful and to accept and to take notice of life. We now
offer more than 30 creative and fun opportunities to experience mindfulness
and meditation, to service users, carers and staff across Mersey Care.
Details of the sessions that have been scheduled for May can be found on the
Trust’s website:

For further information please contact Michael Crilly by email


Mersey Care working with Liverpool John Moores University is delighted to
announce a unique contribution to this year’s Liverpool Light Night and the
city’s Celebration of Mindfulness, scheduled to take place on 18th May 2012.

Take a walk under the stars through a candle-lit labyrinth installed outside
Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral by Mersey Care service users, carers and

Musically accompanied by the Raucous Caucus Recovery Chorus, the labyrinth
offers an opportunity for the ultimate outdoor chill-out experience. This ancient
symbol of creativity and mindfulness is testament to the creative spirit of
Liverpool and its community. In particular, this year it is especially dedicated as
a symbol of the journey that is our mental health.

Any service users, carers or staff wishing to be part of the group installing the
labyrinth should contact Michael Crilly on 0151 471 2608 or email

6.       EQUALITY ACT 2010
The Equality Act 2010 requires the Trust to demonstrate that it is meeting the
general duties prescribed within the Act which are:

     •   Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation and
         other conduct that is prohibited by the Act.
     •   Advance equality of opportunity between people who share a
         characteristic and those who don’t.
     •   Foster good relations between people who share a characteristic and
         those who don’t.

To do this the Trust must publish equality information which can be found at:
The Trust must also publish its equality objectives. These have been ratified by
the Trust Board and can be found on the Trust’s website:

Mersey Care has also taken part in the NHS equality benchmarking process
called the Equality Delivery System (EDS). For further Information on the EDS
and to see our submission visit the EDS website

The actions within all of these documents will ensure that equality and human
rights continue to become a fundamental part of the way we work. For further
information please contact Meryl Cuzak

      2012 (AMENDMENT)

It is no longer possible to provide a mental health review tribunal with oral reports
on the day and all reports must be supplied in writing for all Sections of the
Mental Health Act, including Section 2.

Information on the relevant rule amendment has been circulated by email to all
staff on 25th April.

For further information please contact Janine D’Ambrogio


Thank you to the 320 members of staff who have completed the recent Fraud
Awareness survey. If you haven’t already done so will you please take the
opportunity to complete it now by following the link:

It is important to remind everyone not to overlook this subject as nationally
fraud costs the NHS, according to some reports, up to £2 billion per year. If you
suspect someone may be committing fraud or corruption against the Trust
please report it via one of the following:

             Contact your Local Counter Fraud Specialist (LCFS), Darrell
              Davies on 0151 285 4500.
             Contact Neil Smith, Director of Finance and Performance on 0151
              471 2205.
             Phone the confidential NHS fraud and corruption reporting line on
              0800 028 40 60.
             Complete the online reporting form at
The information you provide will be acted upon by the NHS counter fraud
service, and your help may prevent money being defrauded from the Trust -
every penny of which should be used to pay for better services and care for our

Heads of department and managers are asked to take advantage of inviting the
Trust’s Local Counter Fraud Specialist (LCFS) to deliver a short counter fraud
awareness presentation to staff. This awareness is of great importance in
instilling a counter fraud culture throughout the Trust, as well as deterring
potential fraudsters from committing fraud against us.

If you wish to know more about the NHS Counter Fraud and Security
Management Service, details can be found at http:/
or contact: Darrell Davies, Head of Fraud on 0151 285 4520 or 07785 286381
or via email:

A multi-agency initiative working in collaboration with local armed forces
personnel is currently underway in north Liverpool aimed at improving access
to health and social care services for military veterans throughout Merseyside.
The programme known as the RESTORE programme is led by Beacon
Counselling Trust and in collaboration with local partners including Liverpool
City Council and NHS Merseyside, aims to provide a joined up service and a
clear care pathway for this service user group. The RESTORE programme will
provide support 7 days per week to veterans and their families, with a drop-in
centre and a telephone help-line. There will be an easy-to-access single point
of referral, open to all agencies, including GPs.

Confirmation of a successful bid for Lottery funding (approximately £300,000) to
support the development and roll-out of the RESTORE project across the
Merseyside footprint has just been announced. An official launch of the project
will take place at the end of June (date to be confirmed) in the city centre which
will be supported by local media and civic leaders. This is aimed to coincide
with World Armed Forces Day on 30th June 2012.

Mersey Care is one of a number of organisations now firmly linked to this
project and working to ensure that pathways across both primary and
secondary care are appropriately linked.

For further information, please contact Denis Cullen

Liverpool CBU has succeeded in getting pet dogs to visit wards in Mossley Hill
Hospital and Broadoak Unit and it’s been a great success. The visits have
really given a great morale boost to everyone, including the staff.

Pauline Unsworth, Volunteer Coordinator supported the Pets in Therapy
initiative and is trying to earmark a visiting pet for Windsor House.

For further information please contact Linda Harrison by email


Harrington ward staff have been working closely with Advancing Quality
Alliance on a harm reduction strategy and have been tasked with reducing the
top three harms - violence and aggression, self harm, and slips, trips and falls.

The ward is holding daily community meetings and has planned a programme
of activities to be held on the ward each day. This started on 17th April and has
been very well received by the patients and staff. Patients have stated that the
activities have been beneficial in reducing tension on the ward. There will be a
review of this intervention over the next few weeks.

For further information please contact Linda Harrison by email

The Mersey Care electronic telephone book is an essential internal
communication method. Staff use this to find out phone numbers and
addresses of other staff members. Staff must remember to update their own
details in the Trust telephone directory, especially if they have moved office or
have a new job (this cannot be done by anyone other than the account holder).

If staff don’t update their information, people won’t know how to contact them
and they will also miss important emails that are specific to their service.

Don’t forget to remind staff to update their entry in the Mersey Care Telephone
Book http://telephonebook/

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