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									                                       Pimple Solution
Small as it may look to the eye button is certainly as big as a mountain to the sufferer. A small
button, red and anger are more than enough to spoil the facial appearance more beautiful in
the world. Not surprising that the use of pins are searched frantically all over the internet.

Have a look at some methods to deal with infallible buttons in a snap, so that you have a
flawless face your next social appearance.

Tip # 1: Use of aspirin to deal with Nasty Pimple

Surprised at the mention of the use of aspirin in the fight against pimples? Well, as you may
already know, aspirin is a drug used to treat inflammation. A button is an inflammation, but
nothing of your facial pores, so aspirin is very effective.

But if you thought you were supposed to eat an aspirin to cure your pimple, then you are
wrong again. Crush an aspirin and make a thick paste using a few drops of water.

Aspirin tablets come in two different forms, such as tablets, coated and uncoated.

Use only uncoated to ensure maximum benefit.

Apply this paste on your pimple and leave it for at least 20 minutes. Once the paste dries, you
can clean your face by washing it with water that is either warm or cold. The hot water is not
only effective in removing the thickened paste aspirin but also ensures that the facial pores are

Tip # 2 Ice Cube as one of the easiest remedies button

Ice can be extremely helpful in calming a button red and inflamed. While you can’t
permanently cure the buttons with an ice cube, but it can save you the embarrassment of
sporting a swollen red button and in public.

The best part of this trick is that it is so easy and an ice cube is something that is always at
hand. Apply the ice cube directly on the spot button.

Keep the ice cube in prolonged contact with the skin can transform your face numb and blue.
Then keep pressing the bottom of the ice cube only for as long as you are comfortable and
take short breaks in between.

Tip # 3 uses an anti-hemorrhoid ointment to combat redness and swelling

Hemorrhoids are extremely painful, swollen and involve engorgement of the veins of the
rectum. Anti-hemorrhoid cream reduces the flow of extra blood in the rectum and relieves the
pain and swelling of hemorrhoids.

The use of this ointment on your face is one of the most effective remedies button. It will
bring down the swelling, pain and heat button in a relatively short period of time.

Tip # 4 putting your toothpaste to use even better
Toothpaste can clean your teeth and keep them sparkling white. But did you know that your
toothpaste can help relieve the discomfort of a button inflamed?

Toothpastes come in different varieties, and some of them are specially designed for the
removal of stains on the teeth, while others are simply yet other types are used for sensitive

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