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									                    Black Is the New Green

The world is pretty much messed up with local and global politics. With it, comes economics, societies,
cultures, and everything in between. The world has been quite busy living and surviving life daily.
That means no time for the least pressing matters. What about the earth? Is it a pressing matter?
Some say no while others say yes. But, considering we live in it, how can we live in ignorance when
where we are living is suffering? It’s hard to imagine life without the soil we step on or the air we
breathe. So, there have been major actions people have undertaken to keep the earth as green as

It has been a trend for companies to go green. If you’re not going green, you’re probably out of the
trend. RIM, maker of BlackBerrys, is no exception to the rule and it’s not quite keeping up the trend.
Good thing many users have sold BlackBerrys in the market to at least keep the green cycle rolling.
But, RIM is cited as a non-eco-friendly company. That could probably be one reason why some try to
sell old BlackBerrys. With corporate problems of their own, being “ungreen” will surely hold them back
further. Recent technologies now allow RIM to be greener. They have started to make the move from
black to green.

RIM follows its cycle to show how green they have become. They consulted a sustainability
management firm to start the ball bouncing and eventually keep it rolling. They made their Life Cycle
Assessment studies on BlackBerry Torch 9810 and the Playbook tablet. The assessment provided in-
depth data that enabled RIM to formulate their green cycle to lessen their environmental impact.
Sustainable Materials

RIM has chosen materials that will reduce the harm to the environment. It seems apparent
that some components found in BlackBerry phones are Earth’s mighty enemies. But, it didn’t
stop RIM from going green. They have been conducting research that will enable them in the
future to use the least harmful or harmless components on BlackBerry phones. In addition,
RIM has also created a list of banned substances to keep with their move to go green. They
are also looking for alternative substances that can help make Earth greener. That’s why
some try selling BlackBerrys to be part of this green move.


The box is a basic packaging component of BlackBerry phones. So, it’s quite inevitable to
disregard it. However, it’s not impossible to make it greener. RIM has decided to make the
box 55% smaller and 41% lighter compared to the previous boxes. Petroleum-based inks are
things of the past. Since June 2012, RIM has shipped 100% fiber-based recyclable packaging.
Printed information goes online. This way, it reduces paper consumption and waste.


BlackBerry phones are known for their enduring battery lives. But, BlackBerry has certified
their chargers to ENERGY STAR to provide the greenest, most efficient way of reducing
electric consumption. All chargers have met and exceeded the required set standard. It has
truly paved the way for BlackBerry batteries to use more by getting less.

Recycling is the best way to keep things in the green loop. Many things have been done to
preserve Mother Earth. Some sell their BlackBerrys to help in recycling materials and get cash
at the same time. That’s doubling your effort for green.Sources:

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