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									Preserve The Floridan Aquifer - Allow The Voices Be Listen To D
The florida Aquifer, formally called the actual Floridan Aquifer, is one of the greatest and most
productive aquifer devices on earth. The actual Floridan Aquifer offers water with regard to cleansing
, household , garden and also business make use of , livestock , vegetation , fauna above all , h2o to
the the greater part of Floridians through the point out. Obviously , for that reason , the actual Floridan
Aquifer is often a natural resource of extreme importance that have to be protected towards Aquifer
storage and also recuperation wells employed for injection of partly treated sewage effluent.

In numerous regions through the united states Aquifer storage and also recuperation has become
perhaps the most common exercise which includes greater during the last 10 to 20 a long time within
aspects of higher water desire and also short offer.

Aquifer storage and also recuperation (ASR), will be injection of treated or perhaps with no treatment
water that fits water quality requirements of h2o in to the aquifer via an ASR injection well for later
use. The actual aquifer characteristics being a storage center when water will be ample. When water
is within desire as a result of short offer , a number of the being injected water are able to always be
retrieved to use as h2o , cleansing or perhaps some other make use of. How much remedy
necessary right after storage is determined by using water , whether with regard to community intake
as h2o , area water enlargement , cleansing , or perhaps esturine habitat enhancement.

Sounds being a affordable strategy to the water shortage in the event that complied effectively ,
regulations , regulations , and also restrictions are implemented , however , many occasions might

Growth has been out of control in many regions through the point out of florida , your fourth greatest
point out within the u.ersus. Due to big and also broadening human population , quality h2o and also
water with regard to cleansing is within short offer especially through dried up periods. The point out
basically doesn't need water resources needed or perhaps the water remedy national infrastructure
necessary to assistance people growth in many of these regions.
Since florida is often a peninsula, between the actual atlantic ocean , the actual florida bay , along
with the gulf , ASR is often a risky exercise as you would expect , that may show to be a really
serious danger to the residents of florida , the actual Floridan Aquifer, the primary method to obtain
h2o , along with the surroundings generally.

In numerous regions during florida partly treated sewage effluent and also harmful waste water
coming from several sources happens to be being pumped into wells one particular ,000 to two ,000
foot deep underneath the Aquifer storage and also recuperation strategy. You can find eighteen
aquifer and also storage recuperation well career fields within florida which may have regarding sixty-
five wells among them , in line with the section of ecological defense.

The proven fact that this kind of waste water will be permanently limited inside injection zone and will
by no means result in a problem is totally phony. The actual partitions around the actual aquifer
comprise of porous stone that allows water for you to progress with other veins or perhaps caverns
inside aquifer and also beyond journeying fantastic mileage inside a short time of time reaching
community wells and is recognized to area as spgs about property and also seashore.

Scientists utilizing geological studies look , probe, routine , trial , and also analyze the actual Floridan
Aquifer, yet no person really knows what goes on inside caverns and also veins of the aquifer as
water travels plenty , actually a large number of foot down below the surface of the planet. It really is
verified , positioning big length wells could cause architectural injury to the actual aquifer, cracking the
actual roof as well as partitions with the aquifer enabling water for you to progress with other aspects
of the actual aquifer and also place wells.

Dye testing has been designed in a few aspects of issue wherever ASR is within exercise.

Dye will be being injected directly into a well , next water contained inside some other community
wells or perhaps examination wells drilled for this purpose are looked at to see when the colored
water provides moved. This kind of actually offers little resistant because colored water may possibly
vacation an extended long distance before effecting another well and also combines using the natural
aquifer water getting diluted concise it cannot always be identified. Dye testing is known to be
inaccurate most of the time , nonetheless it provides verified water within an aquifer can easily
vacation fantastic mileage quickly.
Aquifer storage and also recuperation of Sewage Effluent and other waste water is often a tool of
muscle size devastation !

Waste water effluent is very harmful , recognized to include lethal bacterias , trojans ,remnants of
drugs and also unlawful drugs , numerous harmful chemical compounds which include hormonal
Disrupters, erratic organic chemical compounds , pesticides and also weed killers , Fluoride, Arsenic
and also heavy metals for example Cadmium, Chromium, copper , flat iron , steer , Mercury, and also

Partially treated sewage effluent will be regarded as secure by a few , yet this really is can't be
entirely truthful. Straightforward fine sand your bed filtration popular for you to filtration system
sewage simply gets rid of solids and doesn't eliminate the hazardous chemical compounds.

Ultra violet gentle remedy for you to wipe out bacteria and viruses isn't that successful simply
because remedy vegetation shift a great deal of water inside a days moment , probably water
certainly won't experience the actual ultraviolet gentle for a adequate period of time to perform

Chlorination will certainly crush airborne viruses and bacteria , yet simultaneously brings about one
other issue. Disinfection By-Products are manufactured through chlorination. Disinfection by-Products
are recognized to result in most cancers , reproductive system troubles , nervous system , renal
system , and also lean meats troubles.

Modern remedy services utilizing state of the art multi-media filtration including reliable co2
technologies together with opposite osmosis will be competent at creating secure h2o. nUmerous
communities together with more mature remedy vegetation is nevertheless utilizing outdated
technologies and just cannot afford for you to update his or her remedy services to deal with sewage
effluent for you to this type of higher diploma.

Protect on your own , the kids , and your animals ! will not beverage water coming from ASR wells
designed for cleansing ! will not actually give it time to feel your skin ! usually do not beverage from a
hose !

Sewage effluent effects mammals of all kinds which include humans. The actual harmful chemical
compounds within waste water are proven to result in most cancers , reproductive system troubles ,
nervous system issues , renal system and also lean meats damage , is very harmful for you to
humans , especially expectant women , newborns , kids , older people , and people together with
defense insufficiencies.

Skin ingesting ailment will be on the rise within florida. Water retrieved by ASR wells with regard to
cleansing could have the actual bacterias dependable.

Here within florida , we've a really valuable , assorted , and also fine environment. As well numerous
to mention , many of our vegetation , pets , fish , and also birds are decreasing in numbers.

The very last thing we end up needing within florida is the damaging ecological effects associated
with the injection of sewage effluent and also waste water in to the florida Aquifer by way of ASR

Evidence will be growing in regards to the devastating effects of ASR waste water injection. It really is
getting clear to many people , especially for you to those who own personal wells , beach goers,
surfers , fishers , and also technical scuba divers. rEsort regions close to deep (one particular ,000 *
two ,000 foot ) ASR Sewage injection internet sites are encountering a great deal of permanent
damage. Coral reefs are dying , crimson tides, greater plankton grow , water vegetation (equally fresh
new and also offshore ) are melting , the healthiness of decreasing in numbers seashore turtles is at
danger , fish amounts will be in drop , and all sorts of underwater living generally are enduring the
actual side effects of ASR.

Recently, a new ASR well had been built within Rockledge, florida for the purpose of holding water
based on partly treated waste water and also sewage effluent. The actual Rockledge ASR venture
will be creating a good blend. The actual Rockledge Aquifer storage and also recuperation well
Sewage Effluent injection venture provides numerous residents of Rockledge, and also around
Brevard county and also ecological groupings as well very interested in this kind of controversial
Rockledge, a little capital of scotland - roughly twenty-five ,000 people nearby powdered cocoa beach
along with the american indian riv Lagoon is found in Brevard county. nUmerous residents of Brevard
county personal personal wells employed for h2o.

The american indian riv Lagoon, a good environmentally friendly resource of national value , will be
under 1/2 miles through the well internet site. A big perhaps the Lagoon was in the 1-mile radius with
the well. Greater than a dozen spgs from the actual Floridan Aquifer movement directly into the actual

Obviously, the city , saint Johns riv water administration along with the florida section of ecological
defense are yet to regarded environmentally friendly effect with this fresh well will have about
american indian riv Lagoon.

The area contends community wells will not be enacted from the brand new ASR well and also have
outlined the actual ordinance to seal down community wells inside one particular mile radius being an
additional security determine. The fact remains , the city officials of Rockledge have no clue as to in
which the being injected water will certainly vacation or perhaps what damage it may possibly result

The city's objective would be to provide partly treated sewage effluent in to the ASR well with a depth
of three to five number of foot to be used as cleansing water with regard to turf , playing golf
programs , and also garden passions through dried up periods. The city contends that the well , which
will shop around 120 thousand gallons, may help shield towards water shortfalls and also securing
water constraints and will not influence community wells employed for h2o outside of the one
particular mile radius.

Construction with the Rocklege ASR venture must be full within june '09. The city of Rockledge will
then seek out the enable through the florida section of ecological defense to operate the actual well.
The actual enable will have to be altered before the genuine injection of sewage effluent will take
place. Legally , testing will likely be forced to ascertain the actual magnitude of migration inside
Floridan Aquifer, the actual california's primary underground method to obtain h2o.
Being thus low , simply 400 foot , here is the first well available for the purpose of inserting partly
treated sewage effluent. Presently , there's 2 some other ASR wells being constructed/tested for the
west shoreline within tampa and also feet. Meyers for the purpose of inserting partly treated sewage.

City commissioners elected some * 3 for you to agree the actual venture. Officials state the actual
being injected sewage effluent will likely be contained inside cavern with the aquifer and that you
won't progress , influence h2o , not harm nearby wells , or perhaps create just about any ecological
troubles. Officials also state water will likely be treated for you to h2o requirements.

One band of over 300 residents provides shaped the turf origins organization called preserve the
Aquifer to prevent the actual injection of sewage effluent and other waste water , 3 hundred for you to
400 foot deep , in to the newly built 400 base deep , really shallow , ASR well drilled directly into the
actual florida Aquifer. Observe their site :

Members of preserve the Aquifer are waging the marketing campaign from the well because they are
involved the actual being injected water will certainly progress through the injection internet site ,
contaminate community wells fouling water products , result in ecological damage , and also
ultimately contaminate place h2o resources.

Another issue they have will be residents lack of water rights. Last '06 the city built a good ordinance
requiring most personal wells in just a one particular mile radius with the brand new rather be shut
down. People of preserve the Aquifer making the effort to inform the public in regards to the dangers
involved around the brand new well. At this point , numerous residents within Rockledge and also
around Brevard county usually do not have any idea in regards to the well.

Members of preserve the Aquifer and a lot of other folks think the actual city's claim that water
manufactured by this kind of well will likely be secure is completely phony. The city ordinance shutting
down most personal wells in just a mile radius with the ASR well internet site last '06 tends to discord
using the state from the area that the being injected sewage effluent will likely be safe and clean or
perhaps treated for you to h2o requirements just before injection.

As stated earlier , water inside aquifer will be contained by porous stone that allows really does
enable migration. The actual walls with the aquifer under consideration is only thirty for you to thirty-
five foot thicker.

FACT- the actual injection zone , 3 hundred for you to 400 foot deep , will be straight inside Floridan
Aquifer. The actual Floridan Aquifer begins roughly a hundred thirty five foot deep. It does not have to
progress to reach the actual Floridan Aquifer simply because SEWAGE EFFLUENT will likely be
being injected directly into the actual FLORIDAN AQUIFER * the # 1 method to obtain h2o.

Officials state this kind of venture isn't regarding re charging the actual aquifer, not eliminating
sewage effluent water. Officials point out it's all regulated regarding holding water inside aquifer for
any short time right up until necessary through the dried up time of year with regard to cleansing

Many people believe that the actual Rockledge ASR venture isn't only regarding water storage. Every
single city or perhaps area contains the trouble * how to handle sewage effluent. This might you
should be an inexpensive strategy to that problem.

Even less costly with regard to Rockledge than the majority of recognize as the capital of scotland -
Rockledge is in fact simply paying for roughly 50 % this kind of venture. One other 50 % is being paid
for by way of a grant given to the city from the st. Johns riv water administration section and also
another grant coming from florida eternally. My partner and i locate this kind of being awesome when
i had been often of thebelief the actual saint Johns riv water administration section and also florida
eternally had been all about guarding the resources.

From what i feel viewing on the web , judging coming from prior activities of these ASR tasks inserting
partly treated sewage in to the underground method to obtain h2o (USDW), the actual being injected
water will certainly combine using the present natural water contained inside florida Aquifer, will
certainly progress with other regions inside aquifer, the surrounding place effecting some other wells
along with the surroundings generally , in support of handful of your being injected water is ever going
to always be retrieved. This is a discussion about the effects of a good ASR venture :

According to the florida section of ecological defense internet site , presently there are more than one
hundred twenty five energetic class my partner and i ASR injection wells operating within florida. The
majority of the class my partner and i injection well services within florida eliminate neo hazardous
effluent coming from home-based wastewater remedy vegetation. The actual injection wells must
always be built , controlled , and also maintained so the being injected water is still within the injection
zone. Migration or perhaps move of water between aquifers will be not allowed. Most class my
partner and i injection wells are supervised to ensure that in the event that migration of injection fluids
had been to happen it will be discovered before reaching the actual underground method to obtain
h2o. The actual FDEP internet site also points too ASR wells are equipped for holding treated h2o
along with treated or perhaps organic area or perhaps groundwater and that water being injected into
ASR wells ought to meet Florida's h2o quality requirements , as a result , water have to be effectively
treated for you to h2o quality requirements.

I think the actual low ASR well within Rockledge will be the first for the new england of florida for you
to shop partly treated sewage effluent straight inside underground method to obtain h2o.

People interested in this problem believe the actual ASR waste water injection "Rockledge
examination well " (low 300'-500') may be a good "experiment " using the plan being to grow the
actual exercise during florida.

Most Floridians have no clue in regards to what is going on. The actual individuals of Rockledge
dwelling inside 1-mile radius with the venture just weren't alerted written not had been they will
inquired his or her opinion of getting partly treated sewage within their underground method to obtain
h2o right up until lately. They are the actual residents which possessed the actual personal wells
which were shut down.

A handful of residents getting expertise in this kind of well venture happening have inquired numerous
inquiries directed at area officials , the actual florida section of ecological defense along with the saint
Johns riv water administration section. A number of the inquiries happen to be responded. Almost all
of the responses have come throughout as being very hard to comprehend referencing very techie
regulations , restrictions , and also technologies which a layman can not set out to comprehend.
Using a not enough information , left unanswered inquiries , and also confusing responses to the
inquiries they have picked to respond to , residents of Rockledge along with the around place can not
form the full knowing or perhaps opinion in relation to this kind of well and it's purpose.

This venture isn't being commonly marketed since it need to. In fact , it seems like Rockledge officials
making the effort to ensure that it stays calm. Within this summer , people of preserve the Aquifer
wanted with the area permission to set indications about personal house , together with owners
agreement , and also wherever they usually are noticed by people journeying over us all one
particular. These were rejected proclaiming that this sort of indications will be unlawful , calling them
"snipe" indications.

On november twenty four , 2008 , the actual american municipal protections marriage of florida
dished up detect for the capital of scotland - Rockledge which they plan to file suit the city in the event
that preserve the Aquifer isn't permitted to place indications educating the public in regards to the
city's proposed ASR well about personal house coupled us all one particular and other roadways
wherever homeowners enable the indications.

December a few , 2008 the city of Rockledge given preserve the Aquifer permission to create "no
ASR well " indications about personal house. SOA provides put up the $100 relationship using the

of Rockledge and will also be amassing permission kinds coming from personal homeowners within
Rockledge so that you can publish indications and also elevate recognition among the group in
regards to the matter.

Citizens of Rockledge dwelling inside 1-mile radius have not been personally alerted or perhaps
inquired his or her opinion of getting partly treated sewage into the underground method to obtain h2o
until now. The purpose the city will be seeking the well utilization and also well absolute depths is
because the actual florida section of ecological defense development enable necessitates the
pursuing : the actual permittee should certainly provide an current well supply and also bodily validate
most wells which are in just a one particular.0- mile radius with the ASR examination well -
Operational reputation , present make use of , depth of ultimate outer shell , and also overall depth
with the wells shall be established and also published. No never-ending cycle testing will likely be
permitted in cases where presently there continue to be just about any in-use safe and clean wells
within the well supply.
Defending the actual Floridan Aquifer isn't only the correct , it really is the duty !

Everyone which existence inside point out of florida features a to certainly know of the Rockledge
venture since it will certainly influence you later on. The actual ASR waste water injection "Rockledge
examination well " (low 300'-500') regarded a good "experiment " using the plan being for you to
expandthroughout florida will certainly influence most Floridians.

If Rockledge, with the aid of the actual florida section of ecological defense , the actual epa , and
other govt agency's have the permits to keep using this type of venture , so you know they will , every
single area within the point out will observe his or her steer.

No one particular loves the actual smell of dead fish !

The Rockledge Aquifer storage and also recuperation venture will likely be costly in the end....

Tourism has become a sector in your point out. Travelers group to the point out to savor the
seashores , sunbathing , fishing , diving , and also swimming. In only a couple of short a long time
powdered cocoa beach along with the american indian Lagoon will likely be showing the results of air
pollution as a result of ASR. After this occurs , the actual travelers should come you can forget... nOr
will certainly the money they will spend at community hotels , hotels , dining establishments ,
shopping malls , bait retailers , sporting activities retailers , and many others...

Clean, wholesome h2o is often a simple human being correct !

Injection with this harmful combine , polluted , substance packed gunge will certainly contaminate the
solitary major method to obtain clean , wholesome , h2o. The damage ASR Sewage injection can
cause will be irreparable.
It will be national job , community , point out , and also government to protect the water. To face up
and also put in force the legislation which shield h2o. That is why we've the actual water that is clean
work along with the secure h2o work.

Where really does govt get off considering they could threaten the water offer , limit the wells
employed for h2o , and also eliminate the environment ? govt doesn't personal water ! water is
associated with no person , every single individual for the confront with this planet contains the to
certainly clean , wholesome h2o !

This may turn out to always be an eco and also inexpensive catastrophe !

Some communities have given up on his or her ASR tasks and also went back for you to utilizing area
storage given that they have discovered ASR being way too pricey.

As one particular gentleman stated * "ASR is the new mother of tools of muscle size devastation "

Injection with this harmful combine , polluted , substance packed gunge will certainly contaminate the
solitary major method to obtain clean , wholesome , h2o. The damage ASR Sewage injection can
cause will be irreparable.

 over time , no person using a well within Brevard county will certainly will have water secure for you
to beverage.

Another question you think of , the amount inside architectural injury to the actual aquifer can take
place due to this injection well ?
In south florida , the house of numerous this sort of wells , architectural damage provides occurred.
Injection wells have induced chips within the roof with the florida Aquifer, inducing the aquifer for you
to load together with fine sand creating sinkholes. Sinkholes are recognized to be a immediate route
with regard to pollution to penetrate the actual aquifer.

The extreme change with the level in just a well employed for this kind of purpose could cause other
issues. My partner and i stated "extreme " simply because through dried up weather conditions , a
time period of high demand , a great deal of water will likely be drawn from the actual well each day.
Through periods of moist weather conditions , specially when we obtain people frog chokers, 10 - 15
in. Down pours resulting from severe weather or perhaps warm thunder or wind storms , a great deal
of water will likely be pumped being forced down the actual can range f with the well. My partner and i
wonder to what diploma water will likely be "treated " or perhaps whether it will likely be treated
effectively over these occasions ?

Here is an additional believed. Comprehending the porous walls of stone confining the actual aquifer
is only thirty-five foot thicker , what's to prevent offshore breach through periods of high demand ? the
simple answer is * very little.... Offshore breach is normal within wells thus towards the shore with the

Other circumstances to consider : PH levels will certainly alter and also water quality are affected
when the well will be placed below high demand. Also force will certainly fall within some other wells
in the region.

Something which puzzles me is why the actual saint Johns riv water administration section along with
the florida eternally system will be condoning, in fact , donations to the venture. I became often of
thebelief the actual saint Johns riv water administration section and also florida eternally had been all
about guarding the resources. In fact , i believed florida eternally had been all about preserving
natural gets and also guarding the environment.

My thoughts are which with that well being a remedy to the sewage effluent trouble , Rockridge will
likely be inside a stronger position to justify far more expansion. It's got often astonished me precisely
how community political figures often work his or her marketing campaign for the placement of ending
expansion after which a lot more placed office they will choose everything they could that may inspire
far more expansion...
Practice water Conservation

We should all try harder to conserve water. Specially when it comes to watering turf and also playing
golf programs. Water successfully , early in the actual morning before the sunshine receives full of
heaven. Watering through the high temperature during the day will be bad , much of water

Time after time again , my partner and i observe water within my place being thrown away as a result
of watering devices not effectively maintained. I have seen water actually moving down area
pavement simply because residents , playing golf programs , and a lot of firms don't keep his or her
watering devices effectively. More often than not water sprinklers are aimed at the road rather than
the landscape !

Planting drought tolerant low herbage and also vegetation is a superb technique of preserving water.
Less watering might slow up the have to fertilize as frequently which will slow up the extreme nitrogen
which pollutes the waters and also streams.

Just shutting off the tap when cleaning the the teeth retains a great deal of water. Getting shorter
bathrooms is an additional technique of preserving water.

Raising the lawnmower rotor blades lowers water loss preserving water.

Surface storage * an improved answer ?

There is also another possibilities for you to shop reclaimed water and also remedy the situation of
sewage effluent.
Every group within Brevard county and also around areas have comparable water troubles. Why don't
you acquire nearby areas involved , make a big multi-use, ecologically secure reservoir further away
from the coast , in an unincorporated place. Take care of water effectively , for you to h2o
requirements and also tube this within. When the dried up time of year will come , pull water essential
for cleansing.

The reservoir and also around property might be employed for fun functions. Sailing , fishing , water-
skiing, picnicking, camping , and many others. The game of golf will be popular throughout florida ,
build a good adjacent greens and also country team for the house. Will include a pool , for restaurants
, and also tennis tennis courts. Charges billed to utilize the actual services and also profits through
the eating place and also camping place might pay out the expense of the actual venture.

Build a new modern water remedy center for the house , one particular competent at totally managing
water , to address the actual inbound sewage effluent utilizing solar energy. Solar energy would
provide energy for you to power the entire venture. Utilizing solar energy might also lessen
government fees , in the event that just about any , associated with the center.

Most with this venture may perhaps be paid for by government money. The "environmentally friendly "
venture like this may likely qualify for a low interest rate govt financial loans , actually awards , i'd
consider , especially since the brand new , inbound leader will be focused on the surroundings ,
saving money initiative , and also promises to increase work by upgrading and also constructing
brand new national infrastructure.

If we can afford for you to toss billions of the levy money , three hundred million up to now i think , for
you to bad firms , finance institutions and also home finance loan firms which obviously have no idea
how to handle money , i do think the actual political figures are able to afford to transmit somewhat
money the method !

I'm no monetary wizard and i also know this kind of sounds pricey , yet same goes with the actual
Rockledge ASR venture , one thing to the track of $2,000 ,000. Let alone the extreme expense of the
actual regular testing forced to work the actual well , upwards of $100,000 per year. In the event that
Rockledge will be allowed to operate the actual well , other people will likely be integrated the near
future. If a person of these wells fall short , harming the actual aquifer, the expense of clear will be out
of picture.

Now it's time , property is cheaper now than it is often within a long time. Jobs are necessary. The
venture like this wouldn't normally simply supply water in times of need , in the event that been able
effectively , it may actually get into earnings the ones profits might be contributed by all the areas
involved. Profits may help pay for county solutions , lessen community real estate fees , and also
build brand new schools.

Doing this might help to remedy the actual waste water trouble , create work , increase tourist ,
increase the community economy , help to keep our youngsters off the avenue , increase house
valuations , be a fantastic development to the total place , and provide one thing everybody might
appreciate , residents and also website visitors as well. It will be a good green answer , much safer
than aquifer injection , and also will be one thing we could most are proud of.

I possess a private position in relation to this problem. Our h2o develops from a well we got drilled in
to the Floridan Aquifer last 1994. The actual well will be drilled directly into the spider vein inside
florida Aquifer, 365 foot deep. We all totally take care of water just before consuming.

Look, i am no science tecnistions , only a involved homeowner , kama'aina ( of florida and also
relatively of the environmentalist. We've wrote numerous posts with regards to issues like this. I think
within leaving the littlest footprint achievable for the surroundings. In the event that most of us
exercise good stewardship we can leave our kids , grand kids , and also our children and
grandchildren an improved destination to stay.

What are we able to carry out ? *

Demand most ASR being injected water always be totally treated for you to h2o quality , tested and
also supervised frequently since it must be !
Be area of the answer ! enable your current tone of voice always be heard !

Join preserve the Aquifer @

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well being effects of toxins seen in h2o * browse the water reports @

Find out there in regards to the ecological effects of a pre-existing ASR well throughout florida :

Also observe :

Contact the following ecological groupings * sign up for and also Donate

natural resources defense authorities *

water Keeper alliance *

Sierra team *

Remember this kind of about political election morning !

Write a good editorial for your community newspapers and also send out a duplicate for you to :
Office of Governor Charlie Crist

State of Florida

The Capitol

400 ersus. Monroe saint.

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City manager , rick McKnight, capital of scotland - Rockledge1600 Huntington isle , Rockledge, Fla.

Mayor jimmy l. Schultz1820 Laurel oak doctor. Ersus.Rockledge, fl 32955

Florida DEP3900 Commowealth boulevard , master of science # thirty-five , Tallahassee, Fla. 32399-

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