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									Appendix : North American Web site manual
Direct Copy function

                                          Front                                         Back
                           Button                                             USB

   1. Connect a USB device (such as a USB Flash, Digital Camera, Hard Disk, and Card Reader) to your LinkStation.

    If the USB device is detected, the function LED light changes to solid blue (for approximately 60 seconds).
    After the blue function LED light changes to sold, you can access to your USB device.

    * If the USB device is not in the USB mass storage class, it will not be displayed (or will not
      be mounted).

   2. After connecting the USB device, press the Function button on your LinkStation while the blue function LED is illuminating
    (about 60 seconds). The Data will be copied to the media folder from the USB device.

    *The blue function LED blinks while copying data.
     To cancel the DirectCopy, press the function button one more time at this time.
    * This may take up to 1 minute until the function LED light changes to solid blue
      depending on a status of its internal process.
     The following destination folder will be automatically created.  […The instructions in details follow…]

   3. After you completed copying your data, remove the USB device.
   4. Press and hold the function button on top of the LinkStation for more than 3 seconds
   5. The blue function LED will be on while the system is preparing to remove the USB device.
       After you confirm that the function LED light turns off, unplug the USB device.
Initialize function


                                            Power Switch

   1.While pressing and holding the Function button, slide the power switch to the ON position.
     The blue function LED light will blink for 1 minute.

   2. While the blue function LED light is blinking, push the function switch one more time. LinkStation will boot and start its
      initialization process.
      During the initialization process, the amber status LED light blinks.

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