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									Research on Home Care of Patients with ALS
in East Asia
Kyoto Japan, February 2009

 Home Care of Patients with ALS in

Erdenechimeg Ishdagva
Social Worker
Mongolian ALS Association
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
      Mongolian ALS Association

 We are serving the ALS patients with assistance of care
  and medical equipments.
 We are informing the people with ALS and their families
  of the latest research information on ALS and care
  published by the alliance (the alliance of International
  ALS/MND Associations and its members organizations
  like "the organizations that Mongolian ALS Association
  has relationship with) and other international
 We are always giving advice on prevention of wrong
Home care in Mongolia
 ALS people who live in apartment in
  Ulaanbaatar do not have much difficulties
  compared with those in ger dwelling.
 ALS people who live in ger dwelling in
  Ulaanbaatar do not have the access of
  public heating and water supply, but are
  close to medical services.
 ALS people who live in rural areas have a
  lot of troubles and have difficulty getting
  medical services.
Home care in ger dwelling
Home care in apartment
Mr. Bayanbat (33)
 Lives with his wife(32), 2
  daughters(13,14) and a son(11).
 Diagnosed with ALS since 2006.
 He had been working as driver.
 The family’s current monthly income
  is USD 200.
Donation from ALS Iceland
 10 ventilators donated by Icelandic
  ALS Association.
 6 feet container with medical tools for
  ALS patients and others for ordinary
  use in hospital.
 First lectures on ALS given by the
  specialists of ALS Iceland.
Need to improve home care in
Mongolian families.
 Need to provide care equipments to
  homes of ALS patients.
 Need to provide medicine to keep
  living for ALS patients (especially, for
  low income ones)
 Need to provide more information
  and advice on care to cope with daily
  troubles at homes of PALS.
Thank you
 Domo Arigato
 Bayarlalaa

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