Blood Glucose Monitoring Protocol TCFSTEMPLAT by BevHde9


									Blood Glucose Monitoring Protocol for Assisted Living Facilities and
                        Nursing Homes
 1.   Collect items needed to perform procedure, including gloves, alcohol wipes, resident’s
      individually labeled blood glucose meter (glucometer), retractable lancets, glucometer strips,
      gauze, band aids.

 2.   Take items to the resident’s room or to a designated procedure area. Do not carry supplies in

 3.   Perform procedure on a solid surface that can be disinfected or place a disposable cover on the
      surface to provide a barrier in the event of a blood contamination.

 4.   Perform hand hygiene; put on gloves and perform fingerstick using a retractable lancet.
      Immediately discard the used lancet in an approved sharps container.

 5.   Complete the procedure wearing gloves and discard the test strip in a regular trash receptacle
      or sharps container.

 6.   Remove gloves and place them in trash receptacle.

 7.   Perform hand hygiene by washing hands with soap and water or using an alcohol-based hand

 8.   If the procedure surface becomes contaminated, absorb body fluids with a paper towel and
      disinfect the surface with an EPA-registered disinfectant or a diluted bleach solution (1 part
      bleach to 9 parts water). Always put on gloves before cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.
      Perform hand hygiene after glove removal.

 9.   If the resident’s glucometer becomes contaminated with blood during the procedure, clean and
      disinfect it per the manufacturer’s recommendations before storing it.

10.   Ensure each glucometer is put in a separate storage case and labeled with the resident’s name
      before placing it in the storage area.

**If a glucometer is ever used on more than one resident, always clean and disinfect the device
between residents in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If manufacturer does not
specify how the device should be cleaned and disinfected, then it should NOT be shared.

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