container application by BevHde9


									 Complete this document and return to WCC at the address below.
 Applicant Details
 Location (where Container is to be placed)
             Position in Road Reserve         Berm            Footpath                           Road or
                                          (grass verge)

 Container Company
                                                          Contact Number
 Purpose & Conditions
                                                    Placement Conditions

 Duration of Container in Situ                                                        Safety Requirements
                 Start Date                                                           Container must not present a
                                                                                      hazard to any other road or
                                                                                      footpath user. Container will
                                                                                      be removed at the cost of the
                                                                                      hirer if there is any
                                                                                      inconvenience caused.
                                                                                      Container must be
                                                                                      adequately marked during
                                                                                      the hours of darkness. (White
                                                                                      marking and reflective
                                                                                      markings are considered the
                                                                                      minimum. Illumination may
                                                                                      be required).

                              End Date
                                             (Not to exceed 14 days)
                                    Fee $

Return to Street Activities Officer, Wellington City Council
Fax: (04) 801 3009 Email:
Upon receiving your application, it will be processed and returned to you with a permit number
attached. If a permit cannot be issued you will be contacted to discuss other options.

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                             APPROVED          DECLINED
                          Signed        Date
Guidelines and Requirements
Containers should be placed on the hirer’s property wherever possible.
All Containers place on public property within the Wellington City Council boundaries will require
a permit.

  You will also require a permit in any of                                          Yes                     N
  the following circumstances:
  Do you want to place a Container either
  partly or wholly on the footpath or burm?
  Do you want to place a Container within
  15 metres of a pedestrian crossing,
  intersection or corner?
  Do you want to place a Container in a
  parking area which has parking
  restrictions attached? (Residents zone,
  loading zone etc.)
  Do you want to place a Container on an
  arterial road?

Complete this form and send it to the Street Activities Officer at the email address at the start of this
document. Please allow 10 working days to have the application processed.

Containers need to meet a certain level of compliance to be placed on WCC property. The following are
the minimum requirements:

 A white end or reflective markers (100mm x 100mm minimum) facing oncoming traffic.

 Clearly named with contact details. (24hour contact number.)

Placement guidelines

 Containers should not be placed on man hole covers or access points to underground services or fire

 A minimum of 4 metres of clear road must be left between where the container is to be placed and the
outside edge of the car park on the opposite side of the road to keep access available to emergency

 A minimum of 1 metre between bins and driveway access points should be left to allow vehicles ease of
entry and exit.

 Containers are only to be placed on the road as they are required. Containers cannot be stored on the
road or left on the road indefinitely without being used. Containers are only to be on the road for a
maximum of 14 days.


Costs will be incurred by the hirer if placing Containers in a car parking space that has a fee attached.
These car parks will be charged at a cost of up to $40 per day per car park.
A road works notice is required as part of this permit, you will need to obtain one from the
Wellington City Council buildings at 101 Wakefield Street.

WCC reserves the right to ask for the container to be moved or relocated at any time on the grounds of
safety, congestion and or amenity if these issues are raised in complaints to WCC. Failure to comply with
such a request may result in WCC undertaking the move or relocation at your expense. See the
Wellington City Consolidated Bylaw 2008 below:

                                           Wellington City Consolidated Bylaw 2008
  Part 7: Traffic
  9.9 Any vehicle, or bulk bin or container, which is on a road or private road, in breach of clause 13.1(l) may be removed in
  accordance with clause 9.1 All charges relating to the removal of the vehicle or bulk bin or container shall be met by the
  13.1 The provisions of Part 1 of this Bylaw notwithstanding, every person commits an offence against this Bylaw who:
  (l) Drives any motor vehicle onto any property of the Council other than a road or permits the vehicle to stand or remain
  standing on any such property, without the consent of the Council

Any questions contact the Street Activities Officer on 04 803 8049.

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